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&ref(,0,629,1000_AL_.jpg) / audience score 8216 votes / The Informer is a movie starring Ana de Armas, Joel Kinnaman, and Rosamund Pike. An ex-convict working undercover intentionally gets himself incarcerated again in order to infiltrate the mob at a maximum security prison / Drama, Crime / 6,9 of 10 Star / release Date 2019.
Looks like Rick Flag is under deep cover. I think this is more of a dystopian nightmare film than it is a love story. John Ford was a master film maker. thank you for posting this. Whitest black kid I've ever seen. Careful Joe, You Tube won't like this because you just make way too much sense! Thank you again for all the info. Not ahh bad flick, just watched it on cable. An I like T. Morgan, Bruce w. Sean w. All fin an funny actors. They all go all out an seem to enjoy the movie. An the shows they do. No small parts no small actors. Just like the job. SPOILER ALERT. 5 mins ago - me listening to this song Now -all motivated me running to the gym ??. Man... I know we have always seen the Joker as a nut case villain, but it looks like this movie could make me feel sad for him.
Can't wait to see the movie for free online.

The clown Dying to come out. All I have is negative thoughts

Now that looks good. Is 6ix9ine going to be in this. Incredible movie, Im impressed. When I first saw the Wonder Woman trailer I said: “oh just another DC movie nothing special.” Boy was I wrong. This film was amazing I hope that WW84 is just as good as its predecessor. Why havent I heard of this in 2017.
His flipping eyes. Pete (Joel Kinnaman ) is working an an informer for the FBI. Their goal is to take down "The General" and his drug operation. The plan had to be aborted when a cop was killed. The General wants Pete to go to prison and run a drug operation. The FBI thinks it is a good idea for him to go to prison and get the details. Things don't go well while he is in prison either.
This is a me-too crime film. Pike is better as a "Gone" girl than an FBI agent. The whole film had a me-too aspect to it. Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Theres 2 bad actors in this but i still like the idea of thos film. He looks like Clark kent. Lol nowadays every berlin hipster is trying to look like him. They all fail miserably in licking bum bums down.
Here's the second trailer for #TheInformer ! Enjoy and leave a like. Thinking of watching it? Don't give it a second thought. Fichissimo. awesome. Truth Spoken.
What a load of nonsense. Reminds me of a beautiful mind. But he was just crazy. The only thing that is in my mind is jimmy carrey's voice takin over. Love and respect Joe. ??. Just another entertaining movie that starts very good, but loses the strength to end well. I had potential, good actors but it just didn't do it for me. But a nice nice TV Movie.
Dont use milk, woker - 2019.

THIS WAS FILMED RIGHT BY MY HOUSE! POWER GEN OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG SHIRLEY IS FAMOUS HOLY COW ?. Lets go watch this :D. Great, absorbing thriller with good guys, bad guys and guys somewhere in the middle. Sicario 2 was the last one that I enjoyed as much as this. It was like reading an Elmore Leonard story but without the humour. I understand that the UK did a good job of standing in for New York. What a surprise because it did feel like the Big Apple. I liked the flow of the film. You did not always follow what was going on - I'm still not sure of the role played by the drugs in the tulips - but the scenes did not linger. The film was a little open-ended. If the make The Informer 2, I would buy a ticket for it.
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