Ch.19: Return of the Beast
 チャプター19章 野獣の帰還 02

( Yeesh, things are looking pretty grim around here... Looks like it's time for me to slip away... )
 ( やっべー、この状況は、かなりヤバいようだ。ここはこっそり逃げる時だよな、、、)

And just where do you think you're going, Viper ?

YIKES ! C - Commander Rhiner ! I - I mean Your Eminence !
 うわぁ! ライナー司令官! あっすいません猊下! 

You weren't thinking of running away now, were you ? Especially not when we've got two armies attacking us ?!
 いまさら逃げる気ではないな? 特に2つの軍がワシらを攻撃してくるのだ。逃げるわけがないな。

N - No, of course not ! I - I'll fight for the rebellion til I die, sir !
 い いいえ、もちろん逃げる気などありません。私は死ぬまで反乱軍と戦います。

Oh really ? Then why did you abandon your post at Port Castor, hm ?! It seems your words are as empty as your morals !
 そうなのだな? それならなんでお前はカストール港を放棄して逃げ帰ってきた?! お前の言葉は道徳心のカケラもない空っぽか?

Ergh... W - Well, I --

Enough backtalk, whelp ! I've got a special job for you today. I'll be guarding the castle gates. I want you to guard me. And don't you dare move an inch, got it ?!

Are you crazy ?! How could a stationary sniper possibly be effective ?!
 な 何をおっしゃるのです?! スナイパーに動くな、と言うのですか? どうしてです。 

Shut up ! If you try to run away, I'll just have to kill you myself ! So, who would you rather die to, me or the enemy ?
 黙れ! 逃げようとするなら ワシがお前を殺す!お前は敵とワシとどちらに殺されたいのだ? 

Up... T - The enemy, I guess...
 なん、、、と 敵に、、、です、、、 

Good answer. Now get your sorry ass out side this instant !

B - But what if the enemy actually makes it up to the castle ? We'll be done for !!
 し しかし、敵が実際に城に到着したらどうなるのでしょうか? これで終わりになります!!

You don't need to worry about that. I've got the perfect defense planned. All of our soldiers are currently waiting in the houses all over the city. As the enemy gets further into the city, our soldiers will pop out of the houses and catch them by surprise ! And if they get close to the castle, then we'll just throw everything we've got at them all at once ! I've even got some Bolting sages waiting in the forts below us it they actually reach the castle. As for houses of people who don't support us, we'll get those houses closed in about 15 minutes. We're sure to win !

Hey, that sounds like it might work ! Okay, I'll get in position ! ( Damn, how am I gonna find my way outta this one ? )
 おお、素晴らしい作戦です!それでは私は指定の配置につきます。( くそっ ここから抜け出す脱出路を見つけておかなければ、、、)

( Gah, this is going to be a disaster ! That beast who killed my entire prison guard is coming here, not to mention Ladon and his men ! Ousting him was easy with support, but now... we're doomed... )
( くそっ ここまでの大惨事になるとは! ラドン王と部下を逃がして、刑務所の看守全員を殺したあの野獣がここにやって来る! アイツを追い出すのは簡単だった。だが今は、、、この運命に直面している、、、) 


All our soldiers are ready, Walter.

I still haven't seen the signal from Ladon yet. Where is he ?

......Wait, look !

Hahaha ! Finally, the capital ! That desert barely even slowed us down !
 ガハハハ! 我がベハンジン首都に着いたな! あの砂漠を最高速で踏破してやったわ! 

Ladon, it looks like the rebels have locked the eastern gate.
 ラドン王、反乱軍が東門にカギをかけたようで 中に入れません。

That won't be a problem. Give the signal to Walter's army. They'll open the gates for us.

You got it !

There's the signal ! Alright Walter, you know what to do !
 狼煙が上がったわ! ウォルター、やることはわかっているわね! 

Yeah ! Let's rock ! All troops, move out !
 ああわかっている。門を開けるんだ! 全軍出動せよ! 

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