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The video which so terribly disturbed the previous poster, Happiness In Slavery, is about the terrible consequences of submittance and conformity.. When playing the MP3 files in an MP3 player a different piece of artwork is displayed for each song, as was the case withGhosts IIV.. Beside You In TimeGrammy Award For Best Alternative Music AlbumWave Goodbye TourLove that video to death though it makes me grab my testes to make sure they are still there.. [2]1Track Listing1 1CD/DVD2Formats2 2Physical ProductTrack ListingCD/DVDCD'999,999' - 1:25'1,000,000' - 3:56'Letting You' - 3:49'Discipline' - 4:19'Echoplex' - 4:45'Head Down' - 4:55'Lights In The Sky' - 3:29'Corona Radiata' - 7:33'The Four Of Us Are Dying' - 4:37'Demon Seed' - 4:59DVD'1,000,000' (Live Rehearsal) - 4:12'Letting You' (Live Rehearsal) - 3:57'Discipline' (Live Rehearsal) - 4:12'Echoplex' (Live Rehearsal) - 4:51'Head Down' (Live Rehearsal) - 4:0412' Vinyl A1 '999,999' - 1:25 A2 '1,000,000' - 3:56 A3 'Letting You' - 3:49 A4 'Discipline' - 4:19 A5 'Echoplex' - 4:45 B1 'Head Down' - 4:55 B2 'Lights In The Sky' - 3:29 B3 'Corona Radiata' - 7:33 B4 'The Four Of Us Are Dying' - 4:37 B5 'Demon Seed' - 4:59Formats.. Halo 27: The SlipThe Slip (also known as Halo 27) is the eighth studio album from Nine Inch Nails.. He is then further eviscerated alive by a 3 fingered metallic claw The brutal piece climaxes with close ups of the victim's nipples being torn off and a wooden board smacking him in the testicals.. The album is available for download in a variety of formats, including MP3, lossless FLAC and high-quality WAV files.. 98 Dali Major Critical Film Biography Of Salvador Dali (DVD, 2000) B366/B358 Download surround sound and lossless music DVD-Audio, DTS-CD, SACD, Audio-DVD, DTS 5.. Trent walks in, lights a candle, sets it on the sink and prepares to go thru what the man before him did.. The man's clothes are burned and his remains are fed into a grinder to feed the flowers.. The central theme depicts a nakid man (Flanagan) strapped to a torture machine looking much like a dentist chair being systematically disembowled.. org, given away by NIN Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NINE INCH NAILS Closure 2DVD NTSC New at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Nine Inch Nails - Sound and Vision New DVD C $32.. 1, DVD, FLAC, APE Archive of surround sound and lossless music for free While Trent Reznor is known for laboring over his music for years at a time, The Slip was written and recorded in just three weeks.. A shocking and interesting video artwork Fl studio 12 3 registry key reg Of course MTV banned this video (Yet they had no problems airing gun brandishing Gansta Rap videos) and the Brittish censors ordered it to never be shown or duplicated in that country again.. It was released as a free download on May 5, 2008, a CD/DVD package on July 22, 2008 and a vinyl on August 4th, 2008.. [1] The album was originally intended to be an EP, but quickly grew to album length.. Kinda reminds me of the atmosphere for The Matrix The actor is mr Bob Flanagan a performance actor whom Trent hired to be in the video.. I would absolutely kill to have Closure on DVD I'm a huge / fan Trent Reznor is my christ.. There was never a DVD of Closure released for sale by Nine Inch Nails The files are on piratebay.. ユNine inch Nailsゃ2009綛87ワ鐚泣若純(延根羲)潟2009綛88ワ鐚鐚紊ч羲鐚緇緇緇羇糸2013綛7吾с鴻c障4綛翫識茵c. 773a7aa168 ArtPosePro潟若Rar<ゃ,CrackiStripper≧吾潟若鴻≪茹iゃ









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