Ch.23: History Unwound
 チャプター23 歴史の解明 02

Alright Zach, start talking ! You gotta tell us everything you know, now ! How are you and Feran brothers ? And what's he up to ?!
 ザック話すんだ! お前が知っていることを全部話せ! お前はなぜファランを弟と呼ぶ? アイツは何をしようとしているんだ?! 

You called him Remus just now... What is the meaning of that ?

You're familiar with history, aren't you ? Why don't you tell me ?

Well, the only place I've heard the name before is from the War of Kings. Romulus were two advisers to King Teodoros I during the war. They were supposedly the greatest sorcerers who ever lived... Zachary, do you mean to tell me that Feran is Remus ?
 僕がその名前を聞いたことのあるのは王の戦争だ。ロムルスは戦争中、テオドロス1世の2人の顧問の一人だ。彼らは史上最高の魔術師と言われていました... ザカリー、ファランはレムスだとでも言うのですか?

Yes, he is the very same.

But that's impossible ! The War of Kings was 700 years ago ! He can't be alive !
 そんなことはあり得ない! 王の戦争は700年前のことだ!彼が生きているはずがないだろう。 

And if you're his brother, that would make you Romuslus, which makes no sense ! You're one of the least magical people I've ever met, Zach. How could you possible be some famous sorcerer ?!

Perhaps I should start from the beginning. Rest assured, I will answer your questions. Romulus and Remus were two brothers during the time of the War of Kings. Both of them were incredible mages who were capable of amazing magical feats. They served King Teodros I during the great war as his advisors. Romulus was a calm man who became close friends with the king, acting as a confidant to him and his wife, Mina.

Wait, you knew Saint Mina ?

Don't interrupt me. While Romulus was a great friend of the king, Remus was more fanatical. In truth, he was similar to many of the king's followers, treating the king like he was some sort of divine being. Remus constantly tried to gain the king's love and affection, but his devotion only served to alienate him from the king. It was as if he didn't even know the king had a wife, given the way that Remus tried to make the king love him. The end of the war should have been a time of greatjoy for all, but the death of Mina had the king wracked with griet. Nothing Romulus did seemed to have any effect on his friend... Remus was not pleased with the end of the war either, but for different reasons. He fervently believed that it was the king's divine ritht to rule all of Ibril, and he ditested that he would have to share the land with the other kings. So he came up with new spells and a plan... The first spell would prevent a person from aging. In addition, they would never need food or water to survive.

So... it made people immortal ?

No, such a thing is impossivle, even for the greatest of sorcerers. This spell wouldn't prevent you from dying to a sword through the heart. But it would allow one to live for as long as they desired, so long as they remained careful and didn't die in battle. The second spell, however, was much more evil. He had been experimenting with how to create more soldiers for their army during the War of Kings, but the war ended before he could use it. He was able to reanimate corpses and turn them into new, stronger warriors.

The constructs we just fought...

Correct. However, making even one of these soldiers took a lot of time. They required several months of work to become suitable for battle. But an army of these constructs would easily crush any human army. Remus planned to cast his first spell on Teodros and himself, then spend centuries creating constructs until they had a full army of them. Then, he wanted Teodros to lend that army to take over Ibril. Of course, Teodros wanted no part in such a plan. While Remus and his subjects viewed him as a god, Teodros was just a normal man, and he despised the way his people viewed him. And yet Remus could not accept such a refusal from his king, his god. So he forced his hand. Remus cast the spell upon the king, and then put him into a deep slumber.

Historical records say that King Teodros died of an illness. How was this covered up without anyone knowing ?

I'm getting to that. When Romulus found out about what his brother was doing, he confronted him. His initial was to trick Remus into undoing his own spell, and he got him to cast the long life spell on him. But the plan didn't work, and Remus discovered that his brother was lying. They fought, with each of them being severely wounded from the battle. But Remus surprised his brother at the last moment, using a new spell to seal his brother's magic completely. Remus was too wounded to continue, so he secluded himself and the king deep in the catacombs of the palace, where no one saw them again. Romulus reappeared on the surface to announce the king's sudden death, using a fake body to hold a funeral. after that, he vanished as well.

......I just can't believe any of this... Even though Feran just attacked Sebastian like that, it all seems too ridiculous to be real.

...If you realy are Romulus, and he was afflicted with a magic seal... Can you prove it ?

......Yes. I can.

Oh my god ! Zachary, your mouth...!
 ああ、なんてことだ! ザカリー、お前の口は、、、! 

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