Dođi Tati
9.9 out of 10 stars - 824 votes

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liked it - 1824 Votes
stars - Madeleine Sami, Elijah Wood
director - Ant Timpson
tomatometer - 6,4 of 10
Release year - 2019
Movie watch do c4 i tati cable. ??? 3/10 = Blasphemy I read a few of these reviews and got tricked into wasting my time on this one. It's not disturbing or a horror the few scenes it does have are childs play. Definitely not good it wastes an hour on trivial nonsense with two characters in the beginning and then shoots off like a rocket as you speed date with a bunch of uninteresting under developed characters with stupid dialogue accompanying this lucid trip. Yes it's a comedy and I giggled a few times but those moments were spread so wide and thin I can't even remember what was funny. So no I wouldn't recommend this film theres a reason why it didn't get much exposure this film isn't good and the premise has been done too many times but this may be the worst of it's kind.
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