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Excelsior Serial Numbers
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[ ] The founders: William and Tom Henderson [ ] In 1911 the American Henderson Motorcycle Co, 268 Jefferson Ave.. This specific list was created by Shawn Bailey in an effort to provide support to dealers and riders so that he would know the timeframe the bike was built as there were running changes on the assembly line, and not all serial numbers were in perfect sequence.. Note the last 2 bikes made of the 1999 Super X production are serial numbers 0003 and 0002 made for Dave and Dan Hanlon.. This Excelsior Park pocket watch chronograph was made in Some of these documents are large files and will take some time to download, so please be patient.. Document is 40 plus pages and a large file, so you will need to give it time to load.. Sorry Knut but I thought you must have had the 1907-1914 Excelsior production numbers that were published in the.. This is an internal list that was put together by the factory Dealer Support team led by Dave Danielson.. This list is also in the Heritage, Document Warehouse section of this site Contents Henderson Motorcycle Co.. If you own a 1999 Super X, you'll want to locate it here and get the exact build date.. not 100% accurate but helpful Refer to OEM manual Okay, you probably have heard about this list and maybe have never seen.. , Detroit, Michigan, was formed by William G Henderson in partnership with his brother Tom W.. These documents can provide information to give you a solid understanding of your motorcycle.. Complete large file of the Handbook including Tech and Heritage -- Handbook with Tech info, without the Heritage story.. Serial Number Title: EH VIN Decoding Information & Downloads Please click on the links below (or right-click with your mouse and Save Target As to your Desktop) to view or download the relevant information about your Excelsior-Henderson Super X.. Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles Vehicle Identification Number Decoding 5EH 1 HC X 00 XB 000001.. The serial number (3097487) allows you to date this watch This pocket watch was made in 1886.. We are unsure but suspect they are in the same Bob McClean supplied this model and serial number.. The lowest Excelsior serial number we have on record is between 100 and 200, the highest number is just under 20,000.. Dealers and Road Crew, investors, etc All had various serial number and build order sequence, so the numbering may be linear however the build schedule is not.. If you need further support, clarification, or technical questions, they can be addressed in the Official Resource Forums of this website by clicking on the EXPERIENCE tab above. 773a7aa168 City Car Driving Home Edition keygen,nahum mendez sanchez gastroenterologiapdf潟若