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We've Inc. 旧「マクロスクロニクル」に習い Web 独自機能を加味した日本初のロボテック辞典です。


I made a design specifications document about a "Robotech Chronicle".

I believe that this interactive forum, attached Wiki page of the contribution function of the fan art set a settlement between Harmony Gold U.S.A and Big west in the near future.


「スタジオぬえ」は言います、超時空世紀オーガスについて『 本作品は「ASS-1」こと「SDF-1 Macross」が1999年に地球に落下して来なかった世界での、未来の出来事 』、つまり、西暦1995年に『未知の時空震によって、この宇宙系の時間軸が複数に分岐』したために、両者は「異なる未来の分岐を持つ別の作品」ではあるが、同時に「同じ宇宙を起源とする姉妹作品」、つまり一種の平行世界であると定義した。

English Trans.

Studio Nue said aboutSuper Dimensione Century Orgussis the another futureworld is basis on the another alternate fact that after axis of time of this "universe system"diverges to plurals in 1995 by unknown space-time oscillation accidents, and"ASS-1" ,later "SDF-1 Macross" doesn't fall to the Earth at 1999on the orguss world.

In other words, it was defined at the same origin of the universe and place that it was a kind of the parallel world ,in a word, "Sisters universe of which the origin was the same world" though both were "Another future world with a different divergence" .

I think The Robotech series include the Shadow Choronicles and the secondary continuity world(or Expanded Universe) are "Another future world with a different divergence to the Japanese origin Three programs" but Macross-saga / Masters(Southern-Cross) / New generations.

If the anothr alternate fact that after axis of time of this "universe-system" diverges to plurals in 1995 by-unknown space-time oscillationaccidents, but another universe scientist "Zor Derelda" sent "Sian Macross class" send to"the solar system , and fallen intothe Earth"?

Yeah that is nothing else but ROBOTECH universe !

I said my past a web page for the-settlements plan to Bigwest andHarmony-Gold USA as the mediator Bandai Visual and Warnar-Bros.

When I was too unpleasant to accept, by the reason of a complicated, logical document, my English composition ability, neither of the machine translation were able to translate this design specifications documents.

I describe the following in Japanese.

Design specifications document"


" 作品名 + の音楽 "
" 作品名 + の商品一覧 "
" 作品名 + の関連情報 " " 作品名 + の回想 "



C:50音順と、" A to Z" の索引簿を作成する。



E:分離後の【作品名+の商品一覧】項目には、Amazon USA/JAPAN , Rakten , 、Yahoo!、SEKAIMON , e-Bayの"associates"(contains Auction)の設定が可能になるが、読者が不愉快にならないよう、"Show-case"の"exhibition"を工夫すると共に、"Harmony Gold U.S.A" and "BIG WEST"の双方の火種とならないよう、RobotechとMACROSSの商品"exhibition ratio"を、50 to 50となるよう、努力する。




中島"航空"発動機製造株式会社(Nakajima Aircraft Engine Product Co.Ltd.)こと、中島航空宇宙発動機製造株式会社 (Nakajima Aerospace Engine product Co.Ltd.)の記事については、初代テレビシリーズ『超時空要塞マクロス』に於いて、既に新中洲重工業(Shinnakasu - Heavy Industries)という、中島飛行機という会社をモデルにした企業が登場しています。





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