Jumanji: The Next Level tubi

  • runtime - 123 M
  • genre - Action
  • Average Rating - 7 / 10 star
  • 139082 Vote
  • Directed by - Jake Kasdan
  • Jake Kasdan
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You know what you're getting here, and sometimes, that isn't a bad thing at all. Get that popcorn ready!
I think this film is overall better than the first, although it's perhaps not quite as funny. It improves in every way upon the original concept: better story, cooler graphics, action etc. It won't win any Oscars or anything, but it doesn't need to. So, what are you waiting for.

Recently, our deep in trouble mall brought back it's first video arcade in many years. Well, this movie upgraded it's cast from the first one, and it doesn't lose a thing versus the earlier film. I'm not sure if an arcade now will be in time to save our mall (though it would help if they brought movie theaters back into too) but this movie is entertaining and a whole lot of funny.
Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Heart, and additions like veteran Danny Devito are all positive in this one. The plot is exactly the same as the first time around, another video game of Jumanji only with real people thrown into the game. If anything, the script is a solid item indeed and the cast brings it off. The film never gives a viewer much chance tro rest. There's action on top of action, just like the video game. If they make enough of these, there will come a day when a marathon of them will be playing, and playing and playing and maybe, just maybe the next game will rescue our ailing mall. A lot of malls are being turned into Senior Housing. Rushing in a good game of Jumanji could improve sales- at the Tom Brady Scooter store. Put your brain away and enjoy this action film.












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