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Catrinel Marlon. genre=Comedy. Director=Corneliu Porumboiu. &ref(,0,182,268_AL_.jpg). Score=1257 vote. writer=Corneliu Porumboiu. Movie Online A hegyek sziget.

Movie Online A hegyek sziget festival.
Straight off, this movie is totally different to what you may be used when thinking about Romanian movies. Starting with the story, the cast (Catrinel Marlon is magnificent) the scenery, smart humor and hidden little gems (references to various famous scenes in other movies) this film makes you think you're watching more of a Hollywood movie than a Romanian one, although, as a downside, I must say certain characters seem to be portrayed a bit simplistic. The story is, to some extent, a typical police one, but the twist of using the whistling language from Gomera Island enriches the plot all around as it unfolds. I really liked the movie and I would be happy if it sets the new trend in Romanian Cinema.
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