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year=2017. Audience score=108449 Vote. genres=Thriller, Drama. 7,4 / 10 star. &ref(,0,182,268_AL_.jpg). Steven, a charismatic surgeon, is forced to make an unthinkable sacrifice after his life starts to fall apart, when the behavior of a teenage boy he has taken under his wing turns sinister

Brilliance. “High pitched violins” What is an Accordion. Awful... You had me at The Lobster...

This new horror movie is good. Dude u this movie? Says a lot about you. The acting was wooded throughout the entire film. and by all actors. This was a major distraction to me. That movie wad horrible no matter what themes you want to pull from the movie. I think it was poorly directed and lazily acted. Cant believe Nicole Kidman was in this movie. She must have gotten super paid. It's 2018 and i'm still waiting for the farrell and o'brien spa date, just give as the 2 Celtic men on a Slavic spa team coco. Yeah do a part 2 with Colin Farrell and Steven Yeun. Would be awesome. He was amazing in True Detective Season 2 and In Bruges.
I agree! I have so many questions and there is so much I didn't understand but, I will never forget this movie. Colin Farrell gave me this robotic, physco path vibe. I thought he would be the one to watch. But I definitely picked up on the weird kid immediately. Nice review, but I would say that the religious part has nothing to do with christianity/Jesus, as it is all about pre-christian greek religions, where there was no place for forgiveness.
Andy, Jordan, Conan, Colin, and Steven should all go to Wi spa together. Colin has a Claddagh ring on his pinky and the heart is pointed inwards. who's the chick. It is weird that while they were praising the director/screenwriter, they didn't even bother mention his name. Yorgos (greek equivalent of George) Lanthimos.
I think Martin is very smart boy who have the ability to brainwash the children and make them believe that they will get sick and die eventually and because they believed him it's really happened to them, but the mother didn't get sick because he didn't get into her mind. Damn i can't wait to watch it on tv ?. Colin is a babe <3. I thought this movie thought it was smarter than it actually was. I went in thinking I would love it because I usually adore movies like this, but I left it thinking that it was all just an unpleasant experience. I thought the constant high pitched violins were such a cliché and nothing new whatsoever. And the fact that he shot his son in the heart felt like the director was patting himself on the back for being some kind of a genius. I was definitely intrigued throughout the whole movie and it made me feel things, but overall I just feel uncomfortable and tired.
All I can say is 00:48. This is literally the first time I've heard Colin's natural accent... ?I can't stop laughing. The things they do to make me click. Tis coming on my birthday. We saw this at Cannes. It was weird and confusing af. I feel like im missing something. Like a hidden meaning. Or maybe people in the film industry are just so pretentious that they like something eccentric for the sake of looking sophisticated. I wanna see LaBamba's all the other band members giving each other body scrubs. Disgusted, vile movie, disturbing, sick enough evil and filth in the world nicole Kidman will do anything for money disgusting sexual act. This garbage will be called, innovative, artistic, progressive, euphemistisms for dark, inhuman, disturbing, travesty. Garbage. I didn't finish watching too disturbing.

3.7 / 5
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