putlocker The New Mutants Full Movie On Voot

1hours 38Minutes
star: Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams
Genres: Sci-Fi
Synopsis: Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves
countries: USA

If ever DC and Marvel create new crossover, Iwant Magik and Raven together.
This movie is never coming out live on YouTube is it. Inside every person are two bears. The first one is addicted to cement. The second one is addicted to cement. You are addicted to cement.
Pre-Ordered it because I want the MCU to hurry tf up and Cast and Create etc. She's back.
It's no secret that for all eight seasons of "Game of Thrones" Arya Stark was my favorite character. I even talked myself into believing that the character played by the elfin Maisie Williams; smart, pure of heart and mission, and capable of making an ally of anyone; was not only deserving of ruling Westeros, but might actually pull it off. When Arya sailed-off into the unknown lands, I knew she would be the only character I would miss. Well the spirit of Arya Stark lives on as the heart of the teen group that premiers today as "The New Mutants" and Maisie Williams acts the hell out of the role. From beginning to the end of the movie, she anchors this disparate, desperate group, wrangling (and occasionally wriggling) her way through the broken souls and bitter angst that, as usual for a Marvel Universe film, typifies the will-be heroes. Not that Maisie Williams' Rahne Sinclair is the only character that rises to the occasion. In fact it is Anya Taylor-Joy's unfortunately named Illyana Rasputin who finally drags a movie that takes too long to get started, into the promised Land of Heroics. For most of the film Illyana is so unpleasant, that it becomes almost predictable the trajectory her character will eventually follow. But for a few minutes "The New Mutants" allows her to do it so well, that she creates a reason for this franchise to exist. The rest of the mutants are so bland and ambiguous that they become little more than plot devices, including Blu Hunt as Danielle Moonstar, the ostensible central character in the story. Bleh! Her character is nothing more than this crew's Jean Grey- most powerful, TOO powerful, blahblahblah. Ultimately she becomes the focal point for the emergence of the love-struck Rahne (Maisie Williams) and the indomitable Illyana as THE new mutants. I want to rate it higher, but I can honestly only give "The New Mutants" six stars. As I say, it takes too long getting rocking, and only sustains its energy for about 15 minutes. But that's enough to see that this team can be a franchise in the Marvel Movie Universe, if they can write stories that focus on two very strong characters, portrayed by two very strong actresses.

The Acting Seems really great?. Was so excited for this movie seeing the trailer years ago. Love the horror movie direction it took. Good movie. Don't believe the haters that talk crap about this movie. I almost didn't watch it because of them. I'm glad I watched it. I cant wait for Magik! Finally! After these years! She comes to the forefront. Danny I have to go back for the plot just like Clark couldn't save his dad for the plot stay calm its gonna be ok. Celia is an afro latina. Magik is so underrated. Show some love for limbo's sorcerer supreme.
Bruh at this point even the actors dont remember this movie. Why does Mystique look like that? Is that even Jennifer Lawrence. Way better than xmen cant fooking wait. The ending made me cry, epic cgi fights do that. She said walk to me entirely too ducked up ????? had me ??. Two bears? INCOMING.

Quicksilver is definitely my favorite X men character

3:37 WhAt ArE yOu DoInG Am i the only one who finds this hilarious. Sienkiewicz is pronounced Sin-KEV-itch, not Sinkawicks. It was alright but not the best x men movie but definitely worth watching. Over all, it's a normal movie and a bit boring. Dialogue between characters seems a bit forced and hard to see. The cast is not bad. I have been waiting for this movie for three years and I have to say I'm disappointed with the outcome. Also I was expecting a horror movie and it's nothing but a teen movie.

The actors all qualify for social security now. I remember seeing the preview for this years ago and I was so pumped. Seeing it today, the graphics/special look dated and not nearly as interesting. Its too bad. Thought it had a lot of potential.

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