Quad Bike Cheat For Gta Vice City Stories


It's where I lose places I keep trying with the handbrake and even smashing into walls and objects to straighten up but no joy.. The same applies with trees and trailers Hope this helps I had problems with this one, too.. To begin with I thought that the object of the mission would be to show Louise a good time.. Mar 19, 2011 - 6 min - Uploaded by GTA Series VideosGTA Vice City Stories S4 E2 GTA Vice City Stories Cheats - Duration: 17:22.. ) When gliding around a corner apply the accelerator when you're pointing where you want to go.. So anyone got any tips?Or perhaps know a way I can even the odds EDIT: Bloody typical.. Don't worry too much about going through the pink areas, going near them is good enough.. Thought it wouldn't matter as it was just showing me the racing system Mission failed? Why on earth would I need to win the race?All I'm doing is taking this woman out because she has troubles.. If you start having problems with the turn and another driver catches up to you, you can bounce off of them into the turn.. Second time I blasted them all from start to finish Tips Nudge the analogue stick, don't hold it down in any one direction for too long.. Now, most guys know that you should let the lady win so I spent the first lap getting Louise ahead of the other two guys and then I kept them behind her for the rest of the race.. Don't brake, just release the accelerator and let it glide a bit (If you have to brake then do it in a straight line.. She's not tied to a tree and I have to race for her life Seems retarded But I've tried more times to complete it (about 5 or 6).. This mission is driving me insane (pun intended) You take Louise out to this Quad race, fine yeah - start of game, do the race but came second.. If you're at the side of a player as you're going through the narrow gates then cut it fine and he'll crash into the gate.. It doesn't help when the quad corners like a aircraft carrier and the AI can turn on the spot.. I think in mine the AI either got stuck or took each other out I didn't find this one to be a problem.. I post for help and I go and complete it first try Anyone else stuck on this I suggest you keep at it.. I came in a comfortable second place and failed the mission o_O Apparently the object is to make her feel like a loser.. After about 50 tries, I finally figured it out Since the course is (for the most part) in a counter-clockwise direction (mostly left turns), stay on the inside of each turn. 5ebbf469cd 潟潟若若2鴻RAR鴻若,pthclolifuck若泣潟y11潟違









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