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Year: 1990 / Runtime: 91 minutes / tomatometer: 7,2 of 10 star / Genres: Horror / 32846 votes / &ref(,0,76,113_AL_.jpg)
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The most informative part of this video for me was learning how to say late if i was gonna imitate a Scotsman. Leiate.

Must've missed this episode of Everybody Hates Chris

You should just rename this the fall of Marvel. From the thumbnail I thought this was Hocus Pocus Anne would have been good in that this doesnt hit right. Anjelica Huston was awesome and so scary Annes put on accent takes away from the scariness of the character Edit: now really wanting a Hocus Pocus with Anne and Octavia as witches. Wow, this drops on the same date as BTS's self made album. My marvel and bts heart is going to be overwhelmed with excitement. Yup, imma watch this movie.

Dahl's work just messed me up as a kid but I loved them

This has to be the scariest childrens movie I absolutely love it ?. Im so happy to see ppl know this is a remake ad not an original! My generation is still holding things down, yess. The Witches was one of my favorite books as a kid. Watched this at school in year three I'm pretty sure, scared the living shit outta me.

The transformation scene legitimately made me want to throw up as a kid

Action Movies (2020) in HD f'ul'l M'o'V'iE. Colby:throws a picture of himself in the fire, goes missing Sam:Throws hotel key away, key goes missing Corey:throws away the shadow man paper, shadow man is seen How fun. (If you're going to ask about Jake look in my comments, I have a reason why I didn't put him. I used to read american chillers, goosebumps and scary stories to read in the dark so I was basically a walking ball of anxiety as a kid. 1978's Body Snatchers & 1982's The Thing are just perfect, love those two, for sure my fav invasion movies. great video, love your content. Well thats Dahl for ya; the darker the story is, the more satisfying the ending becomes. Good fortune, Witch Hunters! 1:24 ♪Go and hunt her♪ 0:34 ♪And find her♪ ♪And kill her♪ Kill the Witch! 0:59 ♪Wickedness must be punished♪ ♪Evil effectively eliminated♪ 2:21 ♪Wickedness must be punished♪ ♪Kill the Witch♪ 3:09.
Roald Dahl's short story The LandLady is terrifying. I read it in junior high and was totally immersed in the story, and the ending was really jarring. If you haven't read it, highly recommend. Youtube actually showed me an ad with the same trailer right before the trailer played. One of my favourite roald dahl books was always Fantastic Mr Fox! But for book that messed me up as a kid was Animal Farm, I thought it was gonna be a fun book. It was not. Even though it may not look as scary as the original, this still triggered my buried childhood nightmares by association. The girl doesnt seem to fit the character as the original nice work... I have to admit: putting together The Witches and Everybody Hates Chris was an interesting choice.









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