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Izzy Randal

Rank as of 2013: Second Lieutenant inthe RobotechDefense Force

Birthdate: March 2, 1988


Izzy,Hiro, and Jack all attended the Robotech Academy together.While Jack and Hiro could be argued as thebest pilots coming out of theirgraduating class, the same could not be said for Izzy.

Although possessing adequate piloting skills,her easy going manner provided theglue to keep the group together often soothing the bruised egos of Jack or Hiro.

She and Hiro were both on board the SDF-1 during her return voyage where she honed her fighting skills.


After the Zentraedi Bombardment, Izzy, Jack and Hiro were assigned to Base-6 where the group quickly renewed their prior friendship.

Although there are some indications that1romantic potential exists between Jack and Izzy, for now the two havekept their relationship strictly platonic.





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