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Abstract - After the events of Doomsday, Bruce and Diana search the world only to find three extraordinary meta-humans. As new enemies arise Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman must form the well known alliance Justice League to save the world from mount destruction
scores - 359479 Votes Canada Average ratings - 7 / 10 star Writed by - Bill Finger
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Seems to me like the same thing but with a dark filter and Superman is wearing black. I paid for #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague that is not what I got. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.
Let's hope the hype for this snyder cut is real. I don't want to get too excited. Watch Online Free Justice League… Watch, Online,Hollywoodreporter. Fan made guys, it's a fan made not the real one. If they make another infinity war where Thanos brings back the dead, Killmonger should be among them and it'd be lit if he betrayed Thanos. He won't take the side of Avengers, but he will also not bow to a god. He'll join them until Thanos is gone and then his soul is redeemed and be part of the Ancestral Plane. #TearsforKillmonger.
I loved this scene. 38:40 I cringed on so many levels. 0:06 looks like the forgot to make their wings flap while in air huh. Love how Henry Cavill pulling strings from back to make this happen cause he's like us fans ?. 1:04 is that the Omega Beam? so we are finally going to get Darkseid? XD. They never put much effort into fight scenes with manhunter and lantern, I mean this ones ok but did they forget J'onn and ma'alefa'ak has like a multitude of other powers, and really green lantern big hands. not impressed.
Watch Justice League Online 123movies. This movie, like many others before it, had great potential. How can one go wrong putting a team of superheroes together? Well, ask the people behind this movie as it was yet another action-and-super effects flop of a movie. Its very disappointing as one would expect a story like this one would pretty write itself, instead it seems huge efforts were spent in not letting it do just that, stunting its progress at every turn.
- Major Spoiler Alert I was into it until the second half, when they decide to use one of them magic boxes to resurrect Superman (duh, why hadn't I thought of that, destroy the only good point to Superman vs Batman and bring the invincible back from the dead - pun intended. As soon as he makes his entrance, he effectively renders the mere existence of his new team mates to less than nothing, finding no difficulty in overpowering each of their individual gifts. Had Superman taken on the imminent threat on his own, it would have rendered the same result, so it really begs the question as to why they bothered making a team if they were going to bring Superman back (the only team member needed for this endeavor was Flash) eclipsing their usefulness in the process. Batman doesn't seem to serve any function or purpose whatsoever, especially after Superman's return. He seems exponentially weaker than in Super. vs Bat. not even being able to hold his own against some of the antagonist's minions. and coming off as incredibly frail and all around useless. I'm still trying to understand what Aquaman's purpose was in the grand scheme of things. Every character is severely under-developed, just seeming to appear out of nowhere. Flash just happens to have gotten his power from being hit by lightning, something that is mentioned over 2 secs, and it comes off as someone in the background ticking a list as he goes: explain source of power - check" same for Cyborg. They use more than 2 secs to explain his path, but still avoid going into anything of any interest or relevance. Had they developed this further it would greatly have helped the overall impression of the movie. Besides this, the second half of the movie seems badly planned and rushed to a quick ending, seemingly as quickly as the threat appeared, leaving as many unanswered questions as in the start. The sequence of events doesn't seem very thought through. I don't understand why they all have to hide in Batman's bat-cave while trying to locate a medieval looking pseudo-god of destruction, one would think there would be plenty clues left around to help locate him. Instead all we see is Cyborg flipping a holographic model of the planet around and around. Why the others just stand by idly I don't get. What purpose does it serve to have Aquaman waiting in dry dock? Followed by, what does he even contribute or do in this movie? And besides saving a family of 4, what purpose does Flash even serve in the final showdown? And oh so funny, he says 'Dostoevsky' thinking it means goodbye. Seriously? This is the ultimate best you could come up with in terms of comedy? It seems like a project all-too-hastily rushed, probably being written on a daily basis as they were filming. I still don't really understand B. Affleck as Batman. I have nothing against him as actor or his previous performances, but Batman really isn't an easy one to justify, he comes off as completely wrong, more like a Bizarro-Batman, he feels awkward even playing the role. Actually there isn't much I understand about this movie. I give it 2 stars because it is mildly entertaining but you still come out of it feeling its 90mins of your life you're not getting back. I can't say I'm looking forward to the next chapter. .
Black Panther was always one of my Favorite characters. I'm glad his movie was 100% total kick ass. Honesty is the best policy. To those who want something other than a balls out action packed DC movie please we don't need your "spoiler" reviews, it's obvious you are already spoiled. This is a fun movie with fantastic special effects and great acting. Don't be put off, it's good entertainment. Thanks DC. Perman fights a robot with a Kryptonite core, Batman goes up against Bane, Wonder Woman faces off against Cheetah, Hal Jordan goes up against an 't anybody think of switching opponents.
With Ruby. she almost died filming this show so if thats a mitigating factor for calling it quits I dont blame her. No job is worth your life. Before the fight: Batman: Manhunter, you locate and deal with mirror master, Flash will deal with Cheetah, Superman gets Bane, Wonderwoman gets Hal's ex, Jordan deals with the enemy Martian, and I'll short circuit the robot It's important everyone sticks to the plan to avoid putting themselves at a disadvantageous position. Is that clear? League: nods in approval during the fight the league faces the opponent they are least likely to defeat Batman: face palm. Right, of course. Recommend Justice Watch Online Torent. Justice full movie watch for free Justice League online free putlocker. The music is lit. Perfect animation.











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