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Motherless Brooklyn is a movie starring Edward Norton, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Alec Baldwin. In 1950s New York, a lonely private detective afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome ventures to solve the murder of his mentor and only friend
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Prefixes the story with a self aggrandizing comment about his and Leo's passion for environmental and climate change issues. Goes on to describe a jet-setting lifestyle that consumes more oil than a chain of deep-fry restaurants. Ed Norton is undoubtedly one of the finest screen actors of his generation, but he is to self-awareness what Professor Stephen Hawking is to skateboarding.
Lock your dreams away and wake it up. You've probably never heard of it. Ohhhhh boy. 1) Boogie Nights 2) The Big Lebowski 3) Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 4) Pulp Fiction 5) Easy Rider. The movie is fine, but it deserves the Oscar for best original song. REminds me of the song The Very Thought of You.
Flea should join Radiohead as the Trumpeter. Motherless Brooklyn movie to watch Motherless Brooklyn Online HBO 2020: 2020 #1 Preview (HBO. Beautiful song. Thought it was Miles Davis. Watched the movie and immediately went to purchases ? ? ?. I love that Ed won't let Jimmy interrupt him.

He never called me by my name. He. Thank God for this guy. He was amazing in american history x. One of the best performance I've ever seen. He deserved the oscar for that role. Lol if I were Edward in the water Id be like “JACK. JACK”. Lovely just great music - sounds like he has larygitus a bit (Thom you need a rest lol )I love this though its beautiful x. Thom's voice is my medicine. 'Watch Motherless movie 123movies. Rich I'm a snowflake about Xmas movies being wrongly labeled Eisen. Motherless Brooklyn Online MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN ver Online Motherless Brooklyn Episodes Watch Online.
Words can't describe just how beautiful this song dness. if.

I love Ed Norton. he's a goddamn genius. I honestly would love it if Thom's next solo album would just be piano ballads like this, Suspirium and Unmade. Chat show hosts love talking over their guests lol. 10.) Forrest Gump 9.) Whiplash 8.) A Clockwork Orange 7.) The Shining 6.) Raging Bull 5.) Oldboy (2003) 4.) GoodFellas 3.) Schindler's List 2.) Persepolis 1.) Taxi Driver.
Edward Norton is one of the greatest actor of all time. Whenever I see him I always think of that crazy guy in Primal Fear. Thom Yorke makes music for your everyday journeys in life. The timing of his song releases seem divinely orchestrated sometimes, at least to me, I suppose. I like Thom Yorkes song but this is ok I guess. Im crying. love this song and movie. Love this movie. I need to watch this movie. Is all i love edward norton thom york flea bruce willis a drama movie. Edward and Leo need to be in a movie together STAT. They're some of the best in the business.
Thom is such a gifted songwriter and these players take it a to a whole new level. Edward Norton is wearing many hats (pun intended) in this movie but you have to respect his performance as Lionel. Its jarring at first but its a respectful portrayal and while we all know how talented he is, this is Norton showing another side of what he can do. I wouldn't be surprised if there's some awards attention for his effort in this lead role. My favourite performance in the movie came from Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Laura. She was WONDERFUL in this, there's so much nuance and compassion in her portrayal. She's involving and her chemistry with Norton was impressive. It was a great reminder of how great she can be (it also helped wash the taste of A Wrinkle in Time out of my mouth. I also really liked Alec Baldwin as Moses Randolph, he was a really intimidating villain. They don't paint him as sympathetic but his character is a force of nature and his complete belief in his right to accomplish what he wants to accomplish was believable and unsettling to me. I would also like to credit Willem Dafoe, Michael Kenneth Williams and Bruce Willis for their work in this movie. If there was a performance I didn't like, I would say Bobby Cannavale but that also might be how his character was handled.
Norton is known for his acting talent but I think he did a solid job both writing and directing Motherless on top of starring in it. You can tell that this movie wasn't made for a ton of money but the sets look good, the costumes appear accurate and the cinematography is largely on point. Its largely well shot and well edited, the artistic touches are all decent and I think both he and his team did a nice job of building the setting and bringing you into this world. The trailers for Motherless make it look like its more of a thriller, there are those elements but its more of a detective story that leans into drama with the tension of a thriller sprinkled on top. The movie is more of a character piece that's set up around Lionel. He's very sympathetic and I think they did a good job of drawing him in a way that makes you root for him without portraying him as a complete boy scout. He has a good reason to be the way he is and his affliction isn't just something he can ignore or kick like a bad habit. This is brought about with his relationships with Laura and Frank who look past his behaviour and see what's underneath. I was never moved by Lionel but I did feel sorry for him and I was happy to see him find a little happiness (even though it may or may not be fleeting. I can champion the acting and the plotting of Motherless Brooklyn and I'm happy to do so. But it does have drawbacks that are going to throw some people off. The first is that this movie is very deliberately paced. I think they do a good job presenting Lionel's condition and getting you to care about the characters and the drama in the movie. But it is slow and if you're expecting something like Sin City or even the Untouchables, you might be disappointed. You have to be patient, its one of the choices that makes Motherless a very adult movie. I haven't read the book but they changed the time period this movie was set in and I could tell. I love movies that take place in this era but there wasn't really a reason to set it in the 1950s instead of the intended setting. You also feel like there's going to be a huge payoff in the finale that you don't really get. I'm not trying to sell the ending short, I found it to be satisfying but it was a little anticlimactic. You don't get everything wrapped up cleanly and there's no big gunfight and while I respected that decision, it might be disappointing for some. I love going to the movies but living out in the country, I don't get to see everything that comes to the theatre. I had to go out of my way to see Motherless Brooklyn and I was willing to because I really dig noir/detective stories. The fact that this was a period piece on top of that, I was even more excited. Motherless Brooklyn takes a while to get going and while its slowly paced, the plot thickens and after I settled in, I was caught up in it. They develop Lionel impressively, they sell the stakes of the conflict in the plot and the acting is the cherry on top. With the long run time, it definitely won't be for everyone. Although at face value, they have very little in common, Motherless reminded me of The Ides of March (the George Clooney political drama. Both movies are well written, both are very involving with their share of tense moments and turmoil for the protagonists and they both wrap up with the heroes having to settle for surviving as opposed to winning. I would rate them at about the same level (between an 8 and an 8.5/10) and recommend them with the warning to adjust expectations. Motherless is worth catching in the theatre but if you weren't pulled in by the marketing or it doesn't sound like your cup of tea, don't be fooled into thinking this will sneak up on you. It is what it is and you have to decide whether that's what you want for the 2+ hours this movie takes to tell its story.
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