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Writed by David Marmor genre Horror 6,2 / 10 star &ref(,0,128,190_AL_.jpg) runtime 1hours, 30 minutes release year 2019
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1br apartment. 1br (2019. 1br trailer. 1br wikipedia. 1br 2020. 1br movie wikipedia. 1branson forum. 1br 2019. A little bit of spin on the cult genre placed in the middle of LA. One thing I liked about this movie is that it's premise isn't drawn out, they get to the main plot in pretty quick order, you're not stuck waiting and wondering when it'll actually start getting interesting. It's low budget but shot well, the acting is fine, the lead actress is very pretty.
The story is a young, somewhat naive and introverted, woman moves from the middle of nowhere to start a new life in LA and finds an affordable 1 bedroom apartment. There's a little backstory as to why, but it's a pretty tame reveal and doesn't matter all that much. Soon after moving in she notices some of the neighbors are a bit odd and not as nice as she initially thought. Things soon start getting aggressive then you're pulled into the main plot for the rest of the movie. There's some suspense, a couple scares, some violence and a little blood and gore, and it ended with a bit of a twist. It's not going to blow you away or anything but it's perfectly watchable while stuck indoors and bored out of your mind and the twist at the end left me interested in a potential sequel.
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1br film. 1br rotten tomatoes. 1br review. I've heard about this flick through a group of friends, so I rented it through Amazon. I was impressed, especially with the casting (the lead role in particular) soundtrack, and production quality. The movie takes a number of twists and turns, and is not for the squeamish. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a good horror/thriller.
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