Sirlin Gamesの格闘ゲームFantasy Strike(ファンタジーストライク)のwikiです。PS4とSwitchは現在北米&ヨーロッパ版のみ(日本版予定あり)、steamでも好評稼働中。全て日本語対応済みです。

This tournament gets permission of EVOJAPAN2020 and Sirlin Games.
thank you.

And excuse my bad English ;P
We have two Japanese stuff, One American stuff.
Japanese are not good at speaking, listening. In event, Please, help each other ! :)

・Purpose of the tournament
We emphasize charm of "Fantasy Strike" in EVOJAPAN, And let's decide the strongest ! ;)

・Sponsorship and all contact information

YOMIDIVER Twitter @yomidiver
If you don't twitter, ask "yomidiver" at gmail plz.

Kasumi Twitter @Titus_Neighbours

・Event name
Fantasy Strike in EVOJAPAN2020

・Holding place
Makuhari Messe EVOJAPAN2020 floor 6 side event site

2020 Saturday, January 25

Event time 9:00-14:30 tournament 9:30-14:00 (plan)

※All the time is JST standards.

・Participation method
16 people.
Use of

・One steam version (resolution minimum), use of two Microsoft controllers.
One Nintendo switch → Borrow a monitor from EVOJAPAN; a TV mode.
With two pro controllers.

・ condition
The healthy people who loves Fantasy Strike.

・Entry fee

・The prize
In the case of less than 16 people, only as for the champion, 10,000 JPY.
In the case of 16 people, first place 10,000 JPY, second place 5,000 JPY, third place 3,000 JPY.
All member prize Postcards.

・Play form
Decision method of single match double elimination.
1P, 2P → Draw YOMI !
One round of time → Undecided.

・Character change

・Play stage

・Kind of the play list
I am going to use CHALLONGE.

・Stream, Photo
There is no plan. The delivery is free unless I interfere with the administration, participation player of the meeting.
But you take the permission of the subject regardless of a picture, a photograph by all means, and please photograph it.
・A delay or cancellation is possible by poor physical condition of the sponsorship, the problem of means of transportation.
・After a tournament, it becomes the free play event "Fantasy Strike" and original card game "YOMI".
・Keep basic manner during an event.
・The display is free to photo, but don't touch it.
・If you were come to feel sick does not overdo it, and, during an event, please call us. We help you!
・When the problem action for an individual and the work and event interference are accepted, We will call the EVO administration staff or the police.
・In the case of the machine parts damage, please compensate it. It is similar for the machine parts which I borrowed from EVOJAPAN.