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Inspired by the international phenomenon of military wives choirs, Peter Cattaneo (The Full Monty (1997)) crafts an emotive and poignant story about a group of women who realize that their partners in Afghanistan aren't the only ones whose circumstances can lead to unbreakable bonds of camaraderie, belonging, and deep friendship / &ref(,0,76,113_AL_.jpg) / writers Rachel Tunnard / Duration 1h 52Minutes / genres Comedy / average Ratings 6,8 of 10.
Inspired by true events this film is truly uplifting, funny and sad, a true must see. (0sLizzie, have you any perception that in 1939 foreign forces were on the verge of invading this country? Our country, our way of life, our freedom was bought by soldiers just like the ones today who carry the mantle passed onto them with great courage and dignity. The rights and wrongs of why the soldiers are there should not diminish our respect for them and in the case of this chior, the loyalty and dedication of their wives. Any one of them is worth more than a million like you. It is almost impossible to comment on something so moving and emotional. A wonderful song and fabulous performance. As an ex forces officer it shows how important family support is. Brit i really love how you have such great faith with your partner. i have also used some of my faith when my soilder has been away. thanks for the great advice as well. we do a prayer time on a certain day and time if he is able to do so.

If this doesn't bring a tear, you ain't human. Not all kids are mindless yobs

Flos my BFF. Ive got toooons of stories but ill say my favorite one new girl in unit second week gets sent to the field to be my driver we are conversating about life she tells me she doesn't like another chick in our unit, i say she is nice but i dont like how she is cheating on her husband while he is deployed she says IM NOT JOKING well i can understand that and straight up i stopped the conversation right there cause her husband was deploying in 2 weeks. His neighbors messaged him and told him a guy in our unit outside his house in his boxers smoking a cig his first week of deployment.

OMG I'm LMAO! ? that's spot on about #1

Free stream klubben. These women and women just like them, watch their partners go away and never know whether they'll see them alive again. We should all remember that. The television series, the video, the song, the choirmaster, the choir and the sentiment are all simply amazing. The whole country should get behind them and ensure that this becomes the number 1 song of the year, never mind just Christmas. @heavyarmoire I'll prove that wrong right now: rule of thumb: measure twice, cut once. The trouble with this is rebelthedog... you know and i know that in the near future they will pull out leaving many civilians and soldiers dead or maimed as in iraq, and afganistan will be worse off than before as in iraq and there will be many more so called terrorist joing there brothers nothing will change except they will have bases in afganistan as in iraq oh yes they are still there and then on to the next invasion. stand up and tell them to get fkd...
I loooove this. @Trealawking To you maybe! Just remember they were all just starting out at that time. none of them had sung in public before getting together as a choir. Yesssssss. Gotcha there- you have so met your match. I'm from NZ, brought up in a christian home and off to the Middle East in two weeks to stay with my Muslim friend and her family. Go and teach your own Grandmother to suck eggs - don't try it with me. You're hilarious. Every time I see this video, tears come out. Great stuff, thanks for uploading. I was waiting for him to get angry. Nice to see the other members coming to the for. Military Wives is as formulaic as movies go, regardless the film is surprisingly good and it uses the formula really well. However it never aspires to be anything else preventing it from becoming a classic amongst the genre.
I haven't been familiar with the true story but from the start, you just know where it is all gonna go. It still works well but nothing is a surprise because of that. It still has some great moments and a fair amount of heart It is seriously enjoyable and it is a likeable movie with a great cast. Kristen Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan are great here. I'm sure there are many people who will like this film. I just can't see that much greatness in it. It's formulaic and does it's best to be a lovely and charming film but it does it in such a manipulative way, and I hate it when films do that. It is still worth watching though.
Military Wives Choirs Military Wives Choirs members and Gareth Malone launch new charity, September 2012. Background information Genres Choral Years active 2011 ?present Labels Decca, BMG Associated acts Gareth Malone, Gary Barlow, Hilary Davan Wetton Website www. militarywiveschoirs The Military Wives Choirs is a registered charity and network of 75 choirs in British military bases across the UK and overseas, bringing women in the military community closer together through singing. With over 2, 200 members, the MWC network is tri-service ( British Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Royal Marines) and any woman with a military connection can join including those currently serving, veterans, mothers, sisters and daughters, empowering women from across the military community. The organisation is also a subsidiary charity of SSAFA. History [ edit] The first choir held their first rehearsal in April 2010 in Catterick Garrison. It was the idea of two Scots Guards wives who decided, whilst their husbands were deployed in Afghanistan in 2009, to put up posters at the Garrison to actively encourage and look for ladies interested in singing together, to help support and give the wives a focus whilst their husbands deployed. They engaged a well-known local music teacher and set about putting together a choir made up of Wives, Girlfriends and Service women and so the first choir was formed. A letter was written to choirmaster Gareth Malone looking for help and support with the choir; at that time he was receiving acclaim for his BBC television programme The Choir and felt that this was an idea that could be replicated. Malone then went to RMB Chivenor to start another choir there. Following the success at Chivenor, Malone, as part of the series, formed another choir at the Royal Citadel, Plymouth. Following the broadcast of the series and the release of the single Wherever You Are, more choirs were added at CTCRM, Lympstone and HMNB Portsmouth. The five choirs of Catterick, Chivenor, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Lympstone were invited to contribute to the album In My Dreams under the name Military Wives. The Choir: Military Wives [ edit] The Military Wives Choir formed by Gareth Malone at the Royal Marines Base Chivenor, as part of the fourth series of the BBC / Twenty Twenty television series The Choir, entitled The Choir: Military Wives. The aim of the choir was to help the wives and girlfriends of servicemen currently deployed to Afghanistan express themselves through song. [1] As the series progressed, Malone led the Chivenor group to perform locally at the nearby town of Barnstaple, and then, alongside the choir formed at the Royal Citadel, Plymouth, at a Passing Out dinner at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and at Armed Forces Day celebrations in Plymouth. The climax of the television series was their performance of Wherever You Are at The Royal British Legion 's Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on 12 November 2011, in the presence of HM The Queen. [2] [3] The song was created by Paul Mealor from extracts of correspondence between the choir and their spouses in Afghanistan. [4] Subsequent activities [ edit] Following the series, the song Wherever You Are was released as a single on 19 December 2011, with the aim of becoming the 2011 UK Singles Chart Christmas number one, a feat it achieved when it sold 556, 000 copies within a week of launch (more than the rest of the top 12 combined). A section of the cost of the single was donated to the Royal British Legion and the SSAFA Forces Help charities. [5] [6] [7] The success of the television series and the Christmas single led the five established choirs being approached to contribute to an album. The album, entitled In My Dreams after the lead single, was released in early March 2012, and went to top the album chart in the UK within a week, [8] with £1 from each album sale going towards the Military Wives Choirs Foundation. The foundation has the aim to support the founding of Military Wives' choirs across the UK. Nicky Clarke, co-founder of The Military Wives Choir Foundation, whose original idea and dream to have a choir on every base was gaining momentum, wrote in her note on the album cover, "It is music which gives us strength, hope, courage, support, laughter and friendship, often when it is most needed". The choir performed at the opening of the Olympic Stadium in London [9] when ten choirs contributed to the Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber single written to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II. This single, entitled Sing features voices and instruments from across the Commonwealth and features the Military Wives as the backing track and representing the UK. [10] [11] The second album Stronger Together, produced by Jon Cohen in July 2012, was recorded by over 700 ladies from 24 Military Wives Choirs. The original five of Catterick, Chivenor, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Lympstone, were joined by another nineteen; Abingdon, Ayios Nikolaos (Cyprus), Chicksands, Condor, Culdrose, Defence Academy, Dishforth, Herford (Germany), JHQ, Marchwood, Marham, Middle Wallop, Salisbury Plain, Shawbury, Shorncliffe, Warminster, Wattisham, West of Scotland and Wimbish. On 13 September over 650 ladies from the 24 choirs recorded the Stronger Together video in London for release on 5 November 2012. Nicky Clarke wrote on the album cover... " Stronger Together really does sum up this year (2012) we've brought together women from all over the Military Community, in their own choirs, on-line, at the Jubilee and now on this album and still the choirs continue to grow. This is a testament to every woman in the Military Community ? they are strong, resourceful women who support their loved ones when they're away". October 2012 saw more success for The Military Wives Choir winning Classical Brits single of the year, they performed Sing live at the Royal Albert Hall with Gareth Malone, Gary Barlow and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Then in November Jonjo Kerr returned from his tour of duty in Afghanistan to sing with representatives from the four choirs of Catterick, Chivenor, Lympstone, Portsmouth and Plymouth who originally recorded In My Dreams and performed at the Festival of Remembrance altogether, live for the first time. December 2012 saw the Military Wives Choirs round off a whirlwind year with representatives of the choirs singing as part of the Queen's Speech on Christmas Day. In December 2015, the Military Wives Choirs came together with Walking With The Wounded to produce the single I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) for the ‘Walking Home for Christmas’ campaign. The track is a festive recording of The Proclaimers’ hit song I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) and all proceeds from the single were donated to Walking With The Wounded and The Military Wives Choirs Foundation. February 2016 saw legendary singer Lulu team up with the Military Wives Choirs for the single ‘Cry’. The song was inspired by Lulu’s diagnosis of PTSD from the violence she experienced throughout her childhood and the affinity it helped her to feel with soldiers suffering from the same issue, albeit from different circumstances. Lulu generously donated all of the proceeds to the Military Wives Choir Foundation charity. The Military Wives Choirs also joined Lulu on her thirty five date UK tour throughout March and April to perform the single. This is something which had never been done before by a mainstream artist and the Choirs were thrilled to be involved in. In November 2016, the Military Wives Choirs came together to record album, ‘Home for Christmas’. Recorded in ten different locations, the album includes over 1, 000 ladies from 63 choirs across the UK and overseas and can all be heard on the title track Home for Christmas. The album also features six classic carols which have been updated with lyrics reflecting what Christmas means to women in the military community. Produced by BMG and steered by three accomplished choral conductors - Hilary Davan Wetton, Will Dawes and Mark De-Lisser, the Military Wives Choirs’ beautiful collection of songs embodies the true spirit of Christmas ? its religious significance, love, family and harmony. The album was accompanied by a Cathedral tour through the UK, which involved 17 different choirs. In June 2018, to tie in with Armed Forces Day, the Military Wives Choirs marked the World War I centenary with a commemorative project, coming together with military bands across all three services to create ‘Remember', their newest album. The 1105 voices which appear on it represent the families at home and those who served, both then and now. Choir members from 69 choirs in the network were involved in making the album, a total of 1105 singers including 93 from overseas choirs, recording in seven venues across the UK and conducted by Hilary Davan Wetton. Music for the album centres on five exciting commissions, written by prestigious composers from the classical, pop and film worlds - Owain Park, Joanna Forbes L'Estrange and Alexander L’Estrange, Adam Langston, and James Kennedy and Catrin Southall. Laura Wright (singer) co-wrote the single, 'Brave', with John Haywood and Sean Hargreaves, the album's producers, and features as a solo artist on the track. Sean Hargreaves co-wrote the 2018 UK Eurovision entry, Storm (SuRie song). The rest of the album is composed of fresh arrangements of World War I marching songs, a choral medley of regimental marches from the three services, some reflective, traditional pieces and some contemporary songs. The album reached #4 in the Independent Albums Chart and #40 in the UK Albums Chart. The Military Wives Choirs charity (Foundation) [ edit] In January 2012, choir members from Chivenor, Plymouth and Catterick came together to discuss how best to create a sustainable organization to benefit all military wives, building on the legacy from the success of the song ‘Wherever You Are’. Encouraged by Gareth and actively assisted by other
I was a 100% faithful wife who loved to cook. Heck, my ex would even bring home his work and I would type stuff up for him to make his job easier. I would let his recruits stay in our home, cook for them, do their laundry, and play hostess. The house was always clean, we only had one car so he got it while I walked to work in NC which meant hot humid, snow, or rain. I even moved back home with my family during his deployments so we could save every penny of his deployment money which I didn't touch. They knew me at the post office for all the care packages I would send. For the holidays I would bake cookies, holiday popcorn, and fudge and then wrap it all up for the single guys. V-day I made homemade chocolate pops and heart shaped giant chocolate chip cookies for all the guys in his office while my ex got the biggest and obviously best. Meanwhile, I lost count of how many times my ex was cheating on me. Underaged girls, divorced military wives, bar fly girls, the pizza girl. Yet I still stayed faithful. We even had a neighbor chew him out cause they saw him mistreating me and calling me horrible names because I didn't mow the lawn right while I stood there crying and saying sorry. Barracks duty, I was the wife up all night with him bringing him and the guys coffee, homemade dinners, snack runs, and a yummy breakfast for them all. My husband's job was to be a Marine and my job was to represent him in the best light possible. Even when I had a miscarriage, I told him not to come with me to the hospital but to instead make it to work on time and that I could handle it on my own. I didn't want to interfere with his job and be a burden. Finally we had a baby and he was cheating on me all through my pregnancy and even while I was in labor he was at work. Two weeks later I found out he was cheating again and finally said I was done. While holding our newborn he backhanded me so hard I almost fell. That's when I had enough and finally left. The point is, there are those of us wives who are good and try our hardest. I saw so many husbands cheating on their wives and many wives cheating as well. Trust me, among the military wives, if you are cheating on your husband, you are shunned. It's disgraceful and makes the rest of us look bad. It just seems like military guys want the hottest and newest model wives and average girls don't get a second look. Then you are surprised when she leaves you for a higher ranking guy! My ex actually changed his paperwork to say that if he dies, I got nothing and our daughter got nothing. It all was to go to his parents! He cut off his own child. I saved all his deployment money so he could pay off his truck and get a nice spray in liner. Trust me, the husbands can be total D-bags as well.
I've recently moved up to this city and I had no idea about this :D This has just made my day. @ochispiret That's Jenny Conlee. My boyfriend wants to be a dentist, but is considering doing the program where the military will pay for grad school, and then he serves afterwards. Were planning on getting married right after undergrad (we have 2 more years to go) so these videos are so helpful in case he does go that route.
Ooops, with. SERENA JOY WATERFORD. You are awesome. It's encouraging to see a young girl, married to a sailor and keeping your faith in God strong. I'm currently dating a sailor and praying to see what God has in store for us. I'm glad I came across your channel. ?. Fabulous. Love it. Hey everyone feel free to join my friend and I on our new Facebook support group. Anchored With Love. Wow, that would of took courage. This song makes me chill. Now, I'm gonna cry. T.T. Beautiful <3. Fantastic musical performance. OMG! im crying. the lyrics. BEAUTIFUL.

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