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Carl W. Lucas / Cast: Donald Faison, Tommy Flanagan / The Wave is a movie starring Justin Long, Tommy Flanagan, and Donald Faison. An insurance lawyer goes out on the town to celebrate an upcoming promotion with his co-worker, Jeff. But their night takes a turns bizarre when Frank is / Thriller, Sci-Fi / director: Gille Klabin / runtime: 1 hour, 30 min. Whether or not the idea is true, if the experiment is a fraud, it does not support the idea. Doing real experiments matters. Otherwise, we can claim whatever we want.
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The Wave The Wave was Todd Strasser 's third novel, written while he spent days working as the owner of a fortune cookie manufacturer. It is based on a real-life experiment performed by high-school teacher Ron Jones in 1967 (for more information, see "The True Story Behind The Wave"). Throughout the 1970s, Jones's experiment was cited in numerous studies and academic papers and attracted publicity. On his web site, Strasser writes: "To be honest, I have always wondered if the 'real life' experiment conducted by Mr. Jones actually went as far as his essay alleges. At the same time I firmly believe that whether it did or not is entirely besides the point. " The Wave became an international bestseller and won numerous awards, including the Massachusetts Book Award for Children's / Young Adult Literature. It is frequently assigned in classrooms in the United States and Europe, and is especially popular in German schools, where teachers use it to teach young readers about fascism. The novel has been adapted to a television special and a feature film in the United States, and has been adapted for the screen and the theater abroad. The Wave Questions and Answers The Question and Answer section for The Wave is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the?novel. Ross is bothered by the fact that his students can't be bothered to complete their homework. "The other problem was the homework. Kids just didn't feel compelled to do it anymore. " Asked by Savier L #971935 Answered by jill d #170087 on 1/22/2020 2:49 PM View All Answers Ben is passionate about teaching history. He really wants his students to not only understand history but the motivations behind the things that happened. I think, however, that Ben blurred the line between his role of teacher and the imaginary... dan b #970827 Aslan on 1/18/2020 6:04 PM Ben's students merely processed what they were told. They lacked individual thought and creativity: the building blocks for an essay. Ben observed his students conforming to a particular way of thinking while losing their sense of individuality... Ask Your Own Question.
The wave trailer 2008. The Wave Introduction It's a movie! It's a short story! It's a book! It's a scary classroom experiment! It's The Wave! Todd Strasser 's 1981 novel The Wave didn't start off as a book. It began as a way for real-life teacher Ron Jones to try to teach his history class about one of the most hideous events in human history: the Holocaust.? Like most people who hear about the Holocaust, Jones' students had lots of questions: how could such a thing have happened? Why didn't anyone stop it? Well, Teacher Jones couldn't explain it, so he decided to try out a little experiment which he called "The Third Wave. " He wanted to create an environment in his classroom that would help his students understand what was going on in Germany under Nazi Rule. Sound dangerous? Well, it was. His experiment was a little too successful and some two hundred students at Elwood P. Cubberley Senior High joined The Third Wave with disastrous effects. Jones describes the experiment as "one of the most frightening events experienced in the classroom" ( source). The story of this experiment was first detailed by Jones in a short story called " The Third Wave. "Notice we say "short story" and not "essay. " The short story is a fictionalized account of what went on in Jones' classroom, and in fact, there isn't a lot of evidence to support Jones' story. Something definitely went down, but there seems to be some exaggeration and maybe some fabrication going on, too. In any case, in 1981, Jones' story was adapted into a made-for-TV movie called The Wave. And ? wait for it! ? what you are reading is a novelization of the movie. Our novelizer (that's a real word and we love it! ) Todd Strasser says, "To be honest, I have always wondered if the 'real life' experiment conducted by Mr. Jones actually went as far as his essay alleges" ( source). Still, Strasser believes that this novel has some important lessons for readers. Plus, it's a good way for teachers to start conversations with students about the Holocaust. We agree with you, Todd. In fact, The Wave was published in Europe under the name Morton Rhue, and it's taught in German public schools ( source). This can be a tough one to stomach, but it's totally worth it. And when you finish reading, ask yourself this: would you have joined The Wave? What is The Wave About and Why Should I Care? Here's a list of groups that we at Shmoop belonged to in high school: Math Team Cheerleading Squad Drama Club Substance Free Students Tennis Team A Cappella Group (seriously! ) Student Council Science Olympiad Technology Club And here's the kicker: we still turned out okay. (A little wacky sometimes, but okay. ) When we read The Wave, we're almost led to believe that being part of a group is a bad thing. But if we look closer, we'll see that there's more to it than that. Shmoop thinks the takeaway here is this: when you're part of a group, you shouldn't give up your individuality. It's important to develop your own ideas about what is right and wrong, and if a group asks you to go against something you believe in, it's better to leave the group than to go along with it just to fit in. Okay, slow down. This is all well and good, but… it's easier said than done, right? What if not going along with the group means losing your job, or your family, or your friends? What then? This is the kind of tricky territory we get into in The Wave. So prepare to be challenged by some of what you are about to read. And while you're at it, prepare to challenge. The message behind this book is to question things, and a good place to start is by questioning the book itself. So, don't be afraid to disagree with ideas you find in the novel, or hey, even in Shmoop's brilliant take on it. The Wave Resources Websites The Wave Dot Com This is the official Wave website, and is loaded with info (some of it rather strange! ). It also promises to "separate fact from fiction" ? but we aren't so sure it does that. The real experiment The Wave is based on isn't well documented and it's hard to know exactly how it went down. The Man Behind The Wave Want to find out about Todd Strasser's other novels? Read about his life? Hire him to speak at your school? Well, this is your chance. The Man Behind The (Third) Wave Ron Jones is the real life Ben Ross. Check out his website here. U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum If you want to read more about the Holocaust, Shmoop highly recommends this website. You can use the search feature to find specific information or just browse around. Movie or TV Productions The Wave (1981) Before The Wave was a book, it was a made-for-TV movie. It's almost too creepy to watch, but… do it anyway! Lesson Plan (2010) This documentary film claims to tell the real story of The Wave. What do you think? Die Welle (2008) This is the popular German adaptation of the novel, set in present day Germany. Yep, that means it went from movie to novel and back to movie again. Documents "The Third Wave" This is Ron Jones' original short story describing his experiment. Remember, this is a short story, not an essay. Big difference! This is a fictionalized version of events that Jones claims happened years before. "Like History in the First Person" Check out this review of the German film, Die Welle, an adaptation of The Wave set in present day Germany. "How Todd Strasser became Morton Rhue" Now it's time to gain some cultural literacy: this article describes how German readers react to The Wave. Videos Live and in Color Ron Jones spoke to a sold-out audience in San Francisco about his experiment. Listen close, because he doesn't like to talk about it much. Made-for-TV Here's a big chunk of the made-for-TV movie on which The Wave is based. German, Anyone? Curious what the German film adaptation of this book looks like? Well, you're just a click away. So, click away! Images Our Author Todd Strasser looks like quite the happy guy here. An International Book Cover Morton Rhue = Todd Strasser. We swear! Shmoop's Copy This is the cover on Shmoop's copy of The Wave. Scary, right?
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Why do surfers ride the curved part of the wave. The wave 2020. The weaver and the factory maid. Exact copy of gunna emulating thugger overall its not original. The waves at myrtle beach. Synopsis Todd Strasser 's The Wave is a novelization of a teleplay by Johnny Dawkins based on a short story by Ron Jones. The book recounts a true incident that took place in a California high school in 1969. The central character, a history teacher with the fictionalized name Ben Ross, undertakes an experimental class project in an attempt to help his students understand how the German people could have allowed the Holocaust to occur. The students had posed the question and expressed a strong interest in exploring the issue after viewing a documentary on Nazi atrocities against the Jews. Demanding strict, militaristic obedience to his commands in the classroom, and using chants and slogans to stimulate morale, Ross creates an environment where power comes from the experience of unity, and conformity to group pressure takes precedence over independent thinking. To his surprise, the students are completely captivated by the experiment, which is christened "The Wave"; they seem to actually revel in the rigid discipline and regimental drills which are central to the undertaking. Interestingly, the individuals who become the most fanatically devoted to the system are those who had been outcasts in the normal school social structure; as part of The Wave, these students discover a sense of acceptance and power they have never before been able to achieve. The Wave, which had begun as a simple class project, soon spreads throughout the school. There is a sinister aspect to it that develops as it grows, however. Many students conform mindlessly to the system, while others are pressured ruthlessly to join in. Fear and near-coercion becomes an integral part of the proceedings, as The Wave takes on the characteristics of a cult. Fast-moving and simply written, The Wave explores a phenomenon of vital significance in world and social history, the insipid power of group dynamics which, when used wrongly, can seduce people to act in ways totally in opposition to their professed standards of morality. The book is especially valuable in the canon of young adult literature because it stimulates deep thinking and discussion on a subject of critical relevance, yet it is written in a manner that renders it inviting and accessible to even the most reluctant reader. Summary Ben Ross, in his second year of teaching history at Gordon High School, is surprised when his normally apathetic students react passionately?after viewing a grisly documentary on the Holocaust in his class. The students are particularly?troubled by the lack of action on the part of the majority of the German population who were not members of the Nazi party; they cannot?understand why these citizens did not try to stop the atrocities committed by Hitler, and how they could have claimed that they had not?known what was going on. Intrigued by the students' questions, Mr. Ross decides to try an experiment with his class to give them "a taste of what life in Nazi Germany might have been like. " In his original estimation, Mr. Ross's project would take only one or possibly two class periods at most. He opens the session the next day with a discussion about discipline and how it relates to power and success. Mr. Ross then runs his students through some exercises emphasizing posture and coordination of movement, timing them as they practice racing to their desks as a unit from different starting points. The students are inexplicably hooked by the activity, quickly learning to work as a whole, and even taking the initiative to devise ways?of increasing their efficiency in completing the task. Ross then ups the ante, requiring students to stand rigidly by their seats when speaking, and to always begin?communication by addressing him by name. Adopting these disciplines into his teaching approach, he proceeds with his lesson by drilling the students in a snappy, lockstep question and answer format. Amazingly, the usually lackadaisical students are spellbound by the process. Describing the feeling they get... (The entire section is 1, 601 words. ).
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