Ch.13: Battle at Port Pollux 13-06
 チャプター13章 ポールックス港の戦い 06

Seize throne.


Are you still thinking about the previous battle ?


Then I'm surprised you were able to suvive today's battle. If you keep dwelling on past mistakes like that, you're going to end up dead.

But I have to learn from my mistakes.
I'd be a fool not to think about them...

Currently, you aren't learning anything. You're just wallowing in self - pity. If you truly want to learn from your mistakes, then you must take action.

Zachary, wait ! ... Agh, dammit !
 ザカリー、待ってくれ! 、、、、くそっ!

Hey, Prince Lionel. You got a minute ?

......Of course, Harriet. What is it ?

Boy, you don't sound too happy. But anyway, I think I'm gonna stick around in your army.
 あれっ? なんだか元気がないね。 とにかくアタシはこの軍隊に残るつもりなんだ。 

You will ? Don't you want to stay here and rebuild your city ?
 いいのか? この街に残って街を再建するのだと思っていたよ。

Yeah, I do, but I can leave that to the rest of the guild. I wanna make these rebels pay for what they did to Port Pollux ! So I'm coming with you to take them out ! If you'll have me, anyway.

...... Yes, you can join us. Thank you, Harriet.

Hey, Prince Lionel ! I'd like a word with you !
 ちょっと、ライオネル王子! あなたに一言いいたいんだけど! 

Patty, come on, don't do this ! I told you, I've been totally fine !
 パティ、こんなことしないでよ! 言ったでしょ。私は全然大丈夫なの。

Huh ?

Oh no, this can't wait. You, prince, have put my sister in some pretty dangerous situations, so I've heard.
 王子、あなたは私の妹を すごーく危険な状況にさらしたって聞いたわよ。 

It was all good training though !

Doesn't matter. My sister shouldn't have been put through any of this. So watch it, you hear me ?! Because if anything had happens to her, you're gonna be in for a world of hurt !

Ah, Patty, wait ! ... Prince Lionel, I'm so sorry. She just --
 ああパティ、待ってよ! ライオネル王子!ごめんなさい。彼女はただーー 

No, it's... alright. I deserved that.

......I'll go talk to her.



Castle Mansa

Ah, finally back home...
How are you feeling, Terril ?
気分はどうだ テリル? 

...Hm ? I'm fine.
 ああ? 私は大丈夫だ。 

Come now, that's clearly not the case. Please, speak your mind.

Well... It's a number of things. I'm worried about my brothers, for one thing.
They're going off to war. They could get killed and I wouldn't even know it.
 それは、いろいろある。 一つは弟たちのことだ。彼らは戦争に行く。ということは私のいないところで殺されるかもしれない。 

It's natural for you to worry about them. But I have faith that they will succeed.

It's not just my brothers, though... I've been thinking about why this rebellion occurred. The people desire a strong, active leader, which I have failed at being... In truth, I'm nothing more than a coward.

What makes you think that ?

When the rebels laid siege to the capital, all I could do was flee... I left my advisers behind, with only my knights joining me. Even now, instead of fighting them myself, I sit here while my brothers fight instead. Yet I know that if I tried to fight, I would be killed in an instant. I'm not brave enough to be a fighter or a worthy king...

You can still help your country, Terril. That's why we're here to begin plans for reconstruction.
 お前の国には お前の助けが必要だテリル。だからこそ私たちはお前の国に援助を惜しまない。 

I know that, but... I'm afraid that the Askian people will not care about that. That's why I want to become a king that they can be proud of. I want you to teach me to be brave !

......Very well, Terril. I shall teach you the ways of Mansan knight. But know that I will not hold back anything. This will be tough. Are you still willing to go through with this ?

Yes ! I will do whatever it takes to become accepted by my people. I must become a king worthy of Askia's legacy !

Then we will begin your training tomorrow at sunrise. Until then, I want you to get some rest and prepare yourself. This will be a long grueling test of your abillities.

I will do so. Thank you, Sevastian.

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