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&ref(,0,76,113_AL_.jpg) 1Hour, 40M release year 2020 synopsis The Sleepover is a movie starring Sadie Stanley, Maxwell Simkins, and Cree Cicchino. When two siblings discover their seemingly normal mom is a former thief in witness protection who has been forced to pull one last job, they team Genre Family Liked It 4534 votes
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Watch it only if you got absolutely nothing to do, boredom to death or something. br> This is like drinking a Pepsi but you actually want a Coke cola. Everyone else has a phone and can go to parties, except for Clancy. (Which I thought was a cute reference to Tom Clancy Spy Novels.) Her mom is the most boring, strict, and frustrating parent ever! Or is she? Clancy and her brother Kevin, with their friends, go an epic quest to rescue their parents who are on a secret spy mission. No one's going to be sleeping on this sleepover. br> This movie contains a few scary scenes, some suspense, mild language (sucks, etc. and a fair share of bathroom humor. It's very family and kid friendly, but with the level of suspense, I would say 10 plus is a safe age range. We've got a fuller parent review on Down the Hobbit Hole Blog dot com. It's a cute, and fairly clean, family comedy. While not particularly deep or unique, it's engaging and ends well. A fun family movie night pick that the kids will probably want to stream again.
Clancy is a 15 year old girl in suburbia. She fights with her overprotective mother (Malin Akerman. Her father (Ken Marino) is a baker. Her younger brother Kevin tells tall tales. Her best friend Mim is sassy. Kevin has a sleepover with friend Lewis. The four kids are launched into a night of crazy adventures when the parents get kidnapped and they discover that their mother is a former high class thief in witness protection. The mother is reunited with former lover Leo (Joe Manganiello) to steal a valuable crown.
I like all the actors. This is like a combination of Spy Kids and Adventures in Babysitting except less, stupider, and cheaper. It's not the end of the world. I still like the characters for the most part. The kids are all great but it probably has too much of the adults. Jay should definitely be a grizzly old man living in the abandoned subway. This is a Netflix flick which seems to be more than a Disney TV movie but less than a full theatrical release.
With a PG rating here in the UK, I didn't hold out much hope but it was actually very fuuny with decent action set pieces.
The plot isn't the strongest but it's passable.











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