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Duration 109 Minutes
Genre Romance
release date 2020
Stars Josh Duhamel
audience Score 2329 Votes
6,8 of 10
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I’m not the kind of girl to watch Halmark-style chick flicks, but when I saw Viv from American Housewife making out with a hot cowboy, I thought “This could be a fun movie to get drunk to... ” Just kidding, I actually cried though the whole movie and the sub-plot of having a mother-figure who actually loved her killed me inside ???.
The lost husband 2020 streaming mobile site full. The lost husband 5 2020 5d streaming mobile site country. The lost husband 2020 streaming mobile site games. It's Josh with facial hair and cowboy hat. Need I say more. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I read the book years ago so I was familiar with the characters and storyline. The film is well cast and the leads have a chemistry that makes you root for them to all stick together & work everything out. I think the thing that surprised me the most was how director Vicky Wight managed to make Texas itself a lead role in the film. She captured both the immensity of the Houston skyline and the charm of the small town dancehall. The shots of the central Texas countryside make you feel how its beauty and serenity could provide comfort to someone who'd lost their way. Just wish I could have seen it on the big screen (darn quarantine.
H ere’s a bland daytime telly-ish romantic drama that might have been made as propaganda for the current urban exodus ? an advert for moving to the countryside, where folks from the city can find their inner compass while milking goats and making organic cheese. Actually, some of the film’s best casting is four-legged ? the friesians are beauties and the glossily bearded goats have wonderfully expressive faces. The human actors are a bit flat by comparison, struggling a bit with director Vicky Wight’s Hallmark-card script, adapted from a novel by Katherine Center. Leslie Bibb is Libby, a woman whose nice, middle-class life in Houston falls apart after her husband dies in a car crash. Flat broke, she has no choice but to load up her kids in the car and move in with her estranged Aunt Jean, who has a farm in the sticks. Libby’s children are freakishly compliant with this upheaval, and Jean (Nora Dunn) turns out to be exactly the kind of warm, no-nonsense country aunt required in a crisis, always in the kitchen knuckle-deep in pastry or delivering homespun wisdom (“We are made of magic and resilience, Libby”). Better still, there’s a hot farmhand played by Josh Duhamel ? though, like I say, you get more emotion from the goats. The Lost Husband is the kind of film that has “heartwarming” plastered across the promotional materials from script stage. But any actual feeling here is protected by a “keep out” sign. Libby’s grief, her anger at her husband for dying, her anxiety about the future ? none of these get much of a look-in, as if they might spoil the luxuriance of this rustic idyll. The film’s quaint view of farm life doesn’t bear much scrutiny either: a dozen or so goats providing milk for artisanal cheese sold at farmers’ markets seem to sustain an entire family. ? The Lost Husband is on digital platforms from 7 September.
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I think I may have cinematic PTSD from the wave of truly awful movies that followed in the success of “The Notebook, ” most of them also based on novels by Nicholas Sparks. They’re a rough spot in the history of filmmaking, and I went into Vicky Wight ’s “The Lost Husband” expecting more of the same overcooked tripe. The title alone had me grinding my teeth (and it ends up really misrepresenting the film). Much to my surprise, “The Lost Husband” is a solid adult drama, a movie that’s too soft at times but more often tender with its characters. It’s not a film designed to break any new ground, but Wight has skill with character, finding nuance in those moments that many other writer/directors would have turned into pure cliché. When her film has to come back to its narrative based on the novel by Katherine Center, it falters at times, particularly in a vicious matriarch archetype, but there’s way more to like here than I expected. Libby ( Leslie Bibb) has moved to the country house of her aunt Jean ( Nora Dunn), not long after the passing of Libby’s husband Danny ( Kevin Alejandro). Now the single mother to two children, Libby needs a break from her awful mom Marsha ( Sharon Lawrence), and a complete change of scenery. Early scenes in “The Lost Husband” really capture how activity can soften grief. There’s something to just moving?getting off the couch and doing something?that can help people get over tragedy. And Wight smartly doesn’t overplay the “city girl” aspect of Libby. Sure, she’s never milked a goat, but this is not the broad slapstick comedy it could have easily been in a lesser film. Don't expect wacky montages to a Maroon 5 hit. Of course, it helps the grieving process that Aunt Jean’s farmhand O’Connor looks like Josh Duhamel. Yes, “The Lost Husband” is a “city girls falls for country boy” tale, but even that angle is handled with way more subtlety than most films of this type, or the poster this movie, would have you believe. Wight refuses to make this a “boyfriend savior” film, allowing Libby her own arc and grief outside of the growing relationship, and lets the love story take a back seat. Importantly, Duhamel is undeniably charming, underplaying in a way that anchors his supporting role but never steals focus from Bibb. Way too long at nearly 110 minutes,?“The Lost Husband” undeniably succumbs to some cheesiness, particularly with Lawrence’s cartoonish caricature and some secrets revealed in the final act. However, I kind of liked some of the less-rushed chapters, the moments that felt way more lived in than we usually get from films in the Sparks universe. Lines like “Life keeps chugging along whether we like it or not” are undeniably clichéd but come from a truthful place. Life doesn’t stop for tragedy. It doesn’t stop for grief. Your kid still needs to go to school. The goats still need to be milked. What turned me off about so many of those Sparks films and their wannabes was the artifice and the sense that none of these people exist in the real world. And I think what surprised me so much about “The Lost Husband” was how much I believed Libby and her journey, even as it fell into sentimentality. It’s an old-fashioned but charming movie that affirms that maybe romantic dramas aren’t dead after all. Brian Tallerico Brian Tallerico is the Editor of, and also covers television, film, Blu-ray, and video games. He is also a writer for Vulture, The Playlist,?The New York Times, and Rolling Stone,?and the President of the Chicago Film Critics Association.
The lost husband 5 2020 5d streaming mobile site sport. The lost husband 5 2020 5d streaming mobile site in usa. (Read MorE ON the webSite The Lost) Watch The Lost Husband movie with english subtitles Watch The Lost Husband Online Goodvideohost. The lost husband 2020 streaming mobile site login. Edit Storyline After the sudden death of her husband, Libby is forced to move in with her hypercritical mother. Out of the blue, her estranged Aunt Jean offers an escape: a job and a place to live on her farm in the Texas Hill Country. Before she can talk herself out of it, Libby is packing the minivan, grabbing the kids, and hitting the road. Life on Aunt Jean's goat farm is more wonderful and more mysterious than Libby could have imagined. Beyond the animals and the strenuous work, there is quiet - deep, country quiet. But there is also a shaggy, gruff farm manager with a tragic home life, a feed-store clerk who claims she can contact her husband on "the other side, " and the eccentric aunt she never really knew but who turns out to be exactly who she needs. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis Did You Know? Trivia Leslie Bibb and Josh Duhamel are both from North Dakota, Bismarck and Minot, respectively. See more ? Goofs When Libby drops the crate it is shown right side up, but a few seconds later the crate is shown on its side. See more ? Quotes Jean: [ Answering the door and seeing it is her sister Marsha] It looks like they released the Kraken. See more ? Connections References Clash of the Titans (1981) Frequently Asked Questions See more ? Details Release Date: 10 April 2020 (USA) Also Known As: The Lost Husband Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs ? Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Visit our What to Watch page.
I'd like to say that the actors did their best with what they were given. Props guys.
Friends. Go watch peppa pig instead. Maybe even the news. But please don't waste an evening on this one. The lost husband 2020 streaming mobile sites.
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