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In this lesson I will go over the triads you can use for all the chords in a 12 bar Jazz Blues in the key of F.. I hope you like them If you want to get more into the Brecker style of playing I would recommend buying as many recordings as you can of him.. I went through a stage in the late 80s and early 90s where I was consumed with Michael Brecker.. For a couple of years I tried many beginner lessons and my problem was that there was a gap between lessons that were fairly simple and ones that I was not quite ready for and my progress stalled out.. I had never heard a tenor player with such authority or command of the horn Im sad that he is gone.. Hal Leonard also has a few transcription books out of his solos There are also some great sites out there with free transcriptions that you can find if you search around for them.. These licks can be used in a variety of ways Most of them are just plain chromatic patterns, some are over a minor tonality, some outline more of a 3 tonic kind of approach(Giant Steps).. Download as PDF, TXT or read online Brecker Licks Tenor Saxophone 1 Documents Similar To Michael Brecker Licks.. You can find the lessons at my Neffmusic These are great to get under your fingers.. He has left an incredible legacy with all his recordings Ill always be grateful for the impact and influence he has had on my life.. I want to say something about Steve Neffs series of lessons, Beginner Jazz Improvisation.. Skip carousel I have written out 40 great Michael Brecker licks that I have picked up and used over the years.. You will then receive an email with a link to download the PDF shortly afterward.. Last week I cleaned them up and numbered them so they are easier to read I give these out to my more advanced students who want to start getting into this stuff.. That problem was solved with the series Beginner Jazz Improvisation He guides you step by step along the way and builds a foundation for learning jazz and blues.. Not just the, do this, do that, memorize this, memorize that while all that is absolutely necessary, you go on to give reasons and examples to explain and validate why you have to do all of these things, the benefits, if you will that is the key for me, you tell, explain, demonstrate, explain some more, you give perso.. The triad is one of the strongest melodies that we have It is a part of so many famous songs that it makes sense to work on using triads when playing a jazz guitar solo.. I usually will talk with students in person on how to use these but for all of you out there in cyber-space I have created some video lesson to talk about how to use these in your own playing.. He leaves no question about what to practice It is so refreshing to have a great player, who can provide lessons and examples in a manner which is understandable to most any enthusiastic saxophonist who is ready to improve.. Steve To get the 40 Brecker licks for FREE, you can just sign up for my Neffmusic mailing list on the top left of this site. 34bbb28f04 17罩潟ゃ9罩潟絅潟絖,c若吾cautocad2007潟祉≪









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