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Runtime 152 m / writer J.K. Rowling, Steve Kloves / Directed by Chris Columbus / Tomatometer 8,1 of 10 Star / release year 2001 / USA
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Harrys first proper xmas where he actually gets proper presents from people who care about him. Even though Molly didnt know him she still gave him a present after finding out he wasnt expecting any.
Who the hell would dislike this. Harry potter ea pedra filosofal trailer. The beginning of my beautiful childhood. Harry Potter and the movie download for mobile, Harry Potter and Source Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ver Online. My friends: After all this time? Always. I already a marathone of harty potter now i'm doing a marathone of the trailers. This is easily one of the best and most memorable movie scenes I've ever seen in my life. This is a classic. 0:27 i'm looking for that melody, any kind lady or gentleman that might help me out finding it. thank you.
Where my ravenclaw at. This theme reminds me of dimly lit libraries while its raining outside, along with the aroma of coffee. I used to go to Barnes and Nobles as a kid to read the books, its all a very comfy feeling thats hard to explain. Three questions: One, in regard to the Dursley's hatred of Harry, suppose something really bad happened to him, e.g., he fell off a tree and broke some bones, got poisoned, or was drowning in water, etc. If something bad and slowly fatal happened to him, would they care and help him or rush him to the hospital. Two, suppose Harry had told Snape the answers he was looking for in potions class. Yeah, when Snape asked his potion questions and Harry answered them correctly (hypothetically) what would Snape's response be. And three, suppose Neville came to Snape in his leg-locker position and told him Malfoy did it. What would Snape do? I mean, his own house member clearly jinxed and restricted Neville, and Snape can't deny that Malfoy deserves condemnation.

Ahh my wish is OBLIVATE all memories i want watch hp againn ??

6th comment and I Grew up with Harry Potter, Daniel if youre reading this lets grab a pint ?. :12 Bull* t, Hagrid! Take Harry to the platform. Goo-goo-ga-ga Hi im 7 now bye. This is exactly what i was looking for! thank you for posting this! happy christmas. Fun and Learn I love this video. P-p-poor s-s-stuttering p-professor Quirrell. I love this movie! 5 stars. Right, this review is a review of the film. Not the book. Not how true the film is to the book. Just a review, of the film. I have read the book but it was a very long time ago and I have seen this movie so many times I have forgotten what was in the book and what wasn't. This movie, for me, is fantastic. Let me start by saying that this film, or any of the Harry Potter films, is not a children's film. Of course they appeal to children and are marketed as such but they are certainly appreciated & enjoyed by adults.
The story is well known and probably doesn't need overviewing again but I will do so anyway! As a toddler, Harry Potter is left on the doorstep of his Aunties & Uncles by Dumbledore. The story then skips forward 9 years or so and Harry is being treated as a Slave almost, an outcast by his family. He sleeps in a cupboard under the stairs, is bullied by his cousin & waits on his Auntie & Uncle hand and foot. As Harry nears his 11th Birthday, post with Harrys name on it starts arriving day after day until one day it arrives in its thousands. Scared by this his Auntie & Uncle take them away to a secluded cabin for a 'holiday. Here, Hogwarts gamekeeper, Hagrid meets them & informs Harry that he is a wizard and is to enrol at Hogwarts School. The rest of the story pans out with Harry at School, growing up fast, making friends & even enemies. This film is pure magic. It transports to viewer to a land which is in every way possible, very believable. The sets, the acting & the effects are all first rate. The Acting in particular (on the most part) is absolutely spot on. Rupert Grint (Ron) Emma Watson (Hermione) Robbie Coltrane (Hargrid. Maggie Smith (McGonagall) are all outstanding. The late Richard Harris (Dumbledore. the late Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon) also put in fantastic performances as well. My favourite character has to be Severus Snape, played by Alan Rickman. His performance as that character is faultless. My only gripe, is Harry Potter himself, played by Daniel Radcliffe. As far as acting is concerned, he is leagues behind the majority of other main actors. His acting may appear worse than it is as he is alongside some of the greatest British actors at this present time. Finding the lead actor poor should really bring the film down but with its fantastic array of other actors make up for it somewhat. Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone is a fantastic film that appeals to all ages. The storyline is fantastic, the pace is just right & the character building is certainly a large aspect of this film and sets it up perfectly for the following movies. With the run time at just fewer than 2 and half hours it does not, for one second, feel like it is dragging its heels. The whole feature transports you to literally, another world and keeps you lost in it until the credits role. This is not my favourite of the Harry Potter franchise, it isn't even in my top 3 and that speaks volumes about my very high rating. 9/10.
Harry potter e a pedra filosofal google drive. I TRIED TEQUILA. 2:00 my favorite part hahaha. How many have you watched all parts. MASTER YOU ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH.

Harry potter e a pedra filosofal 1080p online

This scene amongst several others captured so well the hopes and dreams of everyone who wished they lived there. The way their little faces light up with delight I just can't function they are so cute ?. I'm crying????? Soooo nostalgic?????. Classic about to watch this aint seen it in years. I really did not want to see this movie. I hadn't read any of the books and all the hype surround Harry Potter was a big turnoff for me. However, I'm very glad I got talked into seeing it.
I loved almost everything about Harry Potter (some of the acting could have been better, but I don't think it detracted much from the finished product. The story was captivating and incredibly imaginative. The costumes and set design were wonderful. The special effects were extremely well done. The actors that played Harry, Ron, and Hermione were adorable and looked like they were naturals for their parts. This movie captured my attention from the very beginning and held it until the closing credits. I can't wait for the next movie to be released.
Harry potter e&a pedra filosofal download. Dude this movie scared the heck out of me the first time I watched it when I was like 8. I love the bit when Harry says, I've got presents? He's been neglected his entire life; he's probably never even received a real present.
2:51 I shat my pants when I saw that moment. Harry potter ea pedra filosofal ps2. HarrY PoTteR And The sorcerer'S stone at Dailymotion. Download Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Full Online.










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