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Device=apple ipad / version notes=support ipv6 / critique=I been playing for more than eight years now and Made some good friends from around the world. Here come the but! Is not fair that when you come back to play the chips you give are so low. There should be more rewards for loyal players every once in a while bonus of 5k chips or so not 500 1k or less. Is the first time I review the app cuz I would like to start playing more often but there is something or a few things wrong and you need to stop just worrying about the money you make and make this better for who play and create a good environment on your app. And that new update that doesn’t let you bank your money while playing is bull. I can’t believe you did that. Hey is 8 years I’ve seen it all!!?????? I wish I could give this one a 5?? / User ratings=4 of 5 / Liked It=173 vote / In-App=60 days vip for $15.99 / size=43791 KB.











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