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There are two timelines that Clone canfollow, and it's up to the GM todecide which to use. Both are exactlythe same up until the Invid WarAftermath. One follows the events ofthe Aftermath comic, and the otherdoes not, choosing to cast the eventsof "Aftermath" as a novel written byRand years after the Invid leave. Bothare presented Below.

Common Timeline:

2035... Then Back to the Creation ofthe Universe
In 2035 C.E. the "InvidTransfiguration" causes afragmentation chain reaction thatreverts back 10,000 years before thebeginning of time - before ourExpanding Universe(Robotech Universe).Many new mirror universes are created,including the pure protpculrureuniverse, Pakalla. Only one sentientspecies exists in Pakalla - theSerpentine Monte Yarrow. Pakallaresides as a protoculture "fringe"universe physically existing 10,000years ahead of the Expanding Universe.
7,000 Years ago
The Pakalla Universe stops expandingand becomes in danger of beingovercome and destroyed by the stilladvancing Expanding(Robotech)Universe. Monte Yarrow devise plan torecord all life in the Expandinguniverse to be preserved asProtoculture copies in Pakalla -- andthen plan to destroy the ExpandingUniverse completley. It is the onlyway they can save Pakalla.

4,000 Years ago
The Monte Yarrow cross a dimensionalbarrier into the Expanding universeand succeed in recording and thendestroying all species in theAndromeda Galaxy - All species exceptone: The Gotruzzelo, also known ast"The Merchants of Pain". TheGottruzello defeat the Monte Yarrow,destroying 70% of their forces anddriving 20% back to Pakalla. TheGottruzello then cross over to Pakallato "Take back what is theirs" andclose the dimensional portal behindthem. Hundreds of thousands MonteYarrow go dormant in hopes they willsomeday be rescued by their people.

Decades Ago
On Earth, a group of scientists knownas the Initiates Mordecai assumecontrol of a small island in the SouthPacific. Their leader is ContanezVaudell, a mysterious man.

Gilles Vaudell is born the first andonly son of Contanez Vaudell. He israised in the United States by hismother, Lucinda Vaudell. He is toldlittle of his ancestry.

Demont Terril(Later Vaudell) is born.Demont's father, Bertrand Teril, goesto the island to work with Contantez

Contantez Vaudell's island isdestroyed in a nuclear accident..Everyone there is killed, includingContantez and Bertrand. Gilles' Motheraccuses sabotage on the part of the USgovernment. A few days later, LucindaVaudell is murdered by Kyoko Terril,Demont's mother. Kyoko blamed theVaudell family for the death of herhusband, Bertrand. Kyoko is slain byLucinda's bodyguards.
Demont is orphaned after the demise ofher parents. She is raised along withGilles by a trust fund organisationset up by the Vaudell family will.

1980, September 9
Titus Faulkner, Captain of theMordecai, is born.

After correcting the mistakes in acollection of theoretical physicsbooks, Gilles is placed in a specialschool for gifted children - where herecieves a Doctorate of Science by thetime he is 18.

Demont Begins to recieve psychatriccare after shoving young Gilles off a20 foot cliff. Gilles breaks his armand decides he loves her.

At age 18, Gilles uses his family'svast resources to build the Island ofthe IHE in tribute to his father. Heforms an organisation known as theImmuno Heredity Enigma -- The IHE

Construction of the Isle of the IHEand Assent City is completed. Gillesand Demont are married.

An Alien Space Ship crash lands on anIsland in the South Pacific. It isdubbed the SDF-1 and the governmentsof humanity combine their eforts torebuild it in the name of a unitedearth. For now...
Doctor Gilles Vaudell stealsrobotechnology from the downed SDF-1and begins construction of his ownSuper Dimensional Fortress on the Isleof the IHE. The existence of theisland known of the Isle of the IHEand its city, Assent City is commonknowledge at the time of the SDF-1.The island's construction was welltelevised up to the point of a yearbefore its completion. The GlobalCivil War drew attention away from itby them and the greater populace hadcome to think of the island as justanother place for cultists tocongregate. Although the Mordecai'sconstruction is not complete untilafter the Invid War, the Reflex Shield(originally powered by protoculture)is the first component built.

Doctor Vaudell's spies discover theprotoculture power plant hidden aboardthe SDF-1 years before the UnitedEarth Government does. Protoculturesmaples are taken and the members ofthe IHE build their own scaled downversion of the Protoculture Matrixback at their island headquarters. Dr.Vaudell applies an incorrect dose ofgravitic force to the protoculture inhis possesion and opens a dimensionalportal to the protoculture universecalled Pakalla. This breach wasinvisible to Gilles and his team, butall too clear to an alien in Pakallanamed Una Von Raxe. Her race is calledthe Gottruzello ans she watches thehumans for months and grows more andmore fascinated with them. In them,she sees a means to bring life back tothe Andromeda Galaxy(lain waste tolong ago by a dragon-like speciescalled the Monte Yarrow.). Afterleaving her people instructions as towhen and where they could retrieveher, Una moves through the dimensionalportal into our Universe. The shift inpolarity generated by her movementthrough the portal causes an explosionin Gilles' lab that kills sevenscientists and radiates Demont withprotoculture. Since then, Una has usedher shape shifting ability to watchDemont very closely... and every-once-in-a-while... Una whispers to her inher sleep about colonising theAndromeda Galaxy

2003, August 8
Loweth Sczanna, Mordecai Shock Diver,is Born.

2005, July 21
Rueis Keaguinea, Mordecai Shock Diver,is Born.

2009 First Robotech War
The Aliens known as Zentraedi comelooking for the SDF-1 and begin a warwith the earth.

The Zentraedi are defeated but only atthe cost of earth's near completedestruction. The Mordecai'sexperimental reflex shield'sactivation comes at a critical time.Only two hours after its test run andthe Zentraedi bombardment of the Earthcommences. Doctor Vaudell'sconstruction of the Mordecai goesunhindered thanks to the protectionthe Reflex shield provides for theIsle of the IHE. The planet was burntbut the island was unscathed

Jim "Lunk" Cooper and Lancer"YellowDancer" are born.

Scott Bernard and Nova Satori are Born

Rook Bartley is Born

Rand Sommersville is born.

Annie "Mint" LaBelle is Born

Talios Niketas and Bibi Ava, MordecaiBridge Crew members, are born

The SDF-1 leaves the earth for deepspace, taking with it the heroes ofthe Last Robotech War: Admirals RickHunter and Lisa Hayes.
2031 Second Robotech War
The alien Robotech Masters, thecreators of the Zentraedi, come toearth to finish what the Zentraedifailed to do: retrieve theProtoculture Matrix from the SDF-1before their enemies, the Invid, canattempt to do the same.
Gilles and his people begin developingthe Shock Diver Athmosphere Drop Suitduring the time of the RobotechMasters Invasion. It is developed as acombat device as universal as theZentraedi Battlesuit but for theMicron user. Surprisingly it isdiscovered that this technology isvery versatile - very modular - evendown to the molecular level. As withmost of his projects, Gilles is thefirst to test the suit. The shuitresponds in the positive hundreds oftimes beyond expectation. The armourproivdes Gilles with escape velocityand propels him three thousandkilometres beyond earth's atmosphere.However, once in orbit, the gooddoctor runs out of power anddissappears into the black void fortwo days before he is recovered. WhenFound he is dehydrated with lifesupport running on solar reserve. Onhis return to Earth, he lies on thefloor of the rescue shuttle babblingabout a vision that came to him fromthe depths of space - a vision ofimmortality - a vision he calls theXalon process.

The Second Robotech War ends with theMasters also failing to retrieve theprotoculture matrix -- instead theirgigantic ship crashes on the spotwhere the SDF-1 was finally destroyedyears prior. This act spreads themutated spores of protoculture allover the earth, which have blossomedinto the "Invid flower of life". Theprescence of the Flower of Life onearth is detected by the Invid.
Gilles, now 56 and suffering from LungCancer, is the first to undergo theXalon Process (an advanced type oforgan cloning & longevity process).The operation is a success. Gilles'cancer is cured and his physique isreturned to that of a 25 year old.

2033 Third Robotech War
The invid arrive and quickly enslavehumanity. The invid need the flower oflife for food and will stop at nothingto make earth a giant harvestingground. On the Isle of the IHE, thereflex shield, now running onantimatter, protects Gilles and hispeople from the Invid Invasion.
A clone of Gilles is created with theintent that the clone become theliving computer of the Mordecai. He iscalled the Mordecai Mind. Later asystem of checks and balances based onmerit is created for those IHEcitezens undergoing the Xalon process.
To hide himself from the Invid,Lancer, a soldier, disguises himselfas a female rockstar and changes hisname to Yellow Dancer.

Scott Bernard's Mars division is wipedout in earth orbit by the Invid. Scottcrash lands on earth and later meetsRook, Rand, Lancer, Annie, and Lunk.the six of them form a resistancegroup and begin to fight against theInvid
As part of Invid expermintation, Invidscouts Marlene, Sera, and Corg arereborn as Humans. Merlene forgets sheis Invid, becomes atached to ScottBernard, and joins Scott's resistancegroup. Sera begins to fall for Lancer.

Confronted in Orbit by the Saturnattack group, and personally on theground be Scott Bernard's resistancegroup, the invid surrender and undergothe "





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