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Director=Jon Watts
2019 Audience Score=285198 Votes Creators=Steve Ditko actor=Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal 129M
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Spider-Man: Homecoming 2. Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 movie page imdb. Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 movie page. Surely you called for us to Spider-Man: Far From Home to watch online full movie in good hd quality on our website. Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 movie database. Where do I start. The writers sure read the best seller "how to destroy a franchise in one swift cringy blow"
If you are looking for a original spiderman experience, back away now before it's too late. Attention spiderman is now for adolescent teens who have no grasp for real acting or storylines. First of all Spiderman could not come across as more of an sputtering, unconfident dweeb. But I guess that's what the millennials adore. Spiderman is no longer a nerd turned into a confident superhero, he is a character with no Brains or direction. At every point not thinking for himself and at every turn looking to chicken out. RIP spiderman. The casting crew in this movie should be run out of Hollywood for the terrible attempt at matching actors to these simpleton characters. Gyllenhaal must have roles few and far between to agree to this nonsensical garbage. He would be the last pick for this bady. Dont get me wrong hes a good actor just a horrific match to this character. The leading "lady" is not Hollywood material, shes straight from a homemade c grade movie. Ain't got the look, not the acting skill. Everytime she appears is a pointless and waste of film time. This movie has more plot holes than cheese, and plenty of extra cheese to add to your already stuffed stomach. Regardless of slowly dying whilst watching this movie I gave it a chance to the end saying to myself that somehow this would get miraculously better, alas I was got worse. Totally destroying my love of spiderman. I was left completely disappointed and gobsmacked after this movie and heartbroken that I will never get that 1 hour and 56 minutes of my life back. Watch it if you dare, but dont whinge about it after reading this review as my words "i told you so" will be echoing in your sore and brooding mind.
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