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Lockheed & Liège Industries Lourd U-222 "Dragon Lady II"

RED Arrows U-222R Rolls Royce Turbomeca Adour fusion protoculture turbofan F407 MK108-02 test bed

High-altitude reconnaissance aircraft

  1. (English) Lockheed & Liège Heavy Industries (Liège Industries Lourd) U-222 " Dragon Lady II " High-altitude reconnaissance aircraft.
  2. (españo) Lockheed & Liège Heavy Industry ( Liège Industries Lourd ) U-222 " Dragon Lady II " Aviones de reconocimiento a gran altitud.
  3. (繁體字) 洛克希 與 列日重工業公司 ( Liège Industries Lourd ) U-222 “ 龍夫人II ” 高空偵察機。
  4. (简化字) 洛克希 与 列日重工业公司 ( Liège Industries Lourd ) U-222 “龙夫人II ” 高空侦察机
  5. (Bahasa Melayu) Lockheed Corporation (asalnya Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing Company) & Industri berat Liège ( Liège Industries Lourd ) Pesawat pengintai ketinggian tinggi.
  6. (Tagalog ) Ang lockheed & Liège mabigat na industriya ( Liège Industries Lourd ) U-222 " Dragon Lady II " Mga sasakyang panghimpapawid na mataas na altitude.

The Portrait (bust)

Outline of Blanche Fontaine (Marlene Sullivan)

Although a little woman, she became the leader of the design and development group of "Liège Industries Lourd" (Liege Heavy Industries), and in the latter years she also carried out activities to support and nurture women aiming for science / engineering.
In her private life, she was worried about the hidden feelings of "Georges Sullivan", a fellow engineer and senior of another company, and unilateral courtship from a junior man "Gille Blomache" in the company, and also during the earth habitation in her girl's days, she having a trauma that lost her real elder sister "Artemisia Fontaine" due to the assault of a high-ranking military officer (military police, GMP).

So she continued to be captured by the shadow of her great test pilot mother "Marie Fontaine" .

However she studied under "George Sullivan".
She survived out her's allotted span of lifetimes 88 years old, even after her boyfriend Georges Sullivan 's death at 36 years old .
(Español) Esquema de La señorita "Blanche Fontaine" (Marlene Sullivan)
Aunque era una mujer pequeña, se convirtió en la líder del grupo de diseño y desarrollo de "Liège Industries Lourd" (Liege Heavy Industries), y en los últimos años también realizó actividades para apoyar y nutrir a las mujeres con el objetivo de la ciencia / ingeniería.

En su vida privada, estaba preocupada por los sentimientos ocultos de "Georges Sullivan", un compañero ingeniero y senior de otra compañía, y el cortejo unilateral de un joven "Gille Blomache" en la compañía, y también durante la habitación en la tierra en ella. En los días de la niña, tuvo un trauma que perdió a su verdadera hermana mayor "Artemisia Fontaine" debido al asalto de un oficial militar de alto rango (policía militar, GMP ).

Así que continuó siendo capturada por la sombra de su gran madre piloto de pruebas "Marie Fontaine".

Sin embargo, estudió con "George Sullivan".
Blanche tiene una vida mejor a los 88 años.(Sobrevivió a la vida de 88 años) de su vida asignada, incluso después de la muerte de su novio Georges Sullivan a los 36 años.

(繁體字) : 布蘭奇·方丹 (Blanche Fontaine) / 瑪琳沙利文 (Marlene Sullivan) , (简化字): 布兰奇·方丹 (Blanche Fontaine) / 玛琳沙利文 (Marlene Sullivan)的轮廓


在她的私人生活中,她担心另一家公司的工程师兼高级工程师“乔治·沙利文”的隐蔽感,以及公司中的初级员工 "Gille Blomache" ( 繁体字 : 吉爾·佈洛瑪奇 / 简化字 :吉尔·布洛玛奇 ) 的单方面求偶以及她在地球上的居住环境。 少女时代,由于一名高级军官(军事警察,GMP)的袭击,她的外伤使她真正的姐姐“ Artemisia Fontaine”(繁体字): 阿爾特米西亞·方丹 (简化字): 阿尔泰米西娅·方丹 失去了生命。

因此,她继续被伟大的试飞母亲“玛丽·方丹(Marie Fontaine)”的阴影所俘虏。



(繁體字) : 我提到了以下有關兩名婦女的維基百科文章。 / (简化字): 我提到了以下有关两名妇女的维基百科文章。
  1. 阿尔泰米西娅·真蒂莱斯基 (Artemisia Gentileschi,1593年7月8日−1652/1653年)
  1. 阿尔蒂 (漫画)
From the date of Birth to the date of passed away
Date of BirthPassed awayFull age
(She left the world and go to heaven)
March 23 (Monday), 2003October 21 (Sunday), 209188 years old

目次【 Table of Contents / índice de contenidos 】

  • VF-8 Logan profiles

  • The name of alphabet spelling

    1. Blanche Fontaine
    2. Marlene Sullivan

    1. 繁體字:瑪琳沙利文 ( Marlene Sullivan) 布蘭奇·方丹 (Blanche Fontaine) 喬治沙利文 (George Sullivan)
    2. 简化字:玛琳沙利文 (Marlene Sullivan)   布兰奇·方丹 (Blanche Fontaine) 乔治沙利文 (George Sullivan)
    The lineart
    • From the June 1984 issue of Akita Shoten "Monthly My Anime": Numbers in black circles Bioroids , meaning the 7th episode, numbered in circles, the 9th episode "Star Dust" printed to the left of ❼ Pay attention to the setting line drawing !
    • Please clean to or.jp image 803 pixel x 502 pixel .

    only one piece photograph
    1. It is said that the photograph of Blanche herself had been disposed of by all the people concerned after her death, and it has not been discovered until now (September 2097 AD), but if the entry in George Sullivan's diary is correct, the younger sister " It is said that it was exactly like "Marlene Sullivan".
    2. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross June 17, 1984〔Sunday〕Episode 09 "STAR DUST".

    1. George's younger sister "Marlene Sullivan" The only photo available at this time.
    2. It is estimated that the time was taken from 13:20 to 13:25 from the clock tower at the rear.
    3. In general, photographs show severe fading.

    A example of correcting aging deterioration of photos [ 2 types ]
    • Only the solid line of her pupil has priority correction, and some of noise reduction. But Color temperature is incorrect.

    • Color corrected, PNG image format. Edges, outlines of her figure, and solid lines of eyes are incorrect (unsharp).


    This biography is a fictitious biography about Ms. Blanche Fontaine (Marlene Sullivan) , except for the composition of anonymous real-life people, such as Blanche's mother proxy developer's educating the daughter's the physical fitness failure and Aircraft pilot school failure due to daughter's short stature. in the mother-daughter relationship between the developer Blanche and her mother Marie.
    In addition, even real-life characters such as Anne McCaffrey were created by borrowing their name, and even if the article was based on the fact of the Robotech universe (Super Dimension Knight Southern Cross), It has nothing to do with the historical facts of our world .

    The material about her portrait

    1. Blanche's picture of herself has been undiscovered until now (September 2097), though it was allegedly disposed of by all parties after her death, but if the entries in Georges Sullivan's diary were correct, her younger sister " It is said that it was exactly like "Marlene Sullivan".
    2. However, "Georges Sullivan," a consultant for Lockheed Martin Co., Ltd., and the chief engineer of the Integrated Technology R & D Department (Robotech Research and Development Group (Special Institute of Technology), told his friend that he had been imprinted on Blanche after his deceased younger sister "Milene". It's not hard to imagine that the face was quite close to the "Marlene Sullivan" (except for being short stature as a woman).
    3. The details are unclear a suspicion about Turner syndrome with respect to resident illness of her body, but it was the syndrome because the person concerned discarded the record while the medical test result was not published while she was alive.
    4. It was impossible to confirm whether she had Turner's syndrome or another congenital genetic disorder due to the fact that her records were discarded by someone. Thus it Is not clear.

    Translator's disclaimer

    Blanche's reputation as a training engineers for female young engineers in her later years has resulted in a relatively large biography as a design engineer, published or web published after her death, especially in the years after his death in the 2090s.
    1. Two relatively well-known books claiming to have been her mistress (''Mr. Gille Blomache's self-proclaimed no basis''), "Branche, White Fountain of Memories" by Gille Bromache, and the substantive book "Branche" by feminist activist Anne McCaffrey writing biography that "Blanche Fontaine -The life of an engineer who was caught in her mother's image - " .
    2. Both of them lack a fair and neutral viewpoint, the former Mr. Gill's works was written after he retired as an engineer and was originally written by publishing on the Web. It emphasizes the gossip scandal contents, the problems of the contents used for the self-selling act, and the mixed prejudice against Mr. Gille's love and hate for Blanche.
    3. On the other hand, in the case of Ms. Anne, the expressiveness as a professional writer is worthy of special mention, but the fact that the adaptation of facts is supposed to be used to support her own fame as a female liberation movement there is.
    4. In this article, while adopting ''the principles of the reference article from Ms. Anne's works, the problematic part was commented, "I pointed out the possibility of adaptation"'', and others were related to Mr. Gille's works and even Blanche. From the interviews and memoirs of various people, I supplemented the shortcomings of the two famous biography mentioned above, and tried to grasp the multi-faceted and relatively neutral image of Blanche as much as possible.

    Reference biography 01

    • Blanche Fontaine ''- The life of an engineer who was caught in her mother's image - ''
    〔First edition issued in July 2096. Published on the Web in September of the same year by Auther: Anne McCaffrey.

    Reference biography 02

    • " Branche, White Fountain of Memories "
    Uploaded online only in December 2091. In September of the following year, an order book was published for physical paper books. Author: Gille Blomache.

    The business entity in which she worked

    1. She did not transfer to other companies from employment to retirement, and was jobbed in Liège Industries Lourd ("Liege Heavy Industries") for designing (temporary seconded to United Earth Expeditionary Force, Fleet Admiral Lisa Hayes)
    2. See also the list of companies in the Robotech series.

    The project in which she directed the design (masterpiece only)

    She unofficially participated in the VF-7 Sylpheed project in collaboration with project leader Georges Sullivan . She designed and directed Light VERITECH Fighter "VF-8 Logan" based on the experience of designing VERITECH Fighters.
    1VF-8 LoganShe led the project entirely.
    2SVR-1 Voyeur and SVT-1 VixenShe led the project entirely
    3C-37B,and -37C Albatross IIWhile inheriting the design of the predecessor company, an improved "B type" with a canard, and a C-37C with an increased Payload by adopting LEX (Leading Edge Extension) were developed by a redesign.

    ▼ Pseudonym Blanche Fontaine, Marlene Sullivan: A lifetime of an aeronautical designer caught her mother

    Date of BirthPassed awayFull age
    (She left the world and go to heaven)
    March 23 (Monday), 2003October 21 (Sunday), 209188 years old

    In the Japanese original " The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross ", Georges Sullivan and Marlene (family name unknown) were not brother and sister, but strangers and lovers.
    At the Robotech: The Masters, they are brother and sister of the same Sullivan family.
    Therefore, I wrote her biography based on the hypothesis that Georges Sullivan adopted the orphaned Ms. Blanche as her sister in law after the death of her mother Marie.
    After Georges' real yonger sister "Marlene Sullivan" was killed in a Bioroids raid and Georges hisself died in the unfortunate accident of VF-8 Logan, "Marie" , her "friendly fire"
    Georges' sister in law, Ms. Blanche (Fontaine) Sullivan, took the name of Marlene Sullivan because of Georges' real sister in blood, who had already been killed by Bioroids.
    I wrote my own biography about "Ms.Blanche Fontaine" according to this hypothesis.

    Chapter: From a conversation with Gille Blomache

    Gille Blomache:The VF-8 Logan is a small, ugly frog like you. To develop a fighter, you need something instinct to fight, the fierceness that hunts down your opponent, which you lack !

    • Gille Blomache: Younger disciple (male) of Blanche Fontaine of Liège Industries Lourd. Mainly responsible for structural calculations.

    '''I shouldn't have had women design a VERITECH fighter !'''

    "I just provided a service that fulfilled the needs and needs of the users. Only ugly is your heart who cannot see the truth !"

    • The testimony that a field worker (female) heard the interaction of two persons during the taxi test (Guardian mode ) of the Vf-8 Logan B prototype and a description mentioned in a later-generation research book have been verified. It is not as clear as true or false.
    "The VF-8 Logan iBlanche Fontaine - Robotech Chronicle -

    • The testimony that a field worker (female) heard the interaction of two persons during the taxi test (Guardian mode ) of the Logan B prototype and a description mentioned in a later-generation research book have been verified. It is not as clear as true or false.
    "The VF-8 Logan is the same ugly frog as you do.", "Seek", "Service" and other meaningful words, but not "Exact biography" It has been pointed out that there is a possibility of the creation of people.
    • Reference books
    “ Pseudonym Blanche Fontaine, Marlene Sullivan : A lifetime of an aeronautical designer caught her mother ”
    [ The first edition was issued in July 2096. Published on the Web in September of the same year.]  
    [ Author: Anne McCaffrey ]
    Chapter:Mother "Marie Fontaine"

    Before discussing the main designer of this machine, Blanche Fontaine, first in the 2010’s Airbus A380, we need to talk about Marie Fontaine, the captain of the Jet airliner.
    An unmarried mother and a Women rights activist, her daughter was too mediocre (Marie was an old-fashioned name like Hanako and Yoshie in Japanese sense) Named from "Blanche Stuart Scott (April 8, 1884 – January 12, 1970) ".

    Date of BirthPassed awayFull age
    (She left the world and go to heaven)
    April 8 (Tuesday), 1884January 12 (Monday), 209185 years old

    1. Rochester City, New York Born
    2. The teacher : Mr.Glen Curtis

    In 1912 Scott contracted to fly for Glenn Martin and became the first female test pilot when she flew Martin prototypes before the final blueprints for the aircraft had been made.
    On September 6, 1948, as "the world's first woman on a jet", the TF-80C (later T-33A Shooting Star (meaning meteor) / at the age of 63 and "Chuck Jaeger ”, but he was treated as a former stunt pilot, and repeatedly rolled and swooped. He did not move at all with the TF-80C.

    • Among the first women to fly in the world, the ones who piloted themselves were the first is Jacqueline Auriol, the second is Jacqueline "Jackie" Cochran, then the third is Olga Nikolaevna Yamshchikova, and the above three ranks. However, there is a slight difference among the three women , from half a year to less than 2 years.

    "A Flying tomboy Lady"(A Tomboy of the Air) "Blanche Stuart Scott ", April 8, 1885 - January 12, 1970 Northwestern New York, United States Rochester City, New York Born.
    The woman (pilot) who achieved the first solo flight in the world.
    She is「Glen Curtis」, and was the only woman to receive a flight license.

    In 1910, she was hired by the Flying Aerial Corps, led by Glen Curtis, and made her debut in advertising and exhibition flights on October 24 of the same year after receiving flight training.

    September 6, 1948 As "the world's first woman on a jet", took the TF-80C ( T-33A Shooting Star at the age of 63 and took the "Chuck Jaeger" The maneuver was treated as a former stunt pilot, and repeated rolls and dips. He did not move at all with the TF-80C.

    She retired as a flightman in 1916 after public attention to aviation accidents and dislike of aircraft manufacturers not giving women opportunities as technicians.
    From 1954 he worked at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, collecting early aviation material.
    Reference of Marie Blanche's appearance: 28 cents from United States stamp [Number C99]


    Ken Frederick : Re-creation of Blanche Stuart Scott (1st woman pilot) flying Curtiss biplane, Rochester International Airport terminal, Rochester, NY. Scott, a native of Rochester, was the first woman to pilot and solo in an airplane in the United States. She was also the only women to receive flying lessons from Glenn Curtiss. On September 6, 1948, Scott became the first American woman to fly in a jet when she was the passenger in a TF-80C piloted by Chuck Yeager. She retired from flying in 1916! I had the pleasure of meeting Blanche in the late 1960's when my parents, both pilots, invited her over to our house to hear stories of the early days in aviation. See her Wikipedia site for more more fascinating details:Blanche Scott - Wikipedia.htm .

    • The quote image is another photograph taken by Mr. John Cudworth (johncudw2399)

    But I am not sure of this hypothesis.
    Re-creation of Blanche Stuart Scott (1st woman pilot) flying Curtiss biplane, Rochester International Airport terminal, Rochester, NY.

    Chapter:Hobby restore aircraft (black whale)

    1. In order to escape the invid of the Earth's invasion war, the late Republic's forgetful witness Wyman Gordon's milling machine for Skin mirror processing and the use of the mechanism of an old material aluminum alloy and forging machine for titanium (plastic special alloy) applications A modified forging press was required.
    2. From the Navy Veterans' Association, the Battle-class, Super-Dimentional heavy cruiser SCA-72 Mar-ne received a reply that it could be folded and divided into three parts on the surface, and when transported it was retired Navy / Military Association A-3B (formerly called "A3D-2") "Sky Warrior" , which was additionally bundled with her own private property at the request of her, was handed over to the maintenance technicians attached to the Design Bureau on holidays. She made a flight the festival in holidays.
    3. The success of the three battle-class, Super Dimention , heavy cruisers SCA-72 Mar-ne was largely influenced by Shadow Technology, which was in the testing stage.

    The book, "The war of Marne, three duty," which is analogous to the First Battle of the Marne , from which the individual ships were named, has been published, but is omitted because it is beyond the scope of this article's biography.

    Details are described separately in "Master File"

    • Called the " black whale " , the A-3B (formerly called "A3D-2") "Sky Warrior" [Navy BuNo 135434, (s / n 10327)] is a contrasting color scheme that is intentionally different from her name in Blanche (white).
    • It has a different color scheme from the " white whale "color scheme of the common US aircraft-equipped aircraft at that time, the upper surface of the fuselage and the upper surface of the main wing "Gull Gray", as well as the lower surface "white" and the rudder surface "white".
    Bureau Number
    A serial number given to an aircraft delivered to the US Navy and Marines.
    Contrary to the "US Air Force serial number system," which is assigned a serial number for each fiscal year in which the aircraft is ordered, it simply assigns serial numbers from 1 in the order in which they were delivered.
    • The abbreviation is "BuNo." Then, after "BuNo.", It is written in the form of (+ number).

    The Douglas A-3 Skywarrior was originally designed as a strategic bomber for the United States Navy and was among the longest serving carrier-based jet aircraft in history.
    It entered service in the mid-1950s and was retired in 1991. For many years after its introduction, it was also the heaviest aircraft to enter operational status operating from an aircraft carrier (the heaviest being a USMC KC-130F BuNo 149798 that operated in a test from the USS Forrestal unarrested and unassisted in takeoff in 1963), earning it the unofficial nickname "The Whale".
    Its primary function for much of its later service life was as an electronic warfare platform, tactical air reconnaissance platform, and high capacity aerial refueling tanker.

    Chapter:Ms.Blanche's background

    After interstellar War I(The First Robotech War) , large civilian aircraft were recruited as military transports to help repel the Zentradians.
    A mother who hates this and retires from an airline company in 2018 with her 19-year-old daughter, using her influence on members of the Diet, in the early years of the Proxima system ,the planet Liberté」 Apply for the immigration fleet (meaning "freedom").
    In the meantime, "Dassault-Breguet Aviation", which incorporated a part of Airbus' immigrant applicants, established a joint venture with Northrop Grumman Eridanus "Liège Industries Lourd" [Liège Heavy Industries], and not only military aircraft For civilian aircraft, he was looking for a test pilot for an atmospheric transport aircraft suitable for colonial stars.
    The mother gave her daughter a gift, but unfortunately, even after trying various sports, her height was only 154.3cm, which was less than the pilot standard for both men and women, between 158cm and 190 cm.
    When her daughter understood the lack of physical fitness as a pilot, she washed her feet from the aviation industry and left "Liège Industries Lourd" [Liège Heavy Industries] to train at Police Aviation College, her own training school, to marry a man whose mother had found her. she was going to do it.

    Chapter:Sudden obituary of mother Marie

    However, his daughter (second daughter), Blanche Fontaine, has a sudden death report.
    During the atmospheric penetration test of the " SC-32 Gossamer-class " transport shuttle, the mother who was the test pilot (captain) was hit by a Zentraedi terrorist Flemenmik Nousjadeul-Ger, and the shuttle that had already exceeded the limit of return "it's do-or-die " entered the atmosphere and decomposed as it was in the air.

    At least the feast was to take Flemenmik Nousjadeul-Ger, who followed him deeply, with the burnout of the reentry of the atmosphere.
    "Blanche," who died long before the other refugees in The Second Robotech Masters War (Robotech War II), was left alone by the martyrdom of his mother, "Marie."

    Chapter:Blanche's turnover

    In the wake of this incident, Blanche struggled to study as if he had changed, transferred from the aeronautical college and began his career as an aerospace designer.

    Mother's will has a letter stating, "In the unlikely event, give up all of her death and retirement benefits to her second daughter (*) Blanche," not that her mother's will moved her as a daughter.

    Gille Blomache, a junior disciple of Liege, who later wrote The White Fountain in Memories, is a recollection of her book.

    (*) Marie's eldest daughter "Artemisia ", Blanche's eldest sister, died in the crime of a senior soldier in the Army of Southern Cross " Integrated and Grobal Military Police" GMP, and Blanche eventually became the only daughter.

    Chapter:Selected in 2025

    At the age of 26, Blanche will be selected for the development of the first variable fighter at Liège Industries Lourd
    The military demands operate reliably on the poor budget and maintenance environment of the colonial planets, as fighters in outer space,
    The role of a direct cooperator / light attack aircraft was expected from the second user, Army of the Southern Cross , the Epsilon stellar planet Glorie the Eridanus system.
    Blanche did not apply for this prototype, but unofficially joined club Georges Sullivan, an engineer of rival Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG, (partner is also a rival Lockheed Martin), at the time We took advantage of the opportunity to meet and exchange lively opinions.

    Blanche favored friendship, not as a gender relationship, as an equal designer and sometimes asking for advice.

    Gille Blomache made a statement that disturbed the team's harmony, because of her longing for love and jealousy of Georges.

    "Some of our teams say that because I`m the leader, the woman is the leader, so the development goes wrong. This development isn`t a prototyping competition with your company.
    I usually want to respect Georges Sullivan, you as a technician, exchange opinions between companies, and improve the reliability and quality of the aircraft.
    If the male developer is a leader, I wouldn`t say this, I wonder why. It doesn`t matter what the mother of the test pilot was, the pilot and the architect are different. I`m only myself.

    Chapter:Her first job with Georges Sullivan

    Scania Air Force Wing (Swedish: Skånska flygflottiljen), also F10 Ängelholm , or simply F10, is a former Swedish Air Force wing with the main base located in southernmost Sweden.

    • "N" is carrer based
    • "E" is Electoronic warfare and sensor allay improvement.
    • "M" is Multi porpose wingtip sensor pod and wingtip missile pylon.

    The first job after turning to a designer at Liège Industries Lourd will be co-development with Klaus-Maffei Heavy Industries (Northrop Grumman / Lockheed Martin-Eridanus joint venture for the company, which has little experience in aircraft design). It was a medium fighter “VF-7 Sylphide”.

    Light VERITECH Fighter VF-8 Logan

    • VF-8 (.PNG). The smallest VERITECH light fighter in history that is classified as a light “Veritech” aircraft.
    • Click to restore the original size of 822 pixels x 560 pixels and expand the actual size .png image.

    The drawings of basic components of VF-8

    Liège Industries Lourd participated in the education of the aerospace and design department, which was born and tired, but quickly relied on the development by the team of Klaus-Maffei Wegman / Northrop Grumman to match the competence. The prototype of the next-generation light fighter will be ordered by the Integrated Robo-Technology Research and Development Department (Special Technology Institute).

    The military demands that rather than the budget-luxury Expedition Fleet Army Lisa Hayes fleet command, Depends on Anatole Eli Leonard/ Claude Leon's request (Army of the Southern Cross, ASC's Supreme commander).
    • 1. Acquisition cost per unit is less than one-half of the late VF-1 Valkyrie late production block (lower due to mass production)
    • 2. Efforts should be made to reduce the total operation cost, including operation and maintenance, to one-quarter above, and should be at least 2/3 [two-thirds] or less.
    • 3. To be able to Atmospheric entry at any stage (no refitting work) from outer space to support the army ground forces
    • 4. Have a mild ground attack ability

    The first VERITECH Fighter, the VF-1 Valkyrie, was up to 20 times more expensive than the Destroid until the early Atmospheric Block 04.

    After that, the price dropped due to mass production prices due to large orders, and development costs were recovered, so the price temporarily dropped below half of the initial level, but the price increased again with additional functions and additional equipment for space.
    The Southern Cross has demanded less than half the base price of its cheapest production block (Block 09).

    For CG images, I moved to VF-8 Logan 3D-CG images, so please see that.

    Chapter:Budget deficiencies Army of Southern Cross, last resort

    Army of Southern Cross ( ASC ) 's devastating measure.
    The Army of Southern Cross, developed mainly by Army warlords and Paramilitary, was struggling with the chronic lack of budget from the Global Earth Government, and even considered VF-8 using the VF-1 Valkyrie's FAST pack for extra-atmospheric hours extend.

    In emergency, she will jettison her twin FAST pack...Rö-X24 (Ro-X24) : twin beam gun plus NP-BP-01 ( HMMP-02 missile pod with Nakajima NBS-1 thrusters or HMM-01 120mm Starburst missile pod with Nakajima NBS-1 thrusters) .

    The plan was unofficially nicknamed the Super Logan , or Strike Logan and the type equipped with a chemical particle beam cannon that used diversion of the propellant for the commander was called " Strike Logan ".
    The plan was abandoned by Anatole Eli Leonard's freaky change of mind that he tends to evade Airforce organizations because of the events after he attend the meeting of generals which is held by the United Earth Goverment held .
    So,Original project cancelled, and the "VF-8" combat radius expansion method substituted the loading of multiple "VF-8" on board the ASC-34 orbital shuttle vessel Pegasus re-named by Supreme Commander Leonard self-proclaimed "the space mothership" .
    Leonard dislike Navy and Spacy oraganization.

    And Leonard hate the Navy term "Aircraft (super) Carrier " and a person as like "Lisa Hayes" who is the Admiral of United Earth Expeditionary fleet Force (UEEF) .

    In the words of a great man: "If it's a diplomatic mission, then why are you arming the SDF-3 with every single weapon system we've ever developed?!"

    Already in this era, the next flagship aircraft, the " VFH-10 Auroran ", has reached the final test flight stage, and it is said that there was an intention to transfer the budget to the next flagship aircraft, and a later aerial warfare history researcher (2066 AD) is analyzing.

    In addition, the following problems will occur if the arm armor is replaced or extended with "Exclusive armor with mounting adapter for FAST pack".

    1. If the designer transforms to Guardian mode when wearing the FAST pack, the legs can be lowered, but the arm cannot be deployed after the Guardian mode transformation because the FAST pack is attached to the arm. It will only function as Fighter-Guardian mode, that is, "Guardian mode without both arms".
    2. Also, in case of emergency or "when the propellant tank at the rear of the FAST pack needs to be emptied", the FAST pack can be discarded like the armored equipment.
    3. In addition to the inability to use arms, the gun pod cannot be mounted on the center line of the aircraft due to the addition of an engine pod, so the suspension of the gun pod also changes.
    4. Instead of giving up the gun pod holding using the arms, instead of giving up the gun pod holding using the arm, as shown in the image, using the excess thrust by the three engines of the main body that applied the propellant of the tank of the FAST pack, she can hang now .
    5. Since the FAST Pack cannot be chopped and cannot be touched, in order to attach the extended equipment of the VF-1 Valkylie (only the back booster) to the Logan, expand to the fuselage side.
    6. The attachment secures the area of the fixing metal fitting to the connection with the FAST pack, and the third engine pod of the optional equipment is added below the center line of the rear part of the fuselage to complement the increase in inertial mass.
    7. The forced propellant in the additional engine pods flows into the fuselage side from the FAST pack side and then is evenly distributed to the three engines.
    8. The vertical stabilizer rotates as a fin downwards to bypass the volume of the FAST pack by the mechanism originally provided when transformed into the Guardian mode.

    • Light VERITECH aircraft can't develop her arms, but it's possible to lower legs in the bottom as the Guardian mode.

    • The drawing is Mr. Hiroshi Hayakawa (早川 浩). From page 47 of Rapport publishing released Monthly Anime magazine "Animec" September 1984 issue. S.D.C. SouthernCross. Click to return to the actual size of 853 pixels x 763 pixels.

    • As a variable fighter, it has the same minimum configuration as the Kissdum R -Engage Planet 's "NES Cockpit Armor" and has a total length of just under 6 m and a fuselage width of 3 m, so the existing top connection on the fuselage side is left and right Will interfere with each other.
    • The attachment secures the area of ​​the mounting bracket for the connection with the FAST pack , and the optional third engine pod is added below the centerline of the rear of the fuselage to supplement the increase in inertial mass.
    • The additional propellant of the additional engine pod flows into the fuselage side from the FAST pack side and is equally distributed to the three engines.
    The vertical tail fins rotate and dodge the volume of the FAST pack as downward fins by the mechanism originally provided when transforming to Guardian mode.
    • VF-8 variants (8N,A-PLUS/B-plus, VT-8,VE-8 ) beavertail transformation chart

    Northrop Grumman Carrier based Fighter (Carrier air wing, CVW)

    • The shape of the louver located on the upper surface of the fuselage of the aircraft.

    • Nose landing gear
    • Main landing gear

    VF-8A LOGAN with atmosphere entry and booster pack

    Installing a launch shuttle equipment or a second-generation spaceship or spacecraft owned by ASC instead of the boosters as like exanple of " VF-1 dedicated Orbital Booster Pack for leaving the atmosphere" .
    Click the image to move to the 800 pixel × 834 pixel full size image.

    On the other hand, VF-8 VERITECH fighters are possible to enter the atmosphere installed the nose cone with Oerlikon E-18 "triple pulse ion gun" equipped with a protective cover. This was considered in view of the possibility of fighting in the atmosphere of the planet following the enemy of this machine, and was considered in terms of operational characteristics assuming use by a Flying column.

    Chapter:Additional Tactical Requirements for the Colonial planet
    • Using the surplus thrust by the three engines of the main body, which was applied with the propellant of the FAST pack, it was attached to the left and right as shown in the image.
    Instead of giving up holding the gun pod with both arms, VF-8 will be able to mounted twin gun pods .

    The Southern Cross Military Bureau (Aeronautics and Space Administration) has drawn up the operational requirements of its flagship Tactical Armored Space Corps , TASC and made the following additional requests:

    1. A large amount of surplus FAST pack in for VF-1 in outer space and long-distance / invasion / reconnaissance FAST pack for Rockwell Bell VF-4 Lightning III Fleet Defense Veritech Fighter can be installed with minimal modification.
    2. A hard point between the legs is installed. When the FAST pack is equipped, an additional 3rd engine pod and one large anti-ship missile RRG RMS-2 Angel of Death Long Range Anti-Ship Missile are loaded here, and two under the wings, and the wings are folded and the lifting body effect (Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar quoted under its real name) and intercepts the incoming enemy space fleet while orbiting in the upper atmosphere.
    3. After rewarding the enemy fleet, the propellant of the small aircraft became almost empty, and there was a limit to the orbital speed, the remaining energy of fixed firearms and the number of gun pod bullets, so satellite ALuCE: Advanced LUnar Chemical E ngineering / Advanced LUnar Civil E ngineering There is no room to return to, and as it enters the atmosphere from the final defense line of the planet, it assists ground units in approaching.
    For this reason, the underside of the fuselage has been decided to have both heat and the resistance against bullets.
    Reference chart "Typical Operation VB-6 König Monster"

    Chapter:The smallest VERITECH Fighter ever

    Additional 3rd engine pod
    Equipped with a third engine pot (rear view)
    Click to expand the full-scale 871 pixel × 536 pixel image.
    Python Multipurpose missile (range 75 km / maximum speed Mach 3.0)
    Triple ejector rack [TER] = three-equipment, which can be dumped and suspended via a weapon suspension.
    Even in this state, it is already close to the "maximum operating weight".

    The mobility up to the launch of missiles is somewhat limited, and it is more suitable for large-scale aircraft and ground attack than for air combat.
    • Click to expand the full-scale 917 pixel × 658 pixel image.

    An example of equipment for hard points is shown below.
    Arm armor with hard points [ for heavy ordnance & for missiles: two types of pylon ] & Flight control surfaces have been removed for ease of illustration. Please pay attention to the third engine pod with optional equipment.

    The extreme miniaturization with a total length of just over 6 m is less than the minimum variable fighter "VFA-6 Legioss" of the United Earth Expedition Fleet Force.

    For this reason, the propellant capacity in outer space is limited by budget constraints, and in order to earn as little as possible without the FAST pack , the transformation mechanism is simplified by sharing the functions of the battloid mode in the guardian mode. The expansion has been achieved.

    Some rival developers claim that they came from a small, herself-minimum orientation, but some of people feeled it`s too emotional.

    The large transparent draft shield

    The VF-8 has large transparent draft shield, which is highly exposed to pilots and aware of the danger of cosmic radiation, emphasizes the ability to be able to check the watch on its own without relying on cameras or sensors.

    ''The reason of that The large transparent draft shield was due to her her mother Marie's martyrdom.

    Captain pilot Marie noticing too late to "Flemenmik Nousjadeul-Ger " on board the SC-32 Gossamer-class transport shuttle cargo hold when her camera was shot with a sniper rifle and crushed her rear warning mounted sensor.

    And more, ECM exclusive another "Flemenmik Nousjadeul-Ger" disabled the Radar Warning Receiver for Tail, RWRT and passive Infrared sensor (PIR) , and passive Infrared Image sensor (P-IIR) et cetera on board SC-32 Gossamer-class transport shuttle.

    ''Blanche felt that her mother Marie's martyrdom was due to the narrow optical field of view of the SC-32 Gossamer-class transport shuttle, so the transparent canopy of the VF-8 is large and has a wide field of view.''
    • ''It is said to be derived from Blanche's personal belief that she felt.''

    Chapter:Atmospheric entry capacity at the time of bullet penetration

    The miniaturization of VERITECH Fighters was also a requirement of "Army of Southern Cross", but the other was in "Atmospheric entry capacity at the time of bullet penetration"

    Even in the conventional VERITECH Fighters, "the ability to enter the atmosphere at the time of being hit" was stated in the catalog for the time being, but the damage was limited to a very slight degree.

    Protection using the Pin-Point Barrier , P.P.B. system, which has been put into practical use for some expensive aircraft since the late 2040s, cannot be expected of course at that time, and even if it is technically possible, the budget of the colonized planet cannot be tolerated. Was obvious.

    For this reason, instead of heat-resistant tiles, the fuselage skin itself should be given sufficient heat resistance and redundancy.
    An automatic repair device has been prepared as follows.
    If VF-8 has hit by bullet , and it perforated holes up to about 20 mm rounds, sensors of VF-8 inside of herself skins are sensed by from inside and special heat-resistant fillers injected and closed.

    Chapter: Lifting body and small wings

    In order to achieve the above objectives, I tried to get lift in the atmosphere by the lifting body as much as possible.
    However, unlike transport aircraft and reconnaissance aircraft, it is also a fighter fighting air fighting with restrictions, so it has a straight rectilinear wing with no receding angle for mobility, and the vertical tail wing is located outside the engine pod. It rotates from 20 degrees to 60 degrees (Fighter mode) to 180 degrees (Guardian mode) to compensate for the lack of stability.
    Nevertheless, the service ceiling climb limit was 10,000m (no boost effect), the stall speed was 350kph (only with aerodynamics), and the wrinkling affected the atmospheric capacity.
    However, this is a result of a second user, the Army of Southern Cross , who was obliged to provide a light fighter in cooperation with the Army Ground Forces at a surprisingly low price, rather than Airsuperiority fighters in the atmosphere, It's not always necessary to blame herself.
    The Light weight and small sized VERITECH Fighter VF-8 Logan , she does not have the ability to reach satellite orbit on its own.

    • VF-8 Logan with Extra-Atmospheric Booster.(Displayed at 660 pixel x 543 pixel). Click to restore the original size to 837 pixel x 689 pixel and expand the actual size image.

    Also, no single launch boosters or FAST packs were eventually developed.......

    The VF-8 Logan , she relied on its ability to reach a satellite orbit by installing a launch shuttle that takes advantage of its miniaturization.

    ''It is not possible to leave the atmosphere by VF-8 herself, so it is assumed that it will be installed in the Shuttles for example: Shimada Enterprises SC-32 Gossamer-class transport shuttle or Liège Industries Lourd AS-14 Pegasus class Trans-orbital Assault Shuttle, or that a dedicated external booster will be used. (But actually, the booster wasn't developed until the end.)

    This remorse was developed under the simple demands of the Expeditionary Fleet Army, with over 40 years of operational life as a training aircraft for the high-speed Theatre command reconnaissance aircraft SVR-1 Voyeur and variable fighter aircraft.
    It was utilized in the proud VERITECH trainer SVT-1 Vixen.

    Maintain compatibility with VF-8 when installing "FAST pack for VF-1"

    • Question & Answer between Ms.Yui Yuasa and Mr.KG. The following questions and answers can be replaced with a discussion on aircraft development between Ms.Blanche Fontaine (Marlene Sullivan) and Mr.Georeges Sullivan.

    Pregunta y respuesta entre Ms.Yui Yuasa y Mr.KG. Las siguientes preguntas y respuestas pueden reemplazarse con una discusión sobre el desarrollo de aeronaves entre la Sra. Blanche Fontaine (Marlene Sullivan) y el Sr. Georeges Sullivan.

    「優衣・湯浅」女士 和 「KG先生」之間的問答。 下列問題和答案可以用「布蘭奇·方丹」 (Blanche Fontaine) / 瑪琳沙利文 (Marlene Sullivan) 和「喬治・沙利文」 (George Sullivan) 先生之間的飛機開發討論來代替。

    「優衣・湯浅」女士 和 「KG先生」之间的问答。 下列问题和答案可以用 「布兰奇·方丹」 (Blanche Fontaine)/ [玛琳・沙利文」 (Marlene Sullivan)  和 「乔治・沙利文」 (George Sullivan) 先生之间的飞机开发讨论来代替。

    • Ms.Yui's reply to Mr.KG
    The Question and Anser(Part 1)
    1. FAST pack chemical reaction rocket engine → Used for battle acceleration, etc., not used regularly (Chemical reaction rocket engine consumes a large amount of reactants, and cannot be used regularly due to the installed amount)
    2. The main body fusion rocket engine on the side of the fuselage and the third additional rocket engine pod → The chemical reaction agent installed in the rear block of the FAST pack is used as a forced propellant, and "the tank volume of the main body" is very small room , so the shortage compensate by that.

    The compatibility problem occurs due to the diversion of the reaction agent from the FAST Pack tank to the main body engine, and the same solution measures as the fusion turbine engine FF-2001 are required.

    > What? If you use the VF-1 Valkylie FAST pack for the VF-8 Logan, the rocket motor is attached to the end of the VF-1 FAST pack itself, so the VF-8 fuselage side Isn't modification necessary?
    > Besides, since the FAST Pack engine for the VF-1 is a chemical rocket, is there a problem of fuel compatibility with the engine built into the VF-Logan's fuselage?

    The Question and Anser(Part 2)
    When the FAST pack for VF-1 Valkyle is combined with the existing connection on the upper surface of the fuselage of the VF-8 Logan. The VF-8 originally has a width of about 36% of the VF-1 and the front to rear length of fuselage about 44%. Since the VF-8 aircraft scale is in the small range to VF-1 Valkylie , the left and right of the twin FAST pack for VF-1 Valkyle will interfere and you will not be able to install it.
    VF-8 Logan's additional arm armor expansion attachment mounting bracket parts is attached to the outside of the VF-8's fuselage so that the twin inner sides of the VF-1's FAST pack do not come in contact with it.
    As shown in these images, replace the "Both Arm Armor" with the dedicated parts to expand the width of the VF-8's fuselage outward.
    Furthermore, using the joints of the upper arm of the VF-8, her left and right arms are moved outward to increase the left and right space.

    > My own question is whether the size of the existing VF-1 Fast pack fits the size of the VF-8 Logan.

    Mr.KG proposed additional propellant tank for VF-8 Logan exclusive.

    • Click to open an actual size image of 1,024 pixel x 618 pixel.

    • Mr. KG's answer to yui.

      My impression (Mr.KG) is so something not clear of the advantage as the merit is strong.
      To see the pattern and the advantage of the operation very much though engines are convenience of five it.
      To increase the main engine while it is a conception of finishing the FAST packing by the misappropriation is to retreat piping and not getting into trouble the flexibility of not simplicity but the propellant.
      If it is a fluid though the fuel that can be used for a chemical rocket is prepared with great pains, it is impression that bringing to any good reactive engine in also lacks the rationality.
      Increasing a simple tank (level with the posture control thruster) on a past engine simply than the FAST packing is misappropriated can seem to use each function effectively simply.
      In such feeling though it is a coarse picture.
      If the FAST packing is assumed to be a misappropriation, should I put the part of the tail there instead of the pylon?
      Is there a problem of the view after the transformation, too?
      Because it will advance like the horizontal position because it seems not to be able to turn the engine packing below when it is that structure.

    Chapter:Next her project, SVR-1 Voyeur and SVT-1 Vixen

    The Donning Company (1986-1988) : Robotech Art 3 (the page 184).
    Please click to original size 1,200 pixel × 1,382 pixel (displayed at 660 pixel × 760 pixel).

    United Earth AirForce color scheme
    Lt.Rebecca Nicks,her own private jet trainer

    The Invasion of the Solar System by Invid began in 2031 C.E., and on May 15, 2033 C.E., in a tournament that led to the destruction of the Army of Southern Cross, she was 32 years old, far away from the Earth in the summer From the United-Earth Expeditionary Force Fleet of the Varivarre star sysyems, Liège Industries Lourd was informed that Blanche Fontaine would be selected.
    UEEF , the fleet admirable Lisa Hayes
    【 太空堡垒 哨兵.Artwork by Pocket Chocolate 〔口袋巧克力〕】Click to open a full-size image of 736 pixel x 1,057 pixel (120KB).

    • " Robotech-II:The Sentinels" series published by "Sea Star Illustration"(海星图书). Please pay attention to the design of Janis E. M. at the bottom left, Linn Minmei and SDF-3 Pioneer . Click to open a full-size image of 1,440 pixels x 900 pixels (239 KB) in full size.

    For detailed development background, please refer to the individual webpage VERITECH Theater command reconnaissance aircraft SVR-1 Voyeur (VERITECH Trainer Master File SVT-1 Vixen) on the Robotech Chrinicle

    She took adversity as an opportunity and realized a new project

    There was one obstacle block their's way the project of "VERITECH Theater command reconnaissance aircraft SVR-1 Voyeur , and the variant VERITECH Trainer SVT-1 Vixen".
    Blanche Fontaine, who was originally not very strong, collapsed in the SDF-3 Pioneer, the flagship of the expeditionary fleet on a business trip.
    In the diagnosis of a military doctor,

    1. Indigenous bacteria on Colonial Star have been mutated by space radiation.
    2. Two days later, the fever penetrated her brain and became unconscious and unrecoverable.
    3. Her white blood cell count is twice as high as usual
    4. Acute peritonitis due to overwork CRP (internal allergen reaction) 21.8 (21 times normal value is 0.3).

    Military doctor(female): She responded that she wanted to be hospitalized as soon as possible before patient Blanche Fontaine lost consciousness, so I would like to request acknowledge the hospitalization costs of Liège Industries Lourd.

    However, Chairman Liège Industries Lourd was asked to return home and provide a report, including her own physical condition.
    When she heard the report, Pierre, then director of the company, offered to Blanche Fontaine, who was also the company's director at the time, the following conditions for returning to the project leadership:

    1. Be confidential to other employees, officers and test pilots, given their influence as a symbol of the plan.
    2. Hospitalization fees are reimbursed by the company and € 100 is refunded monthly to Blanche individuals
    3. He will be admitted to a distant hospital from the “Liège Industries Lourd” base in Planet Liberté, and will be allowed to transfer to another hospital with a deep knowledge of mutant bacteria if necessary for the treatment equipment.
    4. If you can not return in 3 months, get off the project
    5. Mr.Gille Blomache, acting on behalf of the project leader, had a career in structural calculations by the time he joined the project.

    The conditions the CEO demanded her were as stringent as above.

    However, she will return to the design site in two and a half months without waiting for the three months.
    Analyzing the problems of the VF-8 Logan, the SVR-1 Voyer and SVT-1 Vixen were successful.

    From the experience gained in this design project, she realized she was more suitable for relatively simple purpose models, such as reconnaissance aircraft and interceptors, than fighters, but as the person responsible for the project, Her preferences were unacceptable.

    ''I don't have to propose a solution to every problem myself. When I realized this, I became mentally more comfortable, and I became struck by adversity and became stronger.''

    ''So, I began to take care of the members of the development team to create new and original ideas. I don't have to propose a solution to every problem yourself.''

    When she noticed this, she replied in a later interview that " She had become mentally comfortable and herself had increased resistance to mental adversity. "

    SVR-1 Voyeur gallery
    • Robotech II-The Sentinels Book 4 (1995-1996) Volume 01 : World Killers!
    • The full image upload on Jonathan Wolff and Linn Minmei (Robotech Chronicles)

    • Robotech II-The Sentinels Book 4 (1995-1996) Volume 02 : No Man's Land

    Chapter:Improvement of Boeing's high-speed heavy tactical transport aircraft "C-37 A Albatross"

    Boeing McDonnell's original design [ C-37A type ]

    C-37 B is The stability of C-37A was improved, and the addition of canards reduced the speed by about 20% and increased its own weight (empty weight).
    • Click to return to the original size of 1,200 pixel x 460 pixel and develop the actual size image.

    C-37B Biparting hinged clamshell double doors located at the bottom of the C-37B nose.
    • Click to restore the PNG image to the original size of 1,280 pixels x 1,346 pixels and develop the actual size image.

    • Click to restore the PNG image to the original size of 1,600 pixels x 362 pixels and develop the actual size image.

    • Click to restore the PNG image to the original size of 1,598 pixels x 1,188 pixels, and expand the actual size image.
    C-37 C The C-37C type is a lightweight version of the C-37B, which is an improved version of the C-37A. C-37C keep empty weight and maintenancepcost low while maintaining the excellent stability of the C-37B as much as possible.
    • Click 1,200 pixel x 460 pixel original size.

    For detailed development background, please refer to the individual webpage Boeing's high-speed heavy tactical transport aircraft "C-37 A,B,C Albatross" on the Robotech Chrinicle website below.

    Blanche, she passed the age of George Sullivan's death in the early summer of 2044 and entered the middle age of 41 years old, developed a high-speed heavy tactical transport aircraft developed by Boeing and McDonnell from the United-Earth Expeditionary Force Fleet. Contracted to improve the problem of "C-37 A Albatross".
    The Aircraft was originally a large transport aircraft developed at the request of the Army of Southern Cross, but the United-Earth Expeditionary Force recruited and operated the aircraft that ASC was operating on other planets due to the collapse of ASC. Was.

    The fuselage design, which pursued unreasonable high-speed performance due to the interference of "Anatole Eli Leonard" from the Army Ground based, reduces the air resistance to the limit, so large aircraft where intrinsic stability is important, and also for the purpose of operation as a transport aircraft Regardless of the horizontal stabilizer, not even the vertical stabilizer, and because there is no tail, it is impossible to rely on the control of horizontal stability on the thrust vectorig nozzle, so the high speed performance was certainly prominent as a large aircraft but the steering stability it was a bad aircraft with many fatal accidents.
    Hidden fatal stability fault
    The Army of Southern Cross (ASC) was able to use C-37A well with repeated [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Friday] and heavy training that crushed all holiday (of course Saturdays and Sundays) , and it seemed to be seen from the outside as if it was operating normally.

    In the 2040s, when a retired expeditionary fleet of young expeditionary aviators took over the aircraft, serious fatal accidents occurred.

    The Boeing Company's aviation technology headquarters is in a state of no communication with the company due to the occupation of Invid in 2033 because all of Boeing's bases are in the earth's area.
    The Fleet-Aviation Engineering Division has ordered a redesign of the C-37A from "Liège Industries Lourd" (Liege Heavy Industries) and Blanche Design Team because of the all Boeing sites are in the terrestrial area.

    So the redesign all of the C-37A improvement , the re-design by "Liège Industries Lourd" Riege and Blanche's team.

    It is a Japanese idiomatic expression which refers to work, giving up rest on weekends (specifically on Saturdays and Sundays).
    The literal translation of the expression would be "Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Friday".
    Originally, the expression was used by soldiers of the Japanese Imperial Navy naval force.

    • (Español)
    Getsu getsu ka sui moku kin kin (月月火水木金金?) es una expresión idiomática japonesa la cual hace referencia al trabajo, renunciando al descanso los fines de semana (específicamente los sábados y domingos). La traducción literal de la expresión sería "Lunes, lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes y viernes".
    Originalmente, la expresión fue usada por los soldados de la fuerza naval de la Armada Imperial Japonesa.
    Blanch's team extracted the following problems and solved them one by one

    1. The center of gravity is too far forward with respect to the main wing, making it impossible to attach the horizontal tail to the normal tail of the fuselage.

    2. Extending the fuselage backwards is wasteful and unreasonable, such as reduced strength and increased weight.

    3. In the original design, a two-dimensional thrust deflection nozzle is used to substitute for horizontal stability, but this is an effective method for small aircraft such as fighters, and it is impossible for large aircraft with slow steering response. I want to have a tail or jumpuri:Canard (aeronautics) .

    4. The vertical tail is replaced with small vertical wings at both ends of the main wing (winglet). In the case of a large aircraft, a large vertical tail area is required due to the jumpuri:Square–cube law , which is an unreasonable design. I want to add a twin vertical tail to the tail of the fuselage.

    5. Naturally, the maximum speed of a touching high speed transport aircraft decreases due to the increase of air resistance, but it is not necessary for the transport aircraft to be a peaky, that is, a high performance or awkward maneuvering performance, but the inherent stability of the aircraft and the moving range of the aerodynamic center of gravity Transport capacity, including

    Due to the lack of paper width, problems and solutions are listed in the same section as bullets and summarized briefly, but the result is shown in the image below.
    Chapter:Improved stability type C-37B by Liège Industries Lourd

    The addition of a fragmentary winglet at the vertical tail, tail, and tail tips increased air resistance.
    The maximum speed of the C-37A, which was at Mach 2.6 (altitude 15 km), decreased by about 20% to about Mach 1.8, but the inherent flight stability dramatically increased, and As a result of the improvement, the incidence rate of fatal accidents reached the required value, which was 1/12.
    Despite being occupied by Earth, the formal name was not " Albatross II '' due to consideration for Boeing McDonnell, the development base, but it was changed too much, including major changes such as shortening of the fuselage Informally, this distinction is made because of the variety of places.

    The final chapter:After her later years, and the end is ...

    When Invid leaves the terrestrial sphere in 2044 C.E. and the war ends, she turns into the civilian design department.
    Of course, it was not completely unrelated to the design of military aircraft, but also participated as an advisor regarding the development of "SVT-2 Mustelid", the successor to "VERITECH Theater command reconnaissance aircraft SVR-1 Voyeur / VERITECH Trainer SVT-1 Vixen". Yes, but because the need was gone, I left the development of military aircraft, excluding the above projects.

    From around C.E.2060, she has been working mainly on teaching backwards, she has also been involved in scholarship programs for female students aiming for engineering and educational activities.
    She retired from Liège Industries Lourd, a long-standing member in 2078 AD.
    After her retirement she set up a house on the outskirts of "New days" (French: nouveaux jours), the capital of the planet Lliberté, living with two domestic cats and grooming the garden, except for a helping woman visiting during the day. (I have retired).

    The story of some old marriages came in, but she was at the end of her life, with no family taking over the house with the garden and the two cats.
    She lived a single life until that she adopted a young daughter (A orphan girl became test pilot "Aurora” later) who had been orphaned by an air accident during orphan's parents the a test flight eight years before her death.

    Ms. Blanche Fontaine had been in illness since the end of September 2091 C.E., but on October 21, 2091 (Sunday) it was strange that George Sullivan died on October 21, 62 years after the death of his death. And early on the same day (Sunday), Blanche quietly died, she has been while being watched by her friends and juniors who rushed to meets her passed away in addition to her adopted daughter.

    A reporter heard that the dying word was

    I`ll see you again ...

    It is said that she muttered these words when she died, but the nuance of those who heard her voice was
    1.The father who died in the war,
    2. Elder sister to her. "Artemisia" was killed in a crime by ASC GMP senior military personnel.
    3. Mother Marie
    It is interpreted that it was for the family mentioned above, but also for Jorsh, who was a senior and a secret lover.
    Some have argued that they include both or both, and the interpretation is divided.

    Ms. Blanche left the world and go to heaven.....

    • 1. English.
    She lived out her's allotted span of life.

    Ms. Blanche passed away at the age of 88 years old, and she cross the river the River Styx that separates the living from the dead.......

    Ms. Blanche left the world and go to heaven.....

    • 2. (español)
    Ella vivió la vida asignada de su vida (Blanche tiene una vida mejor a los 88 años).

    La señorita Blanche falleció a la edad de 88 años, y cruzó el río Estigia(Styx) que separa a los vivos de los muertos .......

    La señorita Blanche dejó el mundo y se fue al cielo ......

    • 3. (繁體字)

    「布蘭奇」(Blanche) 女士享年88歲,她過世了,她堙藁察斯堤克斯(Styx)河」,將活人與死者分開.......


    • 4. (简化字)

    「布兰奇」(Blanche) 女士享年88岁,她过世了,她横渡了「斯堤克斯(Styx)河」,将活人与死者分开.......


    • 5. (Tagalog)
    Nabuhay niya ang inilaan niyang haba ng buhay.

    Namatay si Ms. Blanche sa edad na 88 taong gulang, at tumawid siya sa ilog ng Ilog Styx na naghihiwalay sa buhay mula sa patay ……

    Si Miss Blanche ay umalis sa mundo at pumunta sa langit.....

    • 6. (Bahasa Melayu)
    Dia menjalani jangka hayatnya.

    Blanche meninggal dunia pada usia 88 tahun, dan dia menyeberangi sungai Sungai Styx yang memisahkan yang hidup dari yang mati .......

    Blanche meninggalkan dunia dan pergi ke syurga.....

    For detailed development background, please refer to the individual webpage jumpuri:The Global Military Police (GMP) on the Robotech Chroinicles website. (*7)

    Doctors' findings of the cause of death indicate that hypothyroidism, a major illness between the ages of 32 and 33 at the time of the development of SVR-1 Voyer and SVT-1 Vixen, [*] was a potential cause of aging. It has been concluded that the latent virus has diminished and diminished due to complications with hypothyroidism, such as hypoimmune hyperactivity and rapid acceleration of aging, as well as reduced immunity.
    • (* ) Please read “Chapter : Next her project, SVR-1 Voyeur and SVT-1 Vixen” in this article.

    Chapter:Postscript of the author

    1. I (Yui Yuasa) had already drafted part of her biography (until her first half) in 2020.
    2. The rest of the biography of "Blanche Fontaine", a fictional female aeronautical design engineer [design group conductor], became somewhat shortened in connection with her second half due to paper width [data storage limit].
    3. In the era when "Documentary Industry, Technology Project X: Innovators" was being broadcast in Japan (March 28, 2000 to December 28, 2005), no female project leader appeared.
      In a later era, technology" SUGOWAZA ", Supreme Skills !, Which was broadcast from April 3, 2014 to February 26, 2018, was a project team that was not the so-called "the only woman in the group". Female leaders are now available.
      However, although these regular programs are documentary, they have limitations as entertainment.
      Specifically, “the technical challenges of the project team will always succeed even if they fail once.”
      Even if a project team ends up rejecting a rival team with respect to the competition presented by the orderer and the project on their side that loses is canceled, the members of the project team must always be public, and sometimes rival. Members and leaders of the project team will be guided by the results of their hard work and efforts.
      The scenario and composition lies in the fact that each regular program is produced according to the producer's intent, "The end that gives catharsis to the viewers."
      However, in our real-world technical projects, the winner may win all the profits as a result of the orderer's order (winner-take-all). I don't think it fits the purpose of the biography.
    4. The first female leader in Japanese mecha anime is "Yoko Misaki" Family name is "岬" ( Misaki / みさき ) , personal name is "洋子"( Yoko / ようこ) , and she appears on the series "Gowapper 5 Gordom" was produced by Tatsunoko Productions and on aired via "TV Asahi" from April 4 to December 29 , 1976.
    5. Web novels are absolutely superior to paper-based books in terms of images, charts, and quick article corrections, but at least web novels on rental servers have more document characters, Due to the limitations of the web-browser, I find it inconvenient and inconvenient to draw a specific person deeply.
    6. But I should do my best. Yes, the struggle of writing my own biographies is nothing less than Blanche's situation and her principle of action in it.
    7. Most fan writers will focus only on the VF-1 Valkyrie, a Variable Fighter in the "Super Dimension Fortress Macross" world, modeled on a Unitad States of America-developed aircraft that can use its budget and personnel inexhaustibly.
    8. However, the development of VERTIECHs : Spartus , Logan, Auroran (aka is "AGAC") of "Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross" which is subject to restrictions from various customers, and has the appeal of the human drama exist on.
    At least I think so.
    1. In addition, in order to form the Blanche figure, apart from various materials, we refer to the half life of a frustrated acquaintance, but because it is related to the privacy of the person herself, it is not posted on the web page, but here, multiple It should be noted that real people are partly referred to.
    2. By the way, I myself is 168.9 cm tall and may not really understand the dilemma and complex of a short stature woman, but before puberty (approximate 4 to 9 years old) While reminiscing how big an adult man or mother seemed to be scared, I drew as much as possible, assuming the psychological state of Blanche.
    3. As an aside, I am the model of Blanche Fontaine's harassment case regarding "Gille Blomache", and I have a 19 years old boy who is the prototyped to Gille Blomache. 
      When I was 41, he was a 19 years old a real jerk boy Kazuya Masuda (増田 和弥) born December 18 , 1991 who was 23 years younger, but he was a grandson of the chairman and son of the president, so he was very arrogant.
      As soon as I myself went into the night shift and I was alone, he put my hands in the uniform blouse of Ms.Yui Yuasa , and her body and he rubbed my chest and pinched my nipples. I 've imagine you are female readers : "You ,female readers, imagine my physical suffering and mental humiliation experience !"
      The boy was all-you-can-do, and even if I protested against the company, the director was a terrible company that did not do anything, just pretending to be the son of the president and the grandson of the chairman.
    4. However, the main work of her second half is only the redesign of another company's work, the "C-37" Type B,C "Albatross-II".
    5. Ms.Blanche has improved the uncompletion aircraft without C-37A design-specific discontinuous straight lines and horizontal or vertical tails that do not take into account the inherent stability, so that transport aircraft that can fly stabily.
    6. Because I (Yui Yuasa) wanted to Anime or cartoonish aircraft C-37A redesign it, writing a Blanche biography was a good opportunity .
    7. Mr.Kunio Okawara (Kunio Okawara, Ōkawara Kunio, born December 26, 1947) is a mechanical designer in the Japanese anime industry.But his design "FF-X7 Core Fighter" is no matter how a good designer redesigns Flight is impossible.
      The lack of aerodynamic knowledge in the aircraft design of the Kunio Ookawara.
    8. A triumvirate design group "Ammonite" (*) has provided a degree of redundancy of complementarity, which has managed to bring stability to a practical level.

    (*) A triumvirate design group "Ammonite" :
    1. Summary of design, Hiroshi Ogawa( 小川 浩 )
    2. Administers the action presentation , Takatoshi Ono ( 小野 隆嗣 )
    3. Hiroyoshi Okura, who controls the function (大倉 宏俊 ).

    For detailed development background, please refer to the individual webpage A triumvirate design group "Ammonite" on the Robotech Chrinicle website below.
    Creative ideas and illustration production
    1. If I draw uttly new arts only for the purpose of illustrations about novels, these pieces will go beyond the area of re-design.
    2. So I will use the image processing software PAINT.NET 4.05 version with the existing original lineart C-37A.
    3. I add to C-37A with canard (C-37B) or Leading Edge Root Extension (C-37C) drawing so as not to hinder from my own novel writing.
    4. The original line drawing was drawn by myself (the biographer Ms. Yui Yuasa) according to the idea redesigned by an aeronautical designer Blanche.
    5. Her own book, "Blanche Fontaine, Pseudonym Marlene Sullivan: A lifetime of an aeronautical designer caught her mother" by Ms. Yui Yuasa, written after the death of Blanche Fontaine (Marlene Sullivan), is a pre-written (fictional) biography books copy. 
      Ms. Yui Yuasa make use of each of female and male author , their book. Ms. Yui Yuasa's writings biography about Ms. Blanche was written while using these (fictional) two authors' books as a base copy.
    6. The biography book by the male author was self-published after retirement by a male apprentice.
      He was under the supervision of Ms. Blanche from 2030 to 2044.
      The book's reputation is distorted because of a statement that degrades her as this book was written to eliminate his own refraction as a distraction by his name and gossip and more accoiding to sexal curiosty about Ms.Blanche.
    7. The other book is primarily for the eminent [fictional] female liberation activist to praise Ms. Blanche, and secondarily for Ms. Ann to reinforce her own activities and reputation. As a result, the books she wrote also lacked biographic accuracy.

    Each of the above works by both Mr. Gille Blomache and Ms. Anne McCaffrey (total of two books) are written from a perspective distorted by their own biased ideas and emotions.
    Thus, Ms. Yui Yuasa, in comparison to the fairness of the book of objective biographies, noticed an error in the writing composition that cited each of their works on Blanche Fontaine's biography.

    Ms. Yui Yuasa realized that a new novel (biography) written by she has became the third public book on Ms. Blanche.
    As a result, Ms. Yui Yuasa noticed that the third biographical book on Blanche Fontaine's life was also likely to fall into a flawed book as a result of the lack of the objective perspective needed for biography.

    Thus, following the two books above, she (Yui Yuasa) took Blanche Fontaine's own perspective in order to avoid falling into a publication that re-publishes a fraudulent biography of Blanche Fontaine from a third distorted perspective, decided to describe herown life.
    It took about a year before she (Ms. Yui Yuasa) came up with the idea of ​​making good use of this issue in the construction of a biographic novel.
    Ms. Yui Yuasa wrote a part of a fictional book that dares to write a biography of a female aeronautical technician to take on a unique issue that does not merely replace the gender of a male aeronautical deseigner tried and errored until.

    Blanche Fontaine had only one lead in a major aircraft design project of Blanche Fontaine's late life .
    Therefore Ms. Yui Yuasa explored the consequences of the C-37B and C-37C both of them named "Albatross II " redesign.
    She put Blanche Fontaine's later years in a small number of projects as a designer because of her emphasis on social activities, albeit indirectly through the development of juniors and scholarship grants.

    At least I (Ms. Yui Yuasa) guessed so.

    VF-8F AIRFORCE Logan Miss Molly special markings

    Related person

    • (boyfriend, senior engineer for her life, senior engineer comrade of other company)
    • Georges Sullivan

    Song Performance Web Page (Página web Song Performance)
    • You can move to the song performance Web page by clicking the image or the English character link below the image.(Puede pasar a la página web de interpretación de canciones haciendo clic en la imagen o en el enlace de caracteres en inglés debajo de la imagen.)
    • Robotech: Southern-Cross_George-Sullivan_Its_You

    • The lyrics for computer browsing (PNG format, by Bicubic interpolation ( 双三次插值 ) are reduced to 1.59 MB, 858 pixels × 1,041 pixels (displayed at 660 pixels × 801 pixels).

    1. EP(extended play) mini-album which track number 09, "It's you" by George Sullivan. vocal music and lylics !

    Limited EP linernotes

    This limited-edition compact disc EP contains a selection of rare new musical tracks, some never before released on any soundtrack album, in a special preview of the next major compilation in production.

    Featuring the compositions of Ulpio Minucci and performed by Rebecca Forstadt,aka.Reba West as Minmei.

    And Kent Harrison Hayes (as George Sullivan), the music has been painstakingly restored from the original master recordings for the best possible listening experience to date.
    Also included are an exclusive selection of studio outtakes.
    This disc contains the following tracks:
    01 - "Introduction only"
    02 - It's You slower introduction
    03 - "All the way through"
    04 - It's You  (Minmei version)
    05 - "Nice ... here we go"
    06 - It's You faster introduction
    07 - It's You  (instrumental version)
    08 - "That's it"
    09 - It's You  (George Sullivan version)
    10 - It's You  (piano solo, take 1)
    11 - It's You  (piano solo, take 2)
    12 - It's You  (piano accompaniment, take 1)
    13 - It's You  (piano accompaniment, take 2)
    14 - "Take one"
    15 - We Will Win (demo version)
    16 - Macross Anthem (vocal version)
    • Manufacturer suggested retail price; (MSRP) : $6.99}

    • Click thumbnail image to expand the original size of 1,156 pixel × 2,296 pixel to view large image.

    Chapter:Beatrice Tilly Shilling

    • Beatrice (Tilly) Shilling supplies a stable fuel supply when "negative gravitational acceleration" is applied to the carburetor of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine developed by Rolls-Royce plc installed in the production type up to Super Marine Spitfire Mk. XVI Famous for developing mechanisms.
    • (The title of the bibliography )
    " Negative Gravity: A Life of Beatrice Shilling "
    • Paperback. released in Oct 6, 2003 by Matthew Freudenberg.

    1. Beatrice (Tilly) Shilling
    2. Miss Shilling's Office
    3. Negative Gravity:
 A Life of Beatrice Shilling

    • Negative Gravity: A Life of Beatrice Shilling paperback October 06,2003 (2003/10/6) Matthew Freudenberg.
    Inside article of The Robotech Chronicles

    • Original Japanese language



    • English
    "Some of our teams say that because I`m the leader, the woman is the leader, so the development goes wrong. This development isn`t a prototyping competition with your company.
    I usually want to respect Georges Sullivan, you as a technician, exchange opinions between companies, and improve the reliability and quality of the aircraft.
    If the male developer is a leader, I wouldn`t say this, I wonder why. It doesn`t matter what the mother of the test pilot was, the pilot and the architect are different. I`m only myself.

    VF-8 Logan profiles

    In 1988 (I'm 18 years old university school girl), I met a designer Mr. Masao Hasegawa,the cousin of Ms.Naoko Shoji(now "Naoko Hasegawa" by marriage).
    He working at the model gun corporation L&S.
    He offered to gift 2 piece(*) of design art for me.* Before complition drawing LOGAN about Aircraft and GERWALK (Guardian mode for Robotech term) .

    Mr. Masao Hasegawa said "This Annmonite design group,their design cancelled because of animated works is burden for SDC Southern Cross related animaters!".
    "But this more aero-dynamical,especially "Area rule" adjustment Logan is my favorite !"

    As for the ion pulse gun which barrel of tri-cannons equipped at a battery, VF-8 Logan must be her retracted gun when atmospheric entry. These guns became big air resistance, were very vulnerable to aerodynamic heating, and caused it the Dynamic aeroelasticity flutter.
    However , so I lost precious design art when I move to OKINAWA in 1998 !
    I had lost an original design, but I tried to restore its design to depend on a memory.
    Restoration is difficult for the Guardian form.

    I restored only one design which is aircraft fighter form of two in this way.

    Liège industries Doctor of Aeronautical Engineering Ms. Blanche Fontaine

    Thanks to Paint.Net (Version 4.05)

    In 1988 (I'm 18 years old university school girl), I met a designer Mr. Masao Hasegawa,the cousin of Ms.Naoko Shoji(now "Naoko Hasegawa" by her marriage).
    He working at the model gun corporation L&S.
    He offered to gift 2 piece(*) of design art for me.
    • Mr. Masao Hasegawa said,
    "This Annmonite design group,their design cancelled because of animated works is burden for SDC Southern Cross related animaters!". "But this more aero-dynamical,especially "Area rule" adjustment Logan is my favorite !"

    But I lost precious design art when I move to OKINAWA in 1998 !
    I had lost an original design, but I tried to restore its design to depend on a memory.
    Restoration is difficult for the Guardian form.
    I restored only one design which is aircraft fighter form of two in this way.

    Original Japanese language postscript "The last chapter postscript by an author" (終章:編纂者のあとがき)

    1. 4年前【2012年】に前半生までを脱稿した、架空の女性航空設計技師〔設計グループ指揮者〕のブランシュ・フォンテーヌの伝記を、紙幅【保存容量】の関係で結びが多少駆け足になりましたが、取り敢えず臨終まで書き終えました。
    2. プロジェクトX〜挑戦者たち〜」の時代に比べ「超絶 凄ワザ !」では、いわゆる「紅一点」ではない女性リーダー「岬 洋子」(『ゴワッパー5 ゴーダム』1976年4月4日から同年12月29日まで、朝日放送やNETテレビで全36話が放送 )のような登場人物が増えてきました。とは言え、エンターテイメントとしての制約からドキュメンタリーとしては「一度は挫折しても必ずまた成功するかライバルチームに対して健闘してその努力を称えられ、カタルシスを視聴者に与えて終わる」という番組の制作方針は、やはり評伝や伝記の目的にはそぐわないと考えてます。
    3. 実体書籍にくらべてウェブ媒体は、画像や図表、迅速な記事の訂正更新(アップデート)訂正という面では絶対的に優位ですが、ウェブ小説には、特定の人物を深く描き出すには、ドキュメント文字数と、閲覧ブラウザの制約から非常に不便で不自由であると感じています。でも、そんな中でも最善を尽くすべきですね、そう、それはそのままブランシュの置かれた状況と、その中での彼女の行動原理に他なりません。
    4. 大抵のファン作家さんは、無尽蔵に予算と人員を使役できるアメリカ合衆国の開発モデルをお手本にした、「超時空要塞マクロス」世界の可変戦闘機VF-1 バルキリー」とその後継機 ばかりに注目するけど「プロジェクトX〜挑戦者たち〜」に準じた人間ドラマは、 様々な注文主からの制約がある「超時空騎団サザンクロス」の「スパルタス」、「ローガン」、「オーロラン」ほか、同世界の機械たちにあると考えてます。
    5. 結局4年掛かっても、自分で納得出来るブランシュ自身の肖像画を描くことは出来ませんでしたが、それゆえに画像にイメージを特定されず、想像を広げるにはかえって好都合かと考えてます。
    6. なお、人物像の一部の形成には様々な資料とは別に挫折した知人の半生を参考にしてますが、本人のプライバシーに関わる内容ですから、Webページには出してませんが、ここでは、複数の実在の人物が一部で参考にされていることだけは触れておきます。
    7. なお、私自身は168.9cm の身長があり、低身長症候群(「ターナー症候群」含む)の女のジレンマやコンプレックスを真には理解出来てはいないのかもしれませんが、思春期前(4歳〜9歳)の頃、大人の男性が、または母親がどのように大きく怖くみえていたかを思い出しながら、極力、ブランシェの心理状態を想定しながら描きました。
    8. 余談ですが、「ジール・ブロマシェ」に関してブランシュ・フォンテーヌの事件のモデルは私で、ジールにも参考にした人物がいます。
    9. とはいえ、彼女の後半生の主な作品は他社の作品の改設計です。また社名は実在の現行社名と一部異なりますが、そこは平行世界ということで容赦ください。
    10. 特有の不連続直線や、固有の安定性を考慮しない水平尾翼や垂直尾翼を持たないアニメ的な航空機を料理して、取り敢えず飛べるようにアレンジしてみたいと考えていたので、これは良い題材になりました。
    11. さすがに大河原「某」氏のコアファイターのような箱の組み合わせデザインは料理しようがありませんが、三位一体のデザイン集団アンモナイトの航空機デザインにおける航空力学的知識の不備は、補完性の冗長度合いを有していたので、なんとか安定性を実用水準に持っていけました。
    12. 新しく描くと改設計の領域を超えてしまいそうなので、既存の設定線画を画像処理ソフトウェア【いつものPAINT.NET 4.05版】で「改設計」しました。
    13. 彼女の死後、Web上の伝記記事を〔架空の〕既成の2つの伝記とし、
      ◆ 一冊は彼女の後輩の男性が退職後に自費出版して売名とゴシップによる屈折を憂さ晴らした歪みに満ちたもの
      ◇ もう一冊は著名な〔架空の〕女性解放運動家が賛美により、自らの活動と名声を補強する目的で著作したもの
    14. 後半生の主要な作品が一つしかなく、しかも改設計という設定も意図的なもので、後輩の育成や奨学助成金という間接的な形態とはいえ、社会活動に足を突っ込むと、当然ながら寡作な設計者になるだろうと推測しました。 





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    2. 超時空コンベンション 2020 湖川友謙
    3. ロボテック:実写映画の構成案
    4. 超時空騎団サザンクロス 日本語同人ゲーム
    5. 超時空騎団サザンクロス雑誌記事
    6. 超時空騎団サザンクロス・故マイアニメ記事
    7. 超時空騎団サザンクロス と 故アニメック
    8. 機甲創世記モスピーダ と 故アニメック


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