Empathy: A History
Susan Lanzoni

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Empathy: A History Susan Lanzoni
Publisher: Yale University Press

Empathy: A History by Susan Lanzoni A surprising, sweeping, and deeply researched history of empathy—from late-nineteenth-century German aesthetics to mirror neurons​

Empathy: A History tells the fascinating and largely unknown story of the first appearance of “empathy” in 1908 and tracks its shifting meanings over the following century. Despite empathy’s ubiquity today, few realize that it began as a translation of Einfühlung or “in-feeling” in German psychological aesthetics that described how spectators projected their own feelings and movements into objects of art and nature.
Remarkably, this early conception of empathy transformed into its opposite over the ensuing decades. Social scientists and clinical psychologists refashioned empathy to require the deliberate putting aside of one’s feelings to more accurately understand another’s. By the end of World War II, interpersonal empathy entered the mainstream, appearing in advice columns, popular radio and TV, and later in public forums on civil rights. Even as neuroscientists continue to map the brain correlates of empathy, its many dimensions still elude strict scientific description.   This meticulously researched book uncovers empathy’s historical layers, offering a rich portrait of the tension between the reach of one’s own imagination and the realities of others’ experiences.

Empathy and History: Historical Understanding un Reenactment Since empathy first emerged as an object of inquiry within British history education in the early 1970s, scholars have produced a rich literature concerning the  PGCE History at UEA - Empathy - Welcome Why is empathy a contentious aspect of school history? Because several commentators questioned its validity, and argued that it was a form of "dumbing down";  Some Reflections on Empathy in History - Jstor TEACHING HISTORY April 1989 13. John Cairns. Some Reflections on. Empathy in History. Undoubtedly, the introduction of empathy into the. GCSE National  From Einfühlung to Empathy: Sympathy in Early Phenomenology This chapter explains some of this complicated conceptual history, with a focus phenomenological conceptions of Einfühlung and empathy, on the one hand,  Empathy and enfranchisement: Popular histories: Rethinking History This article considers the media phenomenon of 'history' over the past decade. In particular I am interested in the complex types of historical engagement  Empathy: A History on JSTOR A surprising, sweeping, and deeply researched history of empathy-from late- nineteenth-century German aesthetics to mirror neurons†‹Empathy: A Historytells   History, Empathy and Conflict - Heroes, Victims and Victimisers This book argues that popular culture has been transformed in a silent revolution from emphasising history's heroes to its victims. While city squares and stations  Comics as Primary Sources: Building Empathy and Historical Learn how to engage students in historical thinking skills through the use of comics. See how comics serve as entry points to contextualize periods of history and  Susan Lanzoni, Empathy: A History - PhilPapers _Empathy: A History_ tells the fascinating and largely unknown story of the first appearance of “empathy” in 1908 and tracks its shifting  A Moderate Hermeneutical Approach to Empathy in History Education. 'Surprise Me!' The Possibilities of Agency and Creativity Within the Standards Framework of History Education.Jennifer Clark & Adele Nye - 2017 - Educational   Compassion - Wikipedia The ancient Greek and Roman philosophers distrusted (feeling) compassion. In their view, reason alone  Empathy as an emotional practice in historical pedagogy2 Teaching 20th century German history should, first and foremost, be about teaching history It is observable that the sort of historical empathy sought out by ed-.

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