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Only a Young Sister

Pseudonym Blanche Fontaine,Marlene Sullivan:A lifetime of an aeronautical designer caught her mother (Blanche Fontaine - The life of an engineer who was caught in her mother's image -)

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The web page for Song Performance
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  • Robotech: Southern-Cross_George-Sullivan_Its_You

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  1. EP(extended play) mini-album which track number 09, "It's you" by George Sullivan. vocal music and lylics !

Georges , The singer

  • An officer's club celebrating the first visit to the planet "Glorie" of Nova, the lifesaver of the members of the 15th Squad of Strategic Armored Division, in the piano bar "Half Moon" (half a month), Episode 20 "Day Dream"(original Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross , "Daydreamer" is the 57th episode of Robotech and 21st episode of the Robotech : The Masters saga).
  • Although it is an affiliated store, it is a different facility from "Havana Moon".

OST the track No.4:STAR DUST MEMORY(影山 ヒロノブ)

  • (Youtube) STAR DUST MEMORY” , Song by stage name Hironobu Kageyama 影山ヒロノブ/real name is same alphabetical,Hirnobu Kageyama but different from Kanji chracter " 景山 浩宣 ").

It's You , song by Kent Harrison Hayes

Sunday), June 17, 1984 Episode 9 "Stardust" / ROBOTECH Ep.46“ Star Dust ”.
The image taken by the audience at the Pianist Lounge "Half Moon"

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Georges' only a girlfriend or relative

Full name (alphabet)

  • Georges-Sullivan 
The name of spelling (Chinese characters or Kanji)
  1. 繁体字:喬治 沙利文 (George Sullivan)
  2. 简化字:乔治 沙利文 (George Sullivan)
The lineart
  • Valuable full-length images of brother "Georges" and sister "Marlene", From the June issue of "Monthly My Anime" published by Akita Shoten (Akita Books): Click to return to full size 803 pixels x 502 pixels.

pixiv summary version

The profile about Georges

RankMajor of engineer (technical specialist)

George was promoted to colonel after his death due to special treatment for two-rank due to friendly fire by his friend.

Date of BirthPassed awayFull age
( his death because of friendly fired by VF-8A Logan belonglng to Tactical Armored Space Corps )
September 23 (Thursday), 1993.October 21 (Sunday), 202936 years old.

Georges Sullivan on Robotech Chronicles in original Japanese language

The List of representative works
1MBR-07 Spartan〔Mk.1〕While inheriting the original Destroid, of its predecessor, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG, we have designed a regional derivative that has adapted to the regional nature of the colonial planet and the products has improved reliability.
2F-206 Falcon IIFully involved.
3VF-7 sylpheedFully involved.
4VFH-10 AuroranEnrolled in the Integrated Technology Research and Development Department (Special Institute of Technology) and is a design advisor. Jointly developed by Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin.

Georges' only a girlfriend or relative

  1. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross June 17〔Sunday〕, 1984 Episode 09. Star Dust (スターダスト, Sutā Dasuto) , episode 46. Star Dust on aired Robotech: The Masters Saga Episode list.
Only one piece photograph
  1. It is said that the photograph of Blanche herself had been disposed of by all the people concerned after her death, and it has not been discovered until now (September 2097 AD), but if the entry in George Sullivan's diary is correct, the younger sister " It is said that it was exactly like "Marlene Sullivan".
  2. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross June 17, 1984〔Sunday〕Episode 09 "STAR DUST".

  1. George's younger sister "Marlene Sullivan" The only photo available at this time.
  2. It is estimated that the time was taken from 13:20 to 13:25 from the clock tower at the rear.
  3. In general, photographs show severe fading.

A example of correcting aging deterioration of photos [ 2 types ]
  • Only the solid line of her pupil has priority correction, and some of noise reduction. But Color temperature is incorrect.

  • Color corrected, PNG image format. Edges, outlines of her figure, and solid lines of eyes are incorrect (unsharp).

目次【 Table of Contents / índice de contenidos 】

Chapter: Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG , the planet Liberté branch office in Proxima system

In a world where the design of military weapons, especially aerospace crafts has become huge complex and organized, and the distinctive personality has become difficult to demonstrate, George Sullivan has been workig on "Ed Henly Heinemann" ( His most famous design project is Douglas A-4 Skyhawk in the all of he concerned works ) .
He was a designer who vigorously brought products to the world with an original and bold idea reminiscent of A-4 Sky Hawk's project leader designer.

Part of its design datum has been noticed by the Interstellar Technical Network [ IS-TN ] between Colonial Planets, and P.T.N./ Planetary Technical Network and the United Earth Expeditionary Fleet Force (UEEF).
It was adopted for the necessary design data registration, and it became more and more famous.

His origin was a colonial planet in Proxima star system.
Precisely he was born at the planet Liberté in Proxima star system , a colony of European descent at the time, but was recognized for his talent and joined the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG Liberté branch at the age of 18 he was adopted.

Initially, the branch office provided high-speed fighting performance from the European tradition to the " MBR-04 Tomahawk " artillery destroid based development by Vickers plc & Continental AG.

  • MBR-07 Mk.I and Mk.II "MBR-07 Spartan" colony planets specifications , "Earth Integrated Forces / Marine Corps", colonized home / mother planet, "Expedition fleet troops", which were evaluated by BDF (Base Defense Ground Unit) "

The old-fashioned MBR-07 " Mk.I ", which was widely used on various colonial planets, has the camera cluster at the gun cluster bay part, which is a characteristic of the widely-used Mk.II. The firepower was inferior to Mk.II, but the maintainability and redundancy of " Mk.I " were good than Mk.II. [ Footnote * 1 ]

  • [ Footnote * 1 ] The "MBR-07 Spartan" initially suffered from frequent camera and monitor malfunctions due to its violent fighting-only operation, "arming up and strengthening the firepower" as an excuse to abolish visual combat for the sole purpose of eliminating optical cameras. Although there was a history of developing the Mk.II that supplemented this with other sensors, the durability of the " Mk.I " camera monitor was improved to a practical level by this time.

Су-25 Грач ( "Grach " )


  • Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia.(Original file ‎ ( 1,200 × 800 pixels, file size: 817 KB, MIME type: image / PNG )

  • He was working with "Northrop Grumman" to establish a full-scale entry into the aircraft industry.
F-206 Falcon II
Georges started here as a designer in the fuselage section of the "Northrop Grumman F-206 Falcon II".

In the period of multi-lole versatility of weapons, although non-transforable , non VERITECH fighters , the aircraft lacking versatility there were pros and cons to designing focused on intercept and spacecraft versus ship missions, but on the other hand, thorough cost & weight management, It was highly appreciated for its ability to ascend from the atmosphere to satellite orbit, and to be able to re-enter the atmosphere after taking over an interceptor or following an enemy aircraft.

Chapter: F-206 Falcon II and VF-7 sylpheed

Georges participated in the VF-7 sylpheed, a medium-sized fighter that followed, as a designer of the airframe structure and the system of transformation.

Following the "F-206 Falcon II" in a design that combines both contradictory items such as "design policy " in the VF-7 sylpheed , a atmospheric medium-weight and sized VERITECH fighter that followed, as a designer of the airframe structure and transformation mechanism system.

He considering the airframe that is supposed to operate in the atmosphere, a rational and reliable transformation structure and low air resistance.

You can see his unique design philosophy following the "F-206 Falcon II" in that each the single seat and dual seat versions' design .

That combines both contradictory items such as " flowing shaped design Line ".

Scania Air Force Wing (Swedish: Skånska flygflottiljen), also F10 Ängelholm , or simply F10, is a former Swedish Air Force wing with the main base located in southernmost Sweden.

  • "N" is N AVY carrer based
  • "E" is E lectoronic warfare and sensor allay improvement.
  • "M" is M ulti porpose wingtip sensor pod and wingtip missile pylon.

The first job after turning to a designer at Liège Industries Lourd will be co-development with Klaus-Maffei Heavy Industries (Northrop Grumman / Lockheed Martin-Eridanus joint venture for the company, which has little experience in aircraft design). It was a medium fighter “VF-7 Sylphide”.

Chapter: His own design philosophy

His design philosophy resembled Edward Henry Heinemann (March 14, 1908 – November 26, 1991) , partly Kurt Waldemar Tank 〔24 February 1898 – 5 June 1983〕, as follows:

1. Regardless of the demands of the military or the opinion of the soldiers, it makes independent decisions (appropriate) based on the situation of the battlefield it has observed.
2. Non-transformable airframes will not be equipped with unnecessary equipment according to the intended use, and will try to streamline as much as possible. (Example : F-206 Falcon II).

Rather than installing a triple or quadruple backup safety device, even if it is reduced twice, the reliability and arrangement of the device itself will be devised and the weight will be controlled.

3. Regarding the Transform-able machine by VERITECH technology, firstly, a variable structure and a skeleton (frame) should be formulated, and then, after the design, it should be avoided to combine and match with the aircraft or battloid (battroid)form. As a result, it is possible to avoid protruding portions, particularly in the form of an aircraft, and to reduce air resistance as much as possible. ( Example : VF-7 sylpheed ) .

4. The joint and the movable part designed in “6.” are shared with the transform-able structure, and it is avoided to prepare a movable part and an actuatorfor the variable structure only for the one mode (guardian mode or battloid).

5. Even for general-purpose machines outside and outside the atmosphere, we determine where the main focus is and do not always have unnecessary equipment for each other. For example, an airframe mainly used in the atmosphere does not require some permanent space equipment, and it is sufficient if it can be replaced in a short time when necessary. (Example : VF-7 sylpheed )

6. In order to achieve the above object, if there is any inconvenience caused by diverting existing common parts, new parts will be developed without compromise. However, the newly produced parts will be planned with room for application to the next production as much as possible.

Of these, item 6 showed reluctance because the margins were particularly small on the part maker side, but he realized this by going directly to subcontractors and repeatedly persuading them.
The parts completed in this way were commonly referred to as "Georges Parts Studio" and others, but as a result, products with excellent reliability and performance were born despite the cost-effectiveness.

Chapter: Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG era

He was then invited by " The Ground Vehicle Design Bureau " at the headquarters of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG to work on the construction of the VERITECH Hover Tank "VHT-2 Spartas" transformation mechanism.
This new vehicle is not only a home planet "Liberté", but also a planet that is developing a harsh natural environment "jumpuri: planet Glorie is expected to be adopted by the Army of Southern Cross, and the planet Glorie.

He frequently traveled to the Developing colonial planet Glorie design branch, and moved to Planet Glorie with his younger sister, Milene, on completion of the `` Interstellar Technology Network '' with the design bureau with the Liberte side, and repeatedly visited home-planet Liberte While continuing the design project.

The demand here was a variable, armored combat reconnaissance vehicle for the Strategic Armored Corps.

Georges designed the ground combat vehicle only as a "non-armored vehicle" (soft skin), and was only involved in designing a conventional combat helicopter.

The light-weight Destroid or the heavy Battloid (battroid) , Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG 's policy and tradition , aiming for a design that emphasizes high-speed driving and fighting ability since the MBR-07 " Spartan ".

On the other hand, engineers who have designed or modified the company's old-fashioned ground combat destroids or heavy battroids, claim high firepower and heavy armor, and to meet the demands of Army conservatives, "105mm Real shell , chassis loading jumpuri:self-propelled artillery " .

Georges insisted his design popolicy to ASC which is a high-speed vehicle that scouts the battlefield at high speed, and a “Battloid (battroid) mode” that takes advantage of fighting performance.

  • Click to expand the full-size 1,500 pixel x 863 pixel image.

"Self-propelled guns are an overburden and are not required for this vehicle's mission."

However, the decision of the planet Glorie Army, in other words "Army of Southern Cross" at that time, especially the Claude Leon ( jumpuri:Anatole Eli Leonard )squad, and other senior members, was absolutely obligatory and ultimately obeyed. (as like "Absolute monarchy" )

Eventually, the first category of " the VERITECH Hover Tank ", which Spartas violated his design philosophy, in which the driver's seat was flipped back and forth, and the leg joints were flipped back and forth for operation only in a self-propelled artillery configuration ( Guardian mode or Gladiator mode at Robotech term ) to stop the firing movement.
"Excessive transformation structure only for the intermediate form" had to be provided.

"Spartus Guardian mode ( Gladiator mode)" has maximum walking speed was only 13 kph, and he jumped and put a burden on the joint structure, so Georges scorned himself as "Tired goose" (French: Fatigue Autruche at original biography). It was enough to spill.

It should be noted, however, that some of the Southern Cross armored vehicles are the only ones equipped with the above-mentioned ion plasma cannon that can injure the powerful and heavy protected Landing corvette, The Zor (Tirolians) army.

In order to achieve this, a variable structure that can be opened and closed (see the Spartas deformation process image) must be adopted, and airtightness is a major prerequisite for strength, future space combat, and protection of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. There is a fundamental problem in ensuring security.

However, the open cockpit was not his intention, but due to the weight increase of the double structure inside the fuselage, a bulletproof glassy openable combat chamber and a virtual display type control system were planned, Not realized as a result of budget and bureaucratic neglect.

Fire-control system

The Pupil Pistol, also known as the Nichols's Special Vision Track Firing System (VTFS), is a piece of equipment developed by Louie Nichols of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps during the Second Robotech War.

Initially, it was created as a gaming tool by Nichols in order to demonstrate how a machine could be superior to an organic pilot. After modifying a game system, he created a special program along with glasses in order to enhance his targeting ability. The glasses functioned by picking up the movements of the users pupils and responded with impulses that are programmed in the memory of the cartridge. The cartridge in turn remembers the pattern of the users pupils and produces a recognizable firing zone that is activated when the organic pupils intercept the reflected light from the target. This effectively gave the impression that a machine gun was built into the glasses of the user themselves and provided an outstanding accuracy rate.

Members of the Robotech Division under Major Cromwell learned of the Pupil Pistol when Nichols was demonstrating it and intended to use it as part of their plans. They decided to enlist Nichols aid for the creation of a fight simulator used to train troops. However, in truth, they used the Pupil Pistol and equipped it within the fighting vehicles of the Army of the Southern Cross. When Nichols learned of this, he was distraught as he did not intend to create a weapon of war and attempted to destroy his creation in their hovertanks. Lieutenant Dana Sterling initially agreed to help him but the clone Zor Prime convinced them of the necessity of the weapon. However, Nichols left the scene as he was deeply saddened how his peaceful creation had been turned into a weapon of war. (Masters Saga: "The Hunters")

  • Unlike the naming in the original film in Japan, in Robotech: The Masters, except for the vocabulary of C4I2SR, which is a network sharing function, was changed to a term more in line with the actual state of the function in the play.

VisionTracking Firing System , VTFS
Japanese language translation in Katakana: ビジョン・トラッキング・ファイアリング・システム
Japanese language translation in KANJI: (in view)「撃機構」、a.k.a. "Pupil Pistol" 「瞳で撃つ拳銃」
Original Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross named Sight Vision Tracking Link system , SVTL
Sight Vision Tracking Link system , SVTL in JAPAN.
Japanese language translation in Katakana: サイト・ビジョン・トラッキング・リンクシステム
Japanese language translation in KANJI: 「像化・跡誘導・繋照準システム」。
Vision Track Firing System / VTFS , SVTL in JAPAN

Vision Track Firing System → Vision Track Firing System , VTFS [Pupil Pistol] equipment, which is a shooting control device installed from 2A2, learns the characteristics of target movement and automatically adjusts the rate of fire, the number of simultaneous firings, and lock-on characteristics. VTFS dramatically improves the shooting accuracy of "pilot and gunner" or shooter in dual-seat aircraft.
Sight Vision Tracking Link system , SVTL in JAPAN

In the Japanese 超時空騎団サザンクロス version, "SVTL" (Site Vision Tracking Link System Japanese: Line-of-sight imaging / guidance tracking / linking aiming system), and Overseas Robotech version designated Vision Track Firing System → VTFS (Pupil PistolVision Track Firing System → VTFS (Pupil Pistol) Although they are called, the principles are the same and they are merely differences in vocabulary interpretation.

July 1, 1984 on aired in Japan. The episode 11. 48. Deja VuIn Part B (Robotech: The Masters Saga Episode 48 48. Deja Vu ), Dana Sterling had a simulated battle with an AI-powered The Red bioloid Gister'dohll (Army of Southern Cross code-named " bioroid, the Early type II-bis" for Frontline commander ) on a simulator, which was initially used. It is a remnant of the "virtual display" type control system and the glass armored cockpit that was planned to be installed on the "VHT-2 Spartus" in the design concept of the company. This system was remodeled after the project was canceled and was used as a simulator for training.

Chapter: Special Technical Institute era (recruitment)

Having lost his ambition to work at Klaus-Maffei Wechmann since this incident, he left the company the following year and was somewhat independent of the Southern Cross's upper army.

On recommendation, he joined the Glorie branch office of the Liberté space fleet Force , "Special Technical Institute", as a military member.

(However, in this case, it seems that the fact that the conditions where the conditions were not met and once they were about to withdraw was "taken back to "Grobal Military Police (G.M.P)", as a requisition".)

■ Description of the URL address image of the external body article: A GMP general soldier who brought in "Georges Sullivan" who was a civilian (at that time) in the episode "Star Dust" reminiscence scene. Arming doublet (A.D.) is intentionally worn with a full mask in order to hide the identity of the executing unit.

Chapter: Georges,the last design,AGACs

At the "Special Technology Institute", planning for recovery of communications (including the Inter-Stellar Technical Information Network, IS-TIN ) with the home star Liberte of the planet Glorie government, etc., which was lost due to the invasion of The Zor (Tirolian or The Robotech Masters).

Actually reclaimed hometown ( Episode 04 "Volunteers"of the Southerncross, Episode 40 "Volunteers" is the 40th and fourth episode of Robotech:The Masters volume ) When the above-mentioned operation succeeds and the "Inter-Stellar Technology Network" with Liberte recovers, the "VF-8 Logan" will be replaced by the "VFH-10 Auroran" (and the advanced "VFH-12 Super Auroran" Basic design).

The national policy company " Liège Industries Lourd " has developed a Lowcost and Light weight VERITECH fighter only in the previous work "VF-8 Logan" which is a simple light fighter, and it is finally the second works in "VFH-10 Auroran" ( jumpuri:AJAC (Robotech) - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre )), far more advanced than the previous work The senior team of the Special Technology Institute, who determined that the design of the aircraft was heavy, ordered joint development with Lockheed Martin-Eridanus star-system.

However, Lockheed also developed rotorcraft, especially since 63 years ago, when Lockheed of Speed ​​challenged it (although it was the first and last challenge) since the fantasy high-speed helicopter jumpuri:Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne. There was no experience, and he needed a wealth of experience at Klaus-Maffei Wegman for Georges Sullivan.

  • 219 KB: 716 pixel × 576 pixel (displayed as 660 pixel × 531 pixel)

Sikorsky X-wing NASA photo #AC86-0607-2 cropped and scaled

  • PNG format image (Click to return to full size 743 pixel x 578 pixel)

In addition, since the operation as a " fighter " was requested by the military in the mode selection of the transformation function, Northrop Grumman, a rival company group in the last century, joined the joint development from the middle, and "Georges'' Was not a bureaucracy for various reasons, but was invited from the company [*] He participated in development as a design engineer, but that was his truely last design works.

Affiliated with the National Institute of Technology, but formally treated as a secondment from Northrop Grumman in order to disguise himself as a bureaucrat as part of a confidentiality order for senior management.
The AGAC's control console panel in the cockpit
Complete control system including AGAC aircraft control and display

About each production block

It is described in the Auroran (cockpit).

1. Update April 19 (JST 00:46) 2019 : " Drug shute switch panel" add to the original art BAE structual test VFH-10G Block 45-B (The new twin throttle levers) .

Immediately before this, Commander General Reinhardt ordered "Lt. Major John Carpenter" (Col. George Lombard at original film in Japan) and Liberté 's Glorie reinforcements on Captain Robert (SCV-02 UES "Hannibal" dispatched from Liberte; Information provided by a technician on board the Escape Pod (sunk by the fleet)

He personally motivated (in later studies, due to his sister Mylene Sullivan to be seriously injured during the Zor's Bioroids offensive) to attempt to shoot down a single Zor mothership, and was used by a private party at "Halfmoon" piano bar.
Impersonating a singer, he contacts Squad Commander (Female Captain) Jeanne Française of the 15th Squadron of the Strategic Armored Division and attempts to destroy his weakness as his navigator, but the operation itself failed, and in the process Georges died in the war. (on Sunday, October 21, 2029 C.E., 36 years old.)

2. Marine VFH-10C single-seat Auroran Three mode, Fixed-winged Fighter , Gyrodyne (Compound helicopter) , and Battloid on Deviantart

The last chapter: Georges the personality and his women view

Georges in private life was single, no other family unknown, and lived with two siblings with his younger sister, Mylene Sullivan.

There is a story in the streets that she was popular with female masks in the days of working at Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG and in the era of military service at the "Special Technical Institute", although she was well-organized, but the picture above is in place. As you can see, it wasn't at the level of a handsome boy but at the age of a year, and rather, there seemed to be many women who were intoxicated by their behavior and the aura (heat) generated by his personality.
In fact, during the employment of the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG , Glorie branch office and the special technical institute, in the monument city of the sub-center of the planet Glorie, in order to pay for the treatment of his sister under the name George (reading English in his real name). He is a singer at the piano bar, etc. (9 songs in the main story, “STAR DUST MEMORY” / song: stage name Hironobu Kageyama 影山ヒロノブ/real name is same alphabetical,Hirnobu Kageyama but different from Kanji chracter "景山 浩宣")

He showed a variety of talents beyond just a design engineer, but at the same time, his personal behavior became a hindrance, such as " believing to do his main job and working part-time behind the scenes, '' etc. It is.

However, not only his design skills, but also his reaction to junior design engineers, his unexpected openness in his private life, etc. were newly found in the research of the biography authors later, and his review became an exellent engineer since at that date.

The current situation is that George's revealed personality is being reviewed for good evaluation.

Common logo mark

The original design finally realized after Georges' death

▼ After more time passed after the death of "Georges Sullivan", and more than 15 years after the commissioning of "VHT-02 Spartus" after the collapse of the Army of Southern Cross "United Earth Expeditionary Fleet Force" [UEEF] "VHT-03 Hoplite" a VERITECH Airborne Cavalry Fighting Vehicle variable airborne tank, Finally George's original concept was realized.
  • PNG image (453.38 KB): Actual size 1,369 pixel × 1,059 pixel (displayed at 660 pixel × 511 pixel) Click to restore to actual size and expand the actual size image.

  • PNG (453.38 KB) Actual size 1,369 pixel × 1,059 pixel (displayed at 660 pixel × 511 pixel) Click to return to original size and develop the actual size image.

"THE ANIME October 1984 issue

  • Kindai Eiga sha Co.,Ltd ( Modern FilmsCo.,Ltd ) published October 1984 issued: monthly anime magazine "THE ANIME" The VHT development by McDonnell Grorie Corporation , and The Leader of the designer group Georged Sullivan , belonging:「統合技術研究開発部 , translation lit. Robotechnology Research and Development Group」 ( Orijinal japanese film SDC Southern cross ,the term is 特殊技術院 translation lit. ; Special advanced Institute of Technology._)

(Appendix) VF-7X Sylphide

Here's the VF-7X Sylphide in Max Sterling Blue and white. I decided to give a second color scheme to the Sylphide so I can use it in future projects.

VF-7X flies over land
A recreation of the Mospeada / Robotech intro scene with the Alpha / Beta / Legioss flying up in the air, but with the VF-7X instead.

The VF-7X is nearing completion. Having finished with the model and maps in fighter mode, the next step is to transform the model into Guardian and Battloid mode and see how it looks. There will be further tweaking, particularly around the leg joints and how they connect to the main body. I decided to base the textures on a combination of the original Sylphide's design and Rick Hunters VF-1J. I felt that it was a fitting choice.





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