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1203384 votes; Writer=Quentin Tarantino; runtime=2Hour, 33 min; directed by=Quentin Tarantino; 2009; USA
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The music says so much more than the words do

Donny has a build up figure, but such a soft, young and unfitting voice lol. The music really helps bring this scene together. Love it. Tarantino's master piece. Lol I should start using Frightfully sorry sir in my sentences now. Boss says something I don't understand Me: Frightfully sorry sir. I love how quickly Donny kills the crowd with his “announcing” hahah. I love the ambiguity around this scene. It really cements Landas character as this cunning opportunist. He could very well recognize Shoshanna and have her arrested, but it would be inconvenient and unnecessary for him considering that hes off the job and doesnt want to make things more stressful for Goebbels. Still, the implications of him letting her go shows how he really views people. Hes only loyal to the party as far as it benefits him, and would betray his duty just out of convenience. And even so he acts courteous while flaunting his power over Shoshanna: if she makes a move hes poised to expose her. But theres also the possibility that he doesnt know and its all in her head! Landas the best character Tarantino ever wrote, and everything about him and his relationship to the other characters is summed up beautifully in this scene. Literally could not be more perfect.
What's that music. Waltz makes me forget Brad Pitt is in this movie too. Christoph Waltz Multi Talent. Speaks French, German, english and. by the way. is a great actor. 2:45 I love how they all stop smiling when they notice the camera is pointed at them. Lol.
ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MOVIES EVER BUT brad pitts accent tho.

0:42 It says here that you speak German fluently Yes Well, you might be a cunning linguist, but I'm a master debater. Man what a sexy gentleman there! With all due respect, Mr. Waltz. I love the Lt. resolve. He refused the let the Col. forget his involvement in the atrocities carried out by the Germans in WW2. 3:24 me coming out of my room after 16 hours of gaming. The music is similar to the joker movie when hes about to kill. No doubt this was an entertaining film to watch, if for no other reason than the quality of acting from the cast. Certainly a unique story and characters which has become a painfully absent commodity in Hollywood for quite a few years now. Only problem i had with the film is it seems to have lost some steam or creative energy in the story development in the second half. Maybe thats just QT bucking the traditional expected story arch, or perhaps he had more in mind for the film originally and had to settle for less and compress for time, i dunno. Either way he is exceptionally skilled at bringing whats in his head to life on film, almost to the point where it feels as though im not really watching actors in a movie, but being invited into a vivid daydream. Once again i just felt the last third of the film felt a little flat, could have used some more powerful twists than the ones he tossed in seemingly as an afterthought. QT does tend to come off as a bit of a rambler when hes speaking, to say the least, and i think he has all these grand ideas and just has a hard time fitting them all into a 2 hour flick. Im in no way criticizing the guys ability to make some of the best films ever, or even this movie which was awesome, just rambling a bit myself i guess. I gave it a 7 cause it could have been so much more, and i think that the 9's and 10's are waaaay overused and should be reserved for flicks closer to the masterpieces such as his own Pulp Fiction or Francis Ford's Apocalypse Now, which strangely has the same 8.6 rating, which tells me a lot about how people vote.
3:59 when u catch the kid after school that stole your fruit rollup & dissed your light-up Sketchers. I've been following Eli Roth since Cabin Fever, and then one day i'm messing around on youtube and I see him killing nazis with a bat. Now that is one fearless german! Respect ?. This is surreal. Sally, the editor, died a year after the movie came out, so this is really her last dedication... wild stuff here. 1:40 I'm sure this was Sally's favorite. Ryan the temp has come a long way. C4 90%e1 bb 8bnh m e1 bb 87nh full movie series.

How cute is this imagine you re sitting in the editing chair and watch these clips greeting you xD. Maybe Christoph Waltz secretly thought: Ok, I'm the favorite. But, if she say 'Christopher' I won't take the risk in hearing 'Christoph. I'm going to wait for the 'Waltz. That's what his reaction timing looks like. German mans looks like Michael Rapaport. I only seen Django for the first time the other day, why i waited so long i will never know, have to see this one asap.

Why does the fact that the waiter didnt serve all of cream bother me

That horror on the Sergeant's face when the bat hits him? That's the realization that everyone who ever faced death honorably got a rude awakening. He went back for saito. Thats all that matters. Tarantino actually said he couldn't kill Landa because of how precious the character was to him. It was so well written and alive and Waltz did an amazing job that no matter how bad the character was it must live on.

Inglourious Basterds
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