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Do some quick maths between the order of the correlated shots and you'll see: 6:08 43-20=23 6:11 47-24=23 6:14 48-25=23 6:16 49-26=23 6:19 57-11=46 ( 23*2) This mathematical precision truly took the rhythm of the montage to a whole new level.
Anyone else binge watching Parasite scenes after it won 4 Oscars.

Park So-Dam was a pure badass in this masterpiece

I can't believe there are people claiming how the only reason the film won Oscar is because it's non-white. I if one doesn't think this movie is Oscar worthy, one has to be blind to not see how good this film is. The direction, editing, cinematography, lighting, script, the acting. everything was so great. This movie was made with a lot of passion, love and dedication.

In Parasite, everyone is a villain at some point

Many dialogues are impressive, like a spear stabbing my heart. For the 'BOYS' Use this as a 'I have a crush on Jessica' button. The only movie where you care for every character almost equally. Im here to read a comment after this movie wins? who with me??. Who's here after seeing it won oscar. Though they're dirt poor, I love the communication and attentiveness in the family. Some people like me for example couldn't even greet our own parents and siblings without feeling awkward. Woo sik is literally the cutest person on this planet. I'm scared of people holding large rocks now lol. CONGRATULATIONS TO BONG JOON HO, WINNING : BEST PICTURE. This is my favorite movie and I don't even speak Korean.
C3 89l c5 91sk c3 b6d c5 91k 2. C3 89l c5 91sk c3 b6d c5 91k black.

I really want to watch this film on the big screen, I think the director said something about a soon international releasement, hope it comes to my country. Beautiful video btw, and nice edition (as always. Did you notice that the paint that the little kid drew is actually the face of the guy who lived basement. Best trailer don't reveal anything... ????????????. C3 89l c5 91sk c3 b6d c5 91k manual. C3 89l c5 91sk c3 b6d c5 91k youtube. Unquestionably the best movie of the year and the best foreign movie I've ever seen. A complete rollercoaster ride. Laughter, anxiety and sadness, felt all in 2 hours. Cinematography was amazing specially for the flood secenes. Memories of murder was one of the greatest foreign films I've ever seen and Boon Joon-Ho has managed to make another masterpiece.
6:10 is also maybe a nice idea of Mr Kim rising on the elevator while someone else is descending on a parallel escalator. Fun fact: You searched this after their winning news right. This is the best film of 2019 so far for Korean cinema. Casting was superb with good story.
I gave it 8 because poor family didn't look poor and also for the last part where his son become successful in a minute. Overall its a good film to watch. Enjoy Watching.

Second. C3 89l c5 91sk c3 b6d c5 91k review. C3 89l c5 91sk c3 b6d c5 91k convertible. It was a really tight movie, well written. At that phases they barely miss a glimpse of stories. Personally i think there's a really conversation that seems not really needed but the rest was perfect.
the scene was good in every aspect that i understand, pay attention to every scene and you may end up surprise with the detail that gave. Tone was really beautiful. scene story portions was easy to understand. my first thought from the poster was it can be really dark, but well you'll see. it will be nice if we got a little picture post event from Ki-woo best-friend to see how he react after all of this.
And like so many of my favorite films I want a list, no why I love and no trying to sound/look cool. Give me a top 5 or a ten on why you adore cinema. The Beauty of The Farewell. To be honest, I've first seen the main actor, as a sidekick in Train to Busan, and as a bottom (uke) in a boys' love (BL. bromance mini series called The Boy Next Door and I've always been amazed in his acting skills. The movie will definitely not be a masterpiece without him, along with the other great artists as well. He may be a beginner, but his acting is pro. More movies/series for him in the future! I think he's super close / friends with BTS' V as well.
This was such a wonderful film, id love to watch over and over again. What an amazing movie. The kind of film you want to take a screenshot of on every shot. I just found your channel and I'm loving it. Could you do one for Long Day's Journey Into Night.











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