Ch.19: Return of the Beast 09
 チャプター19章 野獣の帰還 09

Okay, Walter. Let me lay down some rules before we start.
 さてウォルター、戦いの前に いくつかルールを決めておこう。 

I'm all ears, Ladon.

We can each choose one weapon with which to duel. If you get knocked out this arena, then you lose. If your weapon is knocked away or destroyed, you also lose. And of course, if you're knocked out, then you obviously lose, but I don't think either of us wants to do that to each other. But if there are any injuries, Nicole will heal them.
 ワシたちはこの格闘場で決闘する武器を1つ選び 武器が破壊されたり吹っ飛ばされた利したら負けだ。もちろんノックアウトされたら負けだ。怪我をしたらニコールが治してくれる。 

Okay, anything else I need to know ?

Just do your best. But know that I will hold nothing back. You've proven worthy of facing my full strength.

Alright, this is gonna be great ! I'm ready when you are, Ladon !
 わかった。ワクワクしてきたぜ! こっちはいつでもいいぜ。ラドン王! 

Very well. Let us begin !


( 1st turn, Walter hits, Rodan hits. )
( 1ターン目、ウォルター命中、ラドン命中。 )

( 2nd turn, Walter Miss hits, Rodan's special hit. )
( 2ターン目、ウォルターミス、ラドン必殺命中。 ) 


Walter !

That was quick, as usual.


Is that all you have ? Pathetic.
 お前の実力はそれだけか? 哀れだな。 

W - What ?
 な 何だと? 

It's a wonder you've made it this far, seeing as you're so weak. Yes, you possess power... But power and strength are two different things, and it appears you haven't realized this for yourself. To be strong is to possess power, but also charisma, wisdom, courage, compassion... You are nowhere close to being strong.
 お主がこれほど弱いのに ここまで生きてきたのは不思議だと思わないのか? お主には力がある、だが力と強さは別のものであり、お主は自分自身でそれを理解していない。強いということは力があるのは当然だが、同時にカリスマ性、知恵、勇気、思いやり、、、お主はその真の強さには達していない。 

No... That doesn't make sense ! You're lying ! You have to be... !
 いや、、、それは意味のないことだろう!アンタは嘘をついている! あんたは、、、! 

Hmph. It's clear that you still have a long way to go, it you truly wish to become strong. I suggest you think on what I've told you. Now, leave my sight at once.
 フム、、、お主が真の強さを手に入れたいのなら それは遥かに遠い。ワシの言ったことを理解するまで考えるがいい。 わかったのならワシの目の前からとっとと消えろ。 

I... No... What happened... ?

Walter leave.
 ウォルター 部屋から出る。


( Such amazing control of his emotions... Is that what true strength is... ? )
 ( 感情のコントロールがすごい、、、それが本当の強さなの、、、? ) 

Don't become lost in your thoughts, Ava.

H - Huh ? Nicole ?
 え、はい? ニコール。 

It's your turn now. You have to help him.

...... Right. I'll... I'll help him.
 、、、わかりました。 私が 彼を助けます。

( Ava leaves the room. )
( エヴァ部屋の外に出る )


...Walter ?


Um... Are you okay ?


......I remember seeing this watering hole on our first visit to this place. Even when the city is scarred by battle, this pond is still pristine...


Walter...... Ladon was cruel. But he wanted to teach you an important lesson.

What, that I'm an idiot ?

No, of course not !

I was no match for him, Ava... I thought I had a chance, but he just wiped the floor with me back there...

You thought you could win ?

I did. I really did.. But I was just being an idiot as usual... He's Ladon, the strongest warrior alive ! And I'm just... Walter. Some idiot who only got this far because of you and Lionel and Zach and everyone else ! I'm not strong at all !
 本当に、勝つ気だった、、、 だが俺はいつも通りのバカだった。
 彼は最強の戦士ラドン、おれはただのウォルター。俺はここまでライオネルとザックと他のみんなのおかげでここまで生きてきた ただのバカだ。俺は全然強くない! 

......And why is relying on others a bad thing ?
 、、、それじゃ 人に頼ることは悪いことなの? 

What ?

Being strong is one thing... But if you don't know how to work with others, you'll never get very far. And I think you're great at getting along with other people. Just look how far you've come with that ! You scared off twenty people at the start of all this, but you've managed to get most of them back with your words, not your axe. And you even convinced me to join you in the same way. That makes you pretty strong in my eyes.
 強さとは別のことだけど、、、他の人と協力することができなければ人は決して前進することはできないと思うの。そして あなたは他の人と仲良くすることが得意だと思う。
 ここまで到達するまでを考えてみてください。この旅の始まりの時、あなたは20人の護衛から拒絶されましたが 斧ではなく言葉でほとんどの人を取り戻すことができました。あなたは私にも旅に加わるように説得してくれました。
 私の目には それがあなたの強さのように見えます。

......You really think so ?

I do. All of us rely on each other, Walter. I need you just as much as you need me. And you saw how Ladon and Nicole acted around each other too.
 私にはそう思う。わたしたちは皆お互いを信頼しています。ウォルター、あなたが私を必要としているのと同じくらい 私もあなたを必要としています。ラドンとニコールがお互いを必要としているのと同じように。 

...Maybe these bonds are where true strength come from...
 、、、もしかしたら この絆こそが本当の強さのなのかもしれない、、、 

Looks like you're already on your way to getting stronger, Walter.

I... I guess I do have a lot more growing to do. Looking back on it all, I can see why Lionel treated the way he did. He didn't want me to mess things up by being an idiot. And I... didn't understand him, so I just yelled right back at him...

You can still make things right with him.
 人間関係を修復することに手遅れなんてことはない です。

Yeah... I'll fix things between us. When we see each other again, I know what I need to do. Besides, I already got back most of those twenty mercenaries. How hard could it be to win over one older brother ?

Hahaha... I'm sure you'll say the right things to him.

Thanks, Ava... I think I really needed this.

No problem, Walter. So, do you want to go back to the feast ?

Uh... I don't know if I wanna see Ladon again tonight after our duel... Right now, I think I just wanna go to sleep. I'm exhausted...

Alright. Then let's go.

Um... Hey, Ava ? Can I ask a weird question ?
 それで、、、エヴァ? 変な質問してもいいか? 

You can ask me anything, Walter.

Can I... sleep in your bed tonight ? I - I don't wanna do anything, I'm way too t - tired for that, but I just thought that --
 今夜は貴方のベッドで寝てもいいかな? 俺は、何もしない、俺はとても疲れている。だけど、今日の今日の俺は、、、 

I understand, Walter. Of course you can.

......Thanks, Ava. Lead the way.

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