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Tomatometers - 5,1 of 10 stars
Directed by - Dallas Jackson
Sequel to the 1995 Jean-Claude Van Damme action flick
Duration - 81minutes
Rating - 495 Votes
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Welcome to sudden death 2.

Welcome to sudden death film location

Welcome to sudden death free download. I expected Expected cheesy, but it was bad too. Watch at your own risk. Welcome to sudden death cast members. I knew this was going to be a low budget movie but this is just terrible! The acting is so bad and the story plot is even worst! I wish MJW would be in a good movie for once! Whoever directed this should never ever do another movie agian.

Welcome to sudden death plot. Not bad. Predictable of course, but not as bad. Dialogue was a bit corny. Kids were a bit annoying, fighting scenes were good but could've been better. Spoiler alert: theres a sequel coming. The storyline isn't the greatest strength of this one. However, as usual, Eklund being the antagonist would make the whole deal easier to swallow. Give this man a cookie. Welcome to sudden death movie reviews. Go watch the 1995 Van Damme flick.
This is a sorry remake of the earlier version.
Welcome to sudden death movie poster. Welcome to sudden death. Welcome to sudden death movie 2020. Welcome to sudden death ending. Welcome to sudden death 2020 wiki. There is no aspect of entertainment but a lot of flaws to watch for. There were scenes were Dallas Jackson was smiling despite the scene being a serious one. Many scenes seemed apparently erroneous. Wish the director and crew put some extra effort to make a better movie.









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