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&ref(,0,76,113_AL_.jpg); Review The surviving members of the resistance face the First Order once again, and the legendary conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reaches its peak bringing the Skywalker saga to its end; Runtime 142M; audience score 309082 Vote; Release year 2019; 7,2 / 10
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They threw everything into this movie. All the items and legends of the saga were thrown into a movie in the hope that something will stick.
The sad thing is that the movie has a feeling of "hastily put together" or "something is off. On top of that the whole movie has a deja vu feeling to it. I somehow feel I saw this movie at least 12 times this year. It feels like a template storyline. Some things that made me give it a 6: 1. I care for no one in the movie. They could have died all and it wouldn't have mattered 2. moments with cliche sentences. Very cringe! Some things that I liked: 1. You did well with the antagonist ( The best acting/voice acting in the movie. He gave a lot of depth to the anger ) 2. Scenery. diverse and interesting P.S.: I am trying to be very detached from my emotions, even though it is were so many Cosplayers in the cinema and so many light sabers and fans there. They still care. Disney should do better. They deserve better.
I actually liked the Force Awakens and tolerated/kind of liked the Last Jedi. This one was fun to watch, but it is a one-time experience which pales in my memory even now. It just didn't have high enough stakes. Why is that? Because they reintroduced a villain out of nowhere which felt more like a joke than the actual threat. Hence, no suspense. Actually there was some suspense but nothing near the epicness the concluding installment should provide.
The characters are good, the acting is good, there are some powerful scenes and nice visuals, there is comic relief but. the story got messed up in the process. It felt like they wanted to be over and done with it finally. And that ending was lame. So yes, I don't hate this movie nearly as much as some people loathe it, but it is a missed opportunity. Falls short of what it could have been. I'll be better off turning my attention to Mandalorian now. (At least I hope that one delivers...
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