Ch.20: Prince of Shadows 01
 チャプター20章 影の王子 01

Having captured Fort Corvus, Lionel's army finally arrives at his home, Askia's caital.
The remaining rebel forces, led by Daltry. have barricaded themselves inside the castle, ready to make their final stand against Lionel's forces. With the onset of the Askian winter, snow falls as Lionel's home becomes a battlefield...

We're here, Lionel. Inside that castle, the rebels are waiting.
 我々はついにここまで来た ライオネル。城の中で反乱軍の首謀者が待ち構えている。 

My home... It's been so long since I've last been here...

Lionel, focus. We need to figure out a way inside the castle, since currently it appears that the entrances are all blocked.
 ライオネル 集中しろ。入口が封鎖されているから城内に入る方法を今捜索中だ。 

...Yes, right......

Lionel, listern to me !

I heard you ! It's just that...
 聞こえている! 今は、、、 

I don't want to hear it. Now focus. We need a plan.

Well... Hm ? Wait , look !
 うん、、、 ちょっと待て、あれを見ろ! 

The front door is opening ! Everyone get ready !
 正面のドアが開いた! みんな気をつけろ! 

Oh my, you're all going to great me with your weapons out ? truly honored.
 お〜っと みなさん、武器をしまってください。わたしに攻撃の意思はありません。 

And just who do you think you are, waltzing right up to us like this ?
 おい、お前 俺たちの前で踊って何のつもりだ? 

Certainly a bold strategy for the rebels to take... This must be a trick of some kind.

I assure you, this is no trick. I'm not even allied with the rebels at all. My name is Gideon. I am shall we say, an expert in sabotage.

You're not with the revels, are you ? Prove it.

Did you happen to notice anything peculiar about the soldiers manning Fort Corvus ? Specifically their equipment ? It was all rather low - quality, was it not ?

You're right... ! How did you know that ?

I may have meddled with some of their weapon and armor shipments. Break some wheels, light some fires, and suddenly they can't quite make their deliveries on time.

......Let's say we trust you. What can you offer us ?

I just opened the door for you, didn't I ? And I've got some good information about the rebel formations inside. Including some prisoners they plan on executing soon... Let me come with you, and I'll save those prisoners for you.
 私は正面玄関を開けただけじゃなく、反乱軍組織の情報を持っている。その中にすぐに処刑される予定の囚人がいる。私を仲間に加えていただければ その囚人を救います。 

Why are you doing this ? What do you have to gain from this ?
 なぜあなたはこんなことをする? 見返りが欲しいのか? 

I want King Terril back on the throne. Think of this as my way of repaying him for hiring me way back when. Of course, that job may not have gone anywhere, but I was still paid for it either way. How appropriate that We meet here again, Prince Lionel.

You... were one of the mercenaries Terril hired ?

You'd be right. So what do you say ? Do we have a deal ?

......Okay. You can join. But you will be under constant watch. If you try anything funny, then you will be detained.

You won't have to worry about a thing. I'll rescue those prisoners easily. Now, shall we head inside ? This blizzard isn't exactly pleasant.


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