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runtime: 2hour, 15Minute; country: USA. 突然のオススメ(笑) 最初の乗り込んだビルはシティハンターのアジトやんけ. No ground type 08th MS love huh. RAGE ON! RAGE ON! RAGE ON, GUNDAM! Here's to another decade of this amazing franchise. Dude now I want to see what the new gm and gun-canons are gonna look like. Hahahha Gunpla Mafia? i laugh so hard when meijin shout that name seriously. Gundam Wing will forever be my favorite Gundam series, happy 40 years Gundam.

8:46 that ain't destiny gundam that's Sword Impulse??. Tag. GUNDAM 40TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: CHARS COUNTERATTACK Full Movie Online. Gundam 40th Anniversary Celebration: Watch Movie. I, too, would wave at a zaku anytime. And if I were the pilot I would also wave back to a random kid. Gundam for life Gundam i liked more than dbz being the models kept my intelligence high af. Only like 3 of us in the class appreciated the complexity of this amazing creation. I love you. Now give us Crossbone Gundam anime.
So the cockpit works like the ones for the Shining and God Gundams' cockpits now, where they attach to the back of the suit? Neat. バルカンの音はリアルになってて好きだな?. “And now. in anticipation of your insight into the future.” What the heck does that supposed to mean. No mentions of zeta gundam, NU Gundam or RX178 which i think shit on some of those.
Love how it ends with Amuro and Char in a tender embrace looking each other in the eye. WING ZERO: endless waltz. See you next 10 years! Gundam, never ending. Most Franchise Anime: Now celebrating our 20th anniversary. Gundam: Hold my beam saber... OMFG! It was only for a second, but they actually had SD Gundam Force! Loved that show as a kid.









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