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Runtime - 2 hours 34Minutes
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Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) are two hit men on the hunt for a briefcase whose contents were stolen from their boss, Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). They run into a few unexpected detours along the road. Marsellus is out of town, and he's gotten Vincent to take care of his wife, Mia (Uma Thurman. That is, take her out for a night on the town. Things go smoothly until one of them makes a huge error. Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) is a boxer who's been approached by Marsellus and been told to throw his latest fight. When Butch ends up killing the other boxer, he must escape Marsellus. Pumpkin (Tim Roth) and Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer) (not their real names) are two lovebirds/thieves who have decided to rob the restaurant they're currently eating at. But the restaurant doesn't turn out to be as easy as the other places they've robbed
Release year - 1994
actor - Samuel L. Jackson
creators - Roger Avary
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The proof of the pudding, they say, is in the eating. The proof of the movie is in the watching. Most of the top 250 IMDb movies have kept me glued to my seat- with this one I found my mind wandering to that jigsaw puzzle I hadn't finished or the possibility of some popcorn. I found I had very little interest in the characters or in what was going on. I asked myself why. Technically the film is very good. The actors all hit their marks and Samuel L. Jackson is particularly outstanding. I liked Maria de Madeiros also as Bruce Willis' wife Fabienne. The camera work is occasionally interesting, as the long scene where we watch Bruce Willis listen unemotionally to Marsellus go on. Interesting, certainly, but rather pointless. Indeed, that's the problem: so much of what goes on is pointless. It's a big long shaggy dog story, told by one of those irritating people who can't get the story straight and have to keep going back: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about that. Well, you know what I was telling you before. I tried to find some justification for the higgledy-piggledy way in which this story is told. It does result in the best scene being the last one. But if this scene was the point then why not design the script so that the action is seen to be moving toward this goal and cut out everything that happens afterward? In the end I don't think Tarentino knew what story he was telling and that's why so much is so pointless. The scenes of Butch attempting to control his temper, of his dilemma whether to help Marsellus, and the final scene in the restaurant are all good and entertaining as far as they go but they don't fall into a coherent framework. And the rest is quite dull. The dialogue is not witty or clever although it occasionally has its moments. The constant profanity is as pointless as the rest; the point of profanity is presumably to emphasize what one is saying, but if everything is emphasized, nothing is. The mind becomes numbed by it. It's like someone who shouts all the time. Eventually you stop listening. The quotes give you a pretty good idea of what the dialogue is like: when "Shut the f*ck up, fat man! is listed as a memorable quote, you know how inane the conversation is. That this poorly composed script should have won an Oscar is a pretty clear indictment of the Academy.
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. (PULP'Episodes'Watch'Online. Watch*Pu'lp*full*movie*download*720p. Full HD Pulp Fiction Movie Download 1080p 120. Full hd pulp fiction movie download 1080p film. I have first seen this movie at a very young age (some would argue even too young for the amount of mature language and drugs it contains) but ever since then I was hooked. I have seen it many times since then and I still find it entertaining and somehow different to other movies that I usually enjoy.
By now I know most of the parts by heart and a part of my family and I use certain quotes as inside jokes between us. The characters are distinct and well played. As this was the first Tarantino movie I have ever seen I was pleasantly surprised by the scenes being out of order. It gave the movie more of an interesting turn and there's an enjoyable outcome to it when in the end it all falls into place and you finally understand the original order of the scenes. Overall one of my favorite movies ever.
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