Ch.16: Blinded 02
 チャプター16 見えないもの 02

That night.

Our troops are ready for battle... Has the enemy still not moved ?

We haven't seen anything yet, Lionel. Though this darkness does make it harder to notice the enemy.

No... Was this a mistake ? The enemy may very well already be upon us...
 しまった、、、か 作戦失敗か? 敵はすでに僕たちに迫っているのか、、、 

Fear not. You still have some time.

Who's there ?!

You can put your weapons down. I am not your enemy.

Yes you are. I recognize you from the battle at Mina's Forest. You were leading rebel forces against us. Explain yourself. Now.
 ミナの森でお前を見たことがある。反乱軍を率いていたな。 お前は敵でないと説明しろ。 

Very well... If I must speak at swordpoint, then I will. My name is Jeremy, the lead tactician for the rebel army. Currently I am leading the forces north of here.

The enemy tactician ? Why would you rebeal yourself to us then ? This must be some sort of trap !
 敵の軍師だと? それが僕たちの陣幕にやってきたのか?何かの罠か? 

Please, Listen to me. I am not trying to trick you. In truth, I wish to defect from the rebel army and join you. But that is far easier said than done...

And why is that ?

Our soldiers do not take kindly to traitors. They would kill me themselves if they knew. I left under the guise of reconnaisance so that they wouldn't suspect my betrayal. And now that I am here, I wish to help you in the comming battle.

So you were planning on attacking us after all. When will your forces arrive ?

By my estimate, we have about a half hour.

And why should we trust this information ? This could still easily be some trick.
 そしてなぜこの情報を信じなければならないんだ? これ自体が罠の可能性もある。 

Here. May this document be proof that I am being sincere.

This is... a map of the area. And these markings are the locations of soldiers ?

Precisely. That map will show you where all of our troops are stationed for tonight.
I suggest you memorize it before the battle, as you will be fighting in the dark.

This dould be valuable...


Still not convinced, are you ?

I want to know how you managed to sneak up on us undetectd. Even at night, I should've easily heard you coming.

Ah, that ? It's due to this staff of mine. I call it Rewarp. I made it myself. It allows me to teleport myself to any location I choose. Quite the handy tool for scouting.

......Very well. Lionel, I'll ready the troops.

Why exactly do you wish to defect, Jeremy ?

The rebellion... Hasn't exactly gone as I had hoped. Originally, my wife and I joined after meeting you and your brother for a job. But with your brother's outburst, we becama so outraged the state our country, we felt that we had to do someting.


When we heard of Sir Daltry and his rebellion, we joined him immediately. Sarah and I shared his dream of making Askia a better place, and we still do. But many who joined the rebellion were not so noble... People who were simple abusing the rebellion for their own greedy desires. They have put Askia in a worse state than when KIng Terril was in power. Sarah and I never wanted this... We let one had experience completely cloud our judgment.

Sarah... Your wife, I take it ? Is she still with the rebels ?

Yes, She will be leading our cavaly down the coastline tonight. If I can just talk to her, she will also join your army. I know I am in no position to ask for your help after what I've done, but I beseech you, please show my wife mercy.
 はい、彼女は今夜 騎兵を率いて海外線を下って来るでしょう。もし私が彼女に話しかければ彼女も貴方の軍隊に加わります。
 私は貴方に敵対しましたが お願いします。妻に慈悲をあたえてください。 

...Yes I will do everything in my power to see that she is safe.

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