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September 2019. I'll believe it when I'm walking out of the theatre.

I was hoping to see Sentry in this trailer. Wow i totally forgot about this??last thing i remember i was 15 when this came out im 17 now. I like red Tommy Wiseau in The Room 2 trailer.
O mosnstro da tumb Parace stranger things. Harley Quinn at first: interviewer Harley quinn starting evilness: lunatic Harley Quinn now: cutesy pachoodie. 1:44 When the Dryer does that you got to put a seat cushion between it and the washing machine everyone knows that oh make sure the pillow doesnt get hot if that starts to happen you need to put a bucket with water up above it make sure their is a hole in it a small one so the water drips onto the hot pillow to cool it off as the Dryer dries your clothes if the water comes out of the bucket to fast make sure you run a hose from your out door faucet into your house and hang it up high above the bucket point It down into it and cut the water faucet on this way the water runs throught the hose thats running into the house out the end into the bucket filling the bucket which then begins to drain through the small hole allowing a slow dripping effect onto the pillow wetting it keeping it from getting to hot from it being placed next to the Hot Running dryer.
Coming soon in 3000. The new mutants. Only took 2 years since the first trailer came out. Jeez. Everyone: ThIs FiLm iS nOt yEt rAtEd Me: wow they are still using Pink Floyd's songs. Yes sir.

Eli took your story, you waited too long. What happened to me since the 2017. I graduated Went to college Got a small time job had 2 relationships Got laid. finally ) I became an uncle Lost weight And this movie still hasn't come out yet. “one of the bald figures drops behind them. again, nope, were moving on” lmao ily erik. I dont understand why they spoil steve coming back even if it an illusion (dont know if it is) in the trailer. Like, I feel that it's a pretty important piece to keep under wraps until we see the movie.


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