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This makes it super-easy to copy file from multiple locations to a single one XYplorer also offers a host of appearance tweaks and the ability to create, save and load scripts for automation.. About the only thing missing is folder syncing So, if you're looking for a file browser on steroids in the tradition of Norton Commander, XYplorer is well worth a look.. There's also a portable version that's a slightly larger download Note: This program costs 20 Euros.. It was so beloved, and so on-point conceptually that clones for Windows were soon to be found all about the land.. Some, like the super-tweakable, even more powerful (20 Euros), still exist Install activex webrec.. - Build internal values of fonts + sizes and their height in pixels Add line spacing - Read the visible element (ThunderRT6PictureBoxDC56 / 67) - Multiply each entry with the height (former step), use the mouse coordinates to see which element would be under it (depending on active pane).. It works great and quite snappy considering what's going on in the background Now, to think of ways to use it.. AHK - Get the current mouse coordinates & size of XY's window - Send a script to XY that reports back the current active pane, all of it's files and folders, the current font and font size for 'Main contents', the current line spacing value, status bar visible / not, breadcrumb bar visible / not, menu visible / not, button bar visible / not, visual filter.. It has the following features: Created Date, Last Accessed Date and Attributes are shown right in the file list.. Ofc you get in trouble if somebody uses the windows font scaling or if the second pane is at the bottom (instead of right to it), horizontal scroll bar visible / not, etc.. The USD price given here reflects the exchange rate on the day this review was posted.. The beauty of this program, however, is that you can open multiple tabs (right-click over a tab) in each pane.. Okay, enough of the fractured fairytale XYplorer is dual-paned file browser, not unlike what you see when you have Windows Explorer open with the tree in view, albeit with and extra pane to facilitate moves and copies.. Paned browsing with multiple tabs makes XYplorer super-handy for file operations involving multiple locations.. Once upon a time there was a highly regarded DOS file browser and utility program called Norton Commander.. XY doesn't expose the content of any pane so to get what you want you could only try to compute it.. Another case where AHK and XY play so nicely together Too bad Don couldn't incorporate the AHK.. Imho not worth the trouble Autocart and TheQwerty, excellent idea and implementation.. XYplorer is an Advanced File System Explorer targeting everybody who is looking for a real alternative to the Windows Explorer.. cab And that means one big happy forever after if you do a lot of files copying, moving, deleting, etc. 773a7aa168 篁潟鴻v1.3VR潟若,ESET潟ゃ潟祉ャc≪潟ゃ6.6.2078.5<c鴻潟激≪









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