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Writed by=Matthew Newton Ava is a deadly assassin who works for a black ops organization, traveling the globe specializing in high profile hits. When a job goes dangerously wrong she is forced to fight for her own survival user Rating=5,4 / 10 star Runtime=1 hours 36Minute countries=USA
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Ava 2020 Full Movie Watch Online dailymotion. Ava 2020 Full Movie Watch Online dailymotion dailymotion. Ava 2020 full movie watch online dailymotion 2016. Ava 2020 full movie watch online dailymotion 2017. Ava 2020 full movie watch online dailymotion videos. Ava 2020 full movie watch online dailymotion tv. Ava (2020) is about 75% chick flick, 20% action/thriller, and 5% what Roger Ebert would have termed a cigarette-smoking movie. The chick flick portions are a dreary mix of alcohol and substance abuse, sibling rivalries, family betrayal, domestic discord, and daddy issues. The daddy issues spill over into and often overshadow the action scenes, where the protagonist's mentor is a surrogate daddy figure confronting palace intrigue orchestrated by a pretender to the throne.
The action scenes are well done with excellent fight choreography, but too few and too far between, and are nearly always confined - to a single room, the back seat of a SUV, a patio deck or a small section of a jogging path. They are often dimly lit, presumably to hide cables and the substitution of stunt performers. Political correctitude and inclusiveness often proves distracting in recent films, and Ava is no exception. However, the diverse pairings of combatants in Ava prove interesting, with women fighting each other and men, and an elderly man fighting a much younger one. But #MeToo seems to have trumped inclusion, as the assassination targets are overwhelmingly male. Ava is not a particularly likeable or sympathetic character. She has issues and insecurities, no love life, and tensions with her family, employer and ex- fiancé. People fear her and respect her reputation, but nobody much likes her. Jessica Chastain does as well as can be expected with the script she's given - a mishmash of familiar tropes hobbled by compulsory woke elements. Smoking seems problematic. Ava smokes constantly and seems to inhale more smoke than fresh air. The effects seem obvious on Chastain's face, as she looks closer to 53 than 43, but also on her physiology, as she seems perhaps ten kilos over fighting trim. Yet she is supposed to be a top assassin, capable of defeating multiple highly-trained opponents in armed and unarmed combat. The fight scenes are well choreographed and Chastain seems to do much, if not all, of her own work. But when the action slows to a crawl, she looks more like a middle-aged soccer mom than a finely-honed killing machine who jogs for exercise, holds her breath for an extended period, and engages in exhausting fights that last longer than professional boxing rounds. While Ava doesn't seem to have a love life, she navigates her way through two bedroom scenes, but without removing her clothing. Both scenes seem more perfunctory than impassioned. Motivations seem a bit murky in both the chick flick and action scenes. Characters act in manners designed to facilitate plot progression, not as one might expect rational characters to behave under such circumstances. In one scene, a character abandons several weapons and walks away unarmed after a particularly tenacious character threatens to kill him. Ava asks her victims if they know why they're targeted for assassination. She seems to have a deep-seated need to know and to justify her own actions, although she seems remorseless. Yet, the filmmakers never realize that the audience also needs to know in order decide where their sympathies lie. Production values are more than adequate, with credible performances by Chastain, Malkovich, Farrell, Common, and Davis. The action plot suffers from a lack of originality, a surfeit of emotional baggage, one-dimensional victims, a lack of credible response from law enforcement which can't seem to figure out that Ava was in each of forty-one exotic locations at the time of high-profile assassinations and also in several hotel rooms that were shot up, and a more credible protagonist who either doesn't smoke or is actually short of breath after intense exertion.
Ava 2020 Full Movie Watch Online. Ava HD, Watch Ava Online Online, Fidelity Labs Torrents Ava movierulz. Watch Ava Online HD1080px Ava i recommend the site Ava movie 123movies english Watch S`t~r*ea"m* Ava. Ava 2020 full movie watch online dailymotion season 4. Ava 2020 full movie watch online dailymotion downloader. Jessica Chastain plays an international hit-woman. John Malkovich is her handler. It sounds like a Luc Besson thriller in the making. It's not. This is a ludicrously hard-to-believe story with soap-opera level writing and stiff performances all around. Everyone has a haunted past. infidelities. alcoholism. gambling addiction. cliché after cliché. At no point did anyone convince me of their character. This feels like the first draft in a college freshman's scriptwriting class.
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