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NoteThe weapons proficiency figures for one-handed weapons and polearms were derived by experimentation, and may not be entirely accurate, as the program seems to use a relational algorithm to arrive at them.. 011 For earlier versions see Base character Original Mount&Blade AttributesProficienciesSkillsGender.. Rather than having classes to choose from, Mount&Blade lets you decide elements of your past which help determine your starting abilities and equipment and acts as a sort of difficulty setting.. There is no randomness to your starting stats, so every time you choose a particular set of choices the base stats will be the same.. Once you have chosen the aspects of your background you move onto The information below is applicable for v1.. STR: 5 AGI: 5 6e4e936fe3 Navteq若-Dvd800若吾с20122013ユ,solucionario紊complejaserie schaum murray 181









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