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  1. writed by: Stephen King, Gary Dauberman
  2. countries: USA
  3. &ref(https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BYTJlNjlkZTktNjEwOS00NzI5LTlkNDAtZmEwZDFmYmM2MjU2XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjg2NjQwMDQ@._V1_UY113_CR0,0,76,113_AL_.jpg)
  4. Stars: Isaiah Mustafa
  5. genre: Drama
  6. Brief: Derry, Maine. A small town with a terrible curse. Every 27 years, an ancient being comes up from the sewer depths to feed off of the fear of children. Since it's defeat in 1989, Pennywise has grown hungry, and is now back with a vengeance. If the losers club doesn't defeat him this time, their worst fear will become a reality, with nothing to stop him. The clock is ticking. Who's going to be scared first?

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But Eddie, You Thought that You Didn't Killed IT For Real Did You

It Chapter 2 - 6.4
Act 1 - 6.7 Act 2 - 6.5 Act 3 - 6.0 Some solid imagery but delves into the generic monster scares most of the time Performances aren't impressive outside of Skarsgard as Pennywise Pennywise made me feel uncomfortable in multiple scenes Best scene is when Pennywise lures the little girl under the bleachers, legitimately uncomfortable moment McAvoy was actively bad most of the film They made Richie gay for some reason which was out of nowhere and didn't add anything to the film Flashback scenes stitched into the film worked pretty well CGI is hit or miss Score is pretty good for most of the film The end of the film falls apart when they start belittling Pennywise to defeat him, really stupid way to beat this monster They just make fun of him, maybe this is to demonstrate the power words have, either way really stupid Movie is way too long needed to cut out about 40 minutes to pace the film better Split them up to get their solo scares again was unnecessary Movie ends on a nice note and happy ending for our characters that are still alive Movie is decent but doesn't challenge the viewer to anything
Opens with the kids and Bev saw all of them coming back when they were older Say they will come back if It comes back 27 years later Opens with messed up attack on a gay couple by some hicks and It eats a man named Adrian after he was thrown in the river, It is back Billy is a writer and working on movies, Eddie is accesses risk or his job and is dating someone like his mom, Richie is a comedian, Ben is a big time architect, Stanley seems successful and scared about Its return and kills himself by cutting his wrists, Bev seems ok but is married to an awful abusive person like her father and she takes off her ring as she leaves after an attack and Mike is still living in Derry and calls them all to tell them It is back None of them seem to remember much about Derry except for Mike who has been living there the whole time Bowers has been in a crazy house and has been waiting for the losers club to return They all start drinking and reconnect and start feeling like they're old selves Once you leave Derry you forget but they all remember now Scene gets stupid when the fortune cookies start to pop open with creatures in them Pennywise under the bleachers in terrifying Bowers escapes with the help of a rotten corpse of his old friend Bev reveals that she has seen everyone's death in the club It isn't a clown and come to earth from space It has been festering and will kill all of them if they don't stop him first Everybody needs to find their artifact alone for a sacrifice and Pennywise starts targeting them with some generically scary scenes Apparently Richie is gay now Stephen King makes a cameo in a antique store Somehow McAvoy isn't good in this film Flashbacks to scenes we have never scene before are pretty good Bowers stabs Eddie in the face but takes the knife out and stabs him, Bowers gets away Pennywise kills the kid in front of Billy Richie kills Bowers saving Mike Get to the sewers and go down a deep rocky hole to where It originally hit earth Do the ritual and start to battle Pennywise Make fun of it to make him feel small and that turns him small and weak, so stupid They then rip out his heart and crush it together Eddie dies They escape and go swimming after in their old spot Bev and Ben kiss underwater All look at their reflection and see their younger selves Bill is writing a new book and they all get letters from Stanley and he explains why he killed himself to help the others Ends with the kids riding their bikes.
It chapter two funny scenes. Nobody: Clickbait channels: 14.000.605 things you missed in the IT 2 Trailer. Oh man thats me when its a monday dude. Smashing my face over and over. 1:47 When your about to beat your meat but then you hear a car door from the drive way. The best part of IT movies is that the portrayal of friendships is amazing and the cast is so believable at that! Special mention to the younger cast. *Stan starts with 0 HP* Stan: Hey man i think there is a bug. It chapter two trailer. It chapter two stanley death.
It chapter two cast. It chapter two full movie. It Chapter two new. It chapter two clubhouse scene. It chapter two trailer music. Seriously, reading these comments is the most entertaining thing I did in a long time. It chapter two restaurant scene. It chapter two full movie online free. It chapter two stans letter. 0:53, I haven't seen good dead arm acting like that since Ace Ventura When Nature Calls.
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Steve Harvey: Name something a thief would not want to walk into a house to see Contestant: 9:50

It chapter two old lady. No one Litterally no one Are you still daddys little girl. We didn't Stop IT We can't let IT happen again We need to Finish IT for good IT is back. It chapter two release date. Camera man immortal to pennywise Pennywise: impossible. Why is everyone surprised that they come back as adults? Like has no one read the book. Favorite scene. That thumbnail almost gave me a heart attack. BURN IT! SET IT ON FIRE. It chapter two characters. 0:55 which is what i do at school try to look i have no eyballs and his tongue is so funny.
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