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Genre - History / 67 vote / Country - South Korea / story - In the 1970s Korea is under the absolute control of the president Park who controls the KCIA the organization with the edge over any branch of government / duration - 114minutes / average ratings - 8,4 / 10 Star. Namsan ui bujangdeul free press. Namsan ui bujangdeul free code. Namsan ui bujangdeul freelance. Finally. I can't get the book but i'm getting gong yoo instead?? i hope they'll sell the English ver after this. 1 2 3 4? ??? ? ????. Namsan ui bujangdeul free web. This year I went to see 192 different movies in theaters, plus one rewatch. That's up from 162 in 2018, 140 in 2017, 9 in 2016, and 5 in 2015. I usually go 3 or 4 times per week, mostly on weekends. I keep track of dates/theaters/movies/ratings for fun and save all of the stubs. My ratings are what I give the movie right after seeing it, with no real 'checklist' or anything, mostly just initial thought/enjoyment/opinion. It's not meant to be taken super seriously, I'm not a professional reviewer. This is my full ranking for the year, from favorite to least-favorite, with a few small reviews/thoughts thrown in: Monos - 10/10 - Hands-down my favorite movie of the year and honestly high on my all-time list. It's Apocalypse Now meets Lord of the Flies, with some Beasts of No Nation thrown in. It builds a unique, lived-in world that's believable and brutal. Beautifully-filmed, some of the best shots of the year (the ending shot gets seared in your mind). Modern and grounded look at a militia/cartel fighting against an unnamed enemy in a Colombian jungle. It almost feels post-apocalyptic instead of 'cartel vs government', which I really loved. You get to imagine your own backstory as the story unfolds. Unforgiving and gut-wrenching, but hopeful too. Got a lot out of its cast. Can't recommend this movie enough. Really disappointed this didn't make the Best Foreign Language Film shortlist. "Masterpiece" gets thrown around a lot, but in my mind this is the only one this year. Marriage Story - 10/10 The Farewell - 10/10 Journey to a Mother's Room - 9/10 - Biggest surprise of the year, came out of nowhere. Deeply-personal story between a mother & daughter. It's very basic on the surface, and there's not much story (you start at Point A, and end at Point A), but it's the most emotional movie of the year. If you don't cry at least 3 times during this, you're probably not human. It's all about the unbreakable connection you have to your parent(s), from the day you're born until the day you die. It only takes place over the course of a few months, but feels like lifetimes. Beautiful little movie about separation, loss, and human connection. Waves - 9/10 - I could write 20 pages on how much I loved this movie. To keep it short, it's got a perfect soundtrack, perfect setting, awards-worthy performances (from Kelvin Harrison Jr., Sterling K. Brown, and Taylor Russell). Visceral story that grips you from the first minute and doesn't let go until the closing shot. Unique use of colors and aspect-ratio. It takes a huge risk structurally that pays off. It's also the only movie I went to see twice this year. Really worth it too, picked up on a lot of stuff on the second viewing. Would've went a third time if theaters kept it playing longer. Every tiny decision/action has a huge impact. Just watch this. Last Black Man In San Francisco - 9/10 Birds of Passage - 9/10 Apollo 11 - 9/10 - The best documentary of the year. Probably the best editing (and use of sound) I've ever seen/heard in a documentary. It's unique because they don't use interviews like most documentaries do, it's real sound the whole through. Impressive use of archival footage/audio. Uncut Gems - 9/10 - This movie wasn't on the Best Original Score shortlist for the 2020 Oscars. This aggression will not stand. The Mustang - 9/10 Wild Rose - 9/10 - If this doesn't win the Oscar for Best Original Song ('Glasgow'), I've lost all faith in the Academy. The ending concert scene had me crying like a baby. Jessie Buckley is gonna be big. Best music-drama since A Star Is Born. Transit - 9/10 Ad Astra - 9/10 - Top-notch acting, great atmosphere, world-building, existentialism, beautiful VFX, engaging score. Best opening scene of the year. Thoughtful commentary on modern society all wrapped in a Heart of Darkness blanket. If you're into space/exploration movies, then I recommend this. Surprised at the backlash this movie has gotten on r/movies. The Report - 9/10 - This was a really good year for legal-thrillers and The Report was the cream of the crop. Tight, Sorkin-like script with top performances from Adam Driver & Annette Bening. Could change a lot of minds about the war on terror and use of torture. Parasite - 9/10 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - 9/10 Midnight Traveler - 9/10 - If you feel like life is unfair and the odds are stacked against you, watch this movie. It puts everything in a different perspective. Every problem you have is going to seem minuscule compared to what this family went through. It's eye-opening and should fill you with anger. Luce - 9/10 - It's Kelvin Harrison Jr's world and we're just living in it. The Irishman - 8/10 Mickey and the Bear - 8/10 - Camila Morrone puts in the best breakout performance of the year. PTSD, drug-addiction, alcoholism, rural Montana, toxic relationships, James Badge Dale, following your dreams. What's not to love? The Art of Self Defense - 8/10 - The best dark-comedy of the year. So many great one liners. It's like Yorgos Lanthimos directing Death of Stalin, set in a karate studio. Surprisingly violent and depressing, but in all the right ways. Jesse Eisenberg's best movie Social Network? Peanut Butter Falcon - 8/10 - "Am I going to die? " "We all do, it's only a matter of time, now stop being a little bitch. " - Favorite line of the year, really stuck with me. Everybody Knows - 8/10 Mary Magdalene - 8/10 Knives Out - 8/10 - Well-crafted whoddunit with an ensemble cast. Just a genuinely fun time at the movies. Ana de Armas with well-deserved leading role for once. A few of the characters are a tad bit unrealistic (and basically caricatures), but the movie doesn't take itself seriously enough for that to be a problem. Daniel Craig hamming it up with a Southern accent was fun. Old school film with a modern twist. The Lighthouse - 8/10 The Dead Don't Die - 8/10 - This movie really isn't for everyone, but I loved the dry humor and purposefully-bad chemistry/dialogue. The line delivery was off-putting but hilarious. Everything is extremely on-the-nose and it works. I could watch 10 hours of Tom Waits talking to himself. Us - 8/10 Villains - 8/10 Ford v Ferrari - 8/10 Midsommar - 8/10 Jojo Rabbit - 8/10 Official Secrets - 8/10 - Keira Knightley with one of the most underrated performances of the year. Another really good legal/political-thriller that exposes the dark side of government bureaucracy. Pain & Glory - 8/10 John Wick 3: Parabellum - 8/10 Queen & Slim - 8/10 Amazing Grace - 8/10 - Great concert-documentary. Some of Aretha Franklin's performances in this should give you insane chills. I actually had this one rated higher right after watching it, but then looked up some of the people shown on screen and it turns out some were real pieces of shit, while preaching to people like hypocrits. Felt gross and took a lot of the magic out. One of my few revised scores this year. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood - 8/10 Joker - 8/10 Non-Fiction - 8/10 - It's very French (talky and sexual) and the writing seems impressed with itself, but it's a good adult-drama that surprised me. I'm a big fan of Olivier Assayas and this is some of his best work. Rocketman - 8/10 Stan & Ollie - 8/10 Hustlers - 8/10 Avengers Endgame - 8/10 Doctor Sleep - 8/10 - It gets bloated and probably needed to be 20-30 minutes shorter (there's a shit ton of side-characters), but it was a worthwhile sequel to The Shining. Didn't feel like a cash grab and carries its own weight. Booksmart - 8/10 Little Monsters - 8/10 - I'd recommend watching this based just on Josh Gad's character. So over-the-top and hilarious. When he starts chugging hand sanitizer might be the most I laughed in a theater this year. Also Lupita Nyong'o playing & singing on the ukulele to a bunch of kids is exactly what I needed in my life. Cute zombie-comedy with a ton of heart. Spider-Man: Far From Home - 8/10 A Hidden Life - 8/10 - If there's a song from this year (or this decade even) that I'd want played at my funeral, it's James Newton Howard's theme from this movie. It's so beautiful and perfectly captures the feel of the movie. That song broke me down every time it played. I can't imagine this movie without it, it's that good. It's a shame this movie is getting ignored this awards season. Never Look Away - 8/10 Toy Story 4 - 8/10 Pavarotti - 8/10 The Biggest Little Farm - 8/10 - If you're really into the inner-workings of a Californian farm, then this is the documentary for you. Abominable - 8/10 The Current War - 7/10 Artic - 7/10 - Well made, solidly-acted. I loved the small details about survival that this movie brings up, makes it very grounded and realistic. I'm kinda bored of survival movies in general so this didn't blow my mind or anything. Bombshell - 7/10 Honey Boy - 7/10 - Pretty big letdown because I had really high expectations for this one. Lacked the emotional punch I hoped for. Didn't land for me at all, kind of like Boy Erased last year. I appreciate how honest and revealing it was, took a lot of guts for Shia LaBeouf to put this out there but it's forgettable. Lucas Hedges' Shia impression was reallllly on point though, that was worth the price of admission right there. Mid90s last year was a 10/10 for me and I expected the same for this. It was good, not great. American Woman - 7/10 - Sienna Miller's performance in this is awards-worthy. The accent she does is perfect and it might be the most underrated role of the year
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Namsan ui bujangdeul free pdf. Don't you watch kdrama. Namsan ui bujangdeul freedom. Namsan ui bujangdeul free email. Namsan ui bujangdeul free full. Match summary: A lack of aggression and closing down led to a tepid first half, but then opened up in the second with Dortmund seizing victory. = Lineups: Dortmund (3-4-3): Bürki, Piszczek (C), Hummels, Zagadou, Guerreiro, Hakimi, Witsel, Can, Hazard, Sancho, Haaland. PSG (3-4-3): Navas, Silva (C), Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Meunier, Kurzawa, Gueye, Verratti, Neymar, Di Maria, Mbappé. = Tactical points: 3-4-3, meet 3-4-3 The main talking point coming into this tie can basically be summed up as 'Firepower vs. Firepower' -- Dortmund are currently the Bundesliga's top scorers, boasted an in-form striker in Haaland and the league's top creator in Sancho, while PSG had their 'fantastic four' -- all more than capable of punching holes in each other's defenses. However, there's a tendency for two attacking teams, when facing each other, to sit back and play more cautiously -- and it proved no different for this tie. The most notable change came from PSG's side, where Thomas Tuchel dropped Icardi and revamped the 4-4-2 PSG had been using lately. He opted to go for the exact same formation Dortmund would use; a 3-4-3 that resembled a 3-4-2-1. Mbappé played as the lone striker, while Di Maria and Neymar were deployed in free-roaming roles behind him. It made sense; a 4-4-2 tends to run into structural issues up against a 3-man backline, and makes marking the opposition's wingbacks awkward. Standard full-backs play too deep, and having your wingers mark the wingbacks means you effectively play with a back 6 without the ball. However, this led to other issues, all evident throughout the first half. = Dortmund and PSG neutralize each other Those 'other issues' were essentially the key talking point of the first half. With Dortmund and PSG matching each other in formation, it meant there was no spare man. The front three marked the back three, wingbacks tracked wingbacks, and their midfield duos had each other as company. Or at least, that should have been the issue. Surprisingly, neither side were particularly eager to press; at points, Dortmund or PSG's attackers would move forward and pressure the opposing defenders, but there was never a full-out, intense press from front to back -- Dortmund in particular sat back in a 5-4-1 during the opening stages. Both teams' midfielders were happy to form what essentially amounted to a '3-2 lock' through the middle, stifling moves from being built through the middle and forcing the ball to be knocked from side to side for long periods of time, hoping that their front three could provide a spark in attack. Further adding to the passiveness of this match was PSG's odd tendency to at times, drop their entire back three into the six-yard box to collect the ball, even when Dortmund's attackers were standing off. The message was clear -- this was a match where neither side wanted to open up too much, thus exposing themselves to a quick break. = Picking the lock While somewhat dull, both teams did attempt to attack the other, albeit sporadically, through various methods: Creators: The 3-4-3/3-4-2-1 formation (and the lack of closing down) meant that the players with the most freedom ended up being the no. 10s, namely the Neymar/Di Maria and Sancho/Hazard duos. None particularly stood out, but the latter varied their movements more; Sancho in particular moved wherever he found space between the lines, and managed a couple of promising moments. First, he found himself on the ball following a quick break with 4 passing options, only to shoot wide, and second, he fizzed a dangerous cross across goal, which was caught by Navas. For PSG, Neymar and Di Maria were much more static, mostly drifting behind Mbappe -- the former had a couple of shots from outside the box, but nothing notable. Width: With both teams trying to play through the middle, the zones with the most space ended up being the touchline. Again, both sides somewhat disappointed in this respect, with Meunier and Kurzawa being particularly anonymous -- perhaps this was because they were wary of Hakimi and Guerreiro's attacking threat? Whatever caused it, Dortmund's wingback duo proved more dangerous; Hakimi's 20th-minute cutback was only just stopped by a clumsy tackle from Verratti. Witsel also occasionally moved out to the right touchline, utilizing the space given to combine with Hakimi. Midfield: This was perhaps, the only place where both teams had a different approach. PSG's midfield duo consisted of a ball-winner and a deep-lying passer, so Verratti sporadically attempted long, over-the-top balls into the left-of-center channel for Mbappé to run onto (although it rarely worked). Dortmund had two energetic midfielders, so had something of a true double pivot, with Can or Witsel rarely bombing forward -- at one point, Witsel found himself in a center-forward position. Again, this approach wasn't particularly effective. The rare press: It didn't happen often, but there was one very promising moment. Gueye receives the ball, and was closed down in quick succession by 4 Dortmund players, forcing him into a bad pass -- Sancho then leads a quick break and sends in a cross from the left to Haaland, who misses the subsequent header. = An open second half The lack of aggression and pressing was perhaps intentional, as Dortmund started the second half much more aggressively -- Haaland closed down more intensely, the wingbacks were more prominent, the midfielders got stuck in and the defenders positioned themselves higher, to the point that Bürki had to make a clearance in the 51st minute. PSG also pushed up -- Kurzawa in particular found space to move forward, as Hakimi was playing more in the final third -- but were less effective at it, with the Neymar - Di Maria - Mbappé trio, along with Kurzawa the main attackers. As effective a screen of Gueye and Verratti were in the first half, it's arguable that the lack of a midfielder capable of more penetrative runs, of being the 'third man running' hindered their ability to switch gameplans. Ultimately, Dortmund had a (slight) upper hand initially, simply because PSG were less capable of pushing men forward, and capitalized on it with Haaland's opening goal. This time, Dortmund made use of all their attacking threats -- Haaland, midfielders in support just behind, Hakimi on the right and a cutback into the box -- to break the deadlock. = Neymar The one advantage PSG did have however, was perhaps the best young forward in world football, and one of the best playmakers in the world. While in the first half, Neymar had been a bit more passive, he 'woke up' in the second, moving deeper to receive the ball before pushing forward, almost like a box-to-box midfielder, and closed down much more aggressively, and ended up being cautioned for a foul on Witsel. He also made runs into the final third more frequently -- a brief break and quick one-two with Mbappé in the right-of-center channel managed to force a (straightforward) Bürki save. Unsurprisingly, he scored the equalizer, which in part showed a possible flaw in PSG's gameplan: Mbappé collects the ball in a right-of-center position, sprints past Dortmund's defender and sends in a low cross for a quick tap-in. Earlier, Di Maria had been occupying a center-forward position before dropping off, while Neymar was floating behind to the left-of-center channel. Perhaps Mbappé, who'd broadly been isolated upfront, would have played better off on the right (with Icardi upfront and occupying defenders), allowing him to force 2v1 situations against Guerreiro, or test Zagadou's ability to turn and run over 90 minutes? Regardless, Neymar's goal capped his good work in the second half, being PSG's key orchestrator. = Dortmund seal the match The tie however, ended up being turned once more -- it's hard to entirely pin this on tactical factors, but throughout the entire match PSG's defensive and midfield lines seemed to be lacking compactness (Hakimi's cutback in the 20th, a second cutback for the first goal and now this), and it was punished -- Hummels pings a ball into Reyna, who moves the ball quickly to Haaland between the lines, and the Norwegian scores from just outside the box. Dortmund's verticality in attack was impressive, even more so as they'd just regained the ball, but Haaland deserves a lot of credit for making the most of that opportunity. PSG, remarkably almost managed another equalizer, in a rare moment where both wingbacks and their front three were attacking, and all five players found themselves in and around the box -- Neymar's resulting shot hit the crossbar. Later on, they would have a couple more decent chances, one a blocked Neymar shot in the box, the other Silva header in injury time -- but Dortmund held firm to collect the victory. = Conclusion: For a rather hyped, expected to be high-scoring tie, Dortmund - PSG was something of a letdown. Still, it was interesting to see how both sides tried to open up the other in a cautious match, and it highlighted 1) the frustration of two 3 ATB formations squaring off against each other and 2) the importance of wingbacks to create chances. Dortmund's wingbacks were simply offering more to the attack than PSG's were, and that was crucial to their victory. PSG's option to switch to a 3-4-3 wasn't necessarily the wrong option, but having Mbappé upfront probably was. A possible compromise would have been to start Icardi and move Mbappé out wide, where his pace could have been useful against Zagadou and Guerreiro. It wouldn't mean dropping Di Maria either; it would be risky, but he could have been moved to right wing-back, as Meunier wasn't offering much in attack, and Marquinhos could have provided cover for Di Maria's runs. With Meunier out, that's a possible option for the second tie. Verratti
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