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Note: To insert a screenshot, please click on Use rich formatting and select the Insert Image icon.. The consumer client activates fine, but when I activate the business client from within the preferences section of the consumer client, and the new OneDrive for Business destination folder is created, the new business sync client behaves in one of the following ways (I have attempted to install and remove several times): 1.. Then, after step 1 above, if I cut and paste the old OneDrive for Business folders which were contained in my old mac OneDrive Business destination folder (which, contrary to the consumer version, cannot be selected when choosing the destination folder as the business client insists on creating a new folder, which in turn doesn't make any sense), then the sync client drop down menu appears, and indicates that it is 'Processing files', but it doesn't seem to be uploading or downloading anything.. I created the OneDrive consumer account, and the consumer sync client almost instantly began to download the files and folders from the OneDrive online account to the new destination folder created in ~/OneDrive.. Best Regards, Vincent Thanks for your prompt response I removed all instances of OneDrive as suggested in the link you provided and installed OneDriveDF again as instructed in the instructions.. Please share a screenshot about the whole OneDrive for Business drop down menu indicating 'Processing files'.. I'm at my wit's end Any advice to get the sync client to communicate between my newly created mac OneDrive Business folder and the Office 365 OneDrive Business content? Hi JLD, Based on the description, I understand that you changed OneDrive for Business destination folder with the old synced folders/files copied to the new one and now the sync process stuck at 'processing files'.. This time, I can access the preferences menu and choose which folders from Office 365 OneDrive Business will sync, but again the status is 'Processing files' and it appears not to be syncing.. Have you followed the 'OneDrive for Business Mac Configuration Guide' to uninstall OneDrive for Business preview and OneDrive? You may refer to the thread below to uninstall them if you haven't: 3.. The sync client icon appeared and, then clicked, indicated that the account was synced and was grayed out, but no files or folders were being synced into the new destination folder created in /OneDrive - (Busines name).. To narrow down this issue, I'd like to confirm the following information: 1 To identify if this is related to your account, if possible, could you try to add a new Office 365 account and see if the sync works? Or, you may try your account in another Mac computer and see the outcome.. The OneDrive for Business preview on OS X integrates with the Finder, ala Dropbox and iCloud Drive -- the latter, part of Apple's own iCloud storage and sync service.. I then proceed to force quit the sync client through the activity monitor, as for some reason if I tried to right click on the cloud icon and quit, it gets stuck and won't quit.. I then proceeded to click preferences and added my Office 365 account as a business account.. I followed the instructions included in the documentation in order to activate it.. It only says that it's up to date and is greyed out The destination folder, however, is not syncing, as it is not downloading the folders already created in Office 365 Onedrive Business (online).. I downloadad the new OneDriveDF Mac Preview sync client and installed it on an El Capitan environment.. It just gets stuck in that message Then, if I open Preferences and try to choose folders, that menu is grayed out.. I try creating the account again from the consumer client, and this time it lets me choose the new destination folder created in step 1, which as explained above now contains my copied old mac Onedrive Business folders, with a message that the folders contained therein will merge with the Office 365 OneDrive Business content.. If I select a new empty destination folder, it indicates that the client is up to date, and right-clicking on the cloud icon in order to reach preferences doesn't work, as the drop down menu doesn't appear. ae05505a44 Fondamenti Di Fisica Halliday Resnick Walker Ita 23,Amcat羣莖PDF潟若









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