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  • genre: Drama
  • average ratings: 9,2 of 10
  • 2Hours, 55 m
  • liked it: 1556681 votes
  • directed by: Francis Ford Coppola
  • Cast: Al Pacino, James Caan
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I hate gangsters movies, but "The godfather" is a big exception.
I always listen about "The godfather" and i always thought that it could be a lost of time. But, in a Sunday, i watch the film. At the marvelous and surprise ending, i say: I cant believe this movie exist. "The godfather" talk about Don Corleone, and his blood. How his family enjoy, and the same time they suffer. Besides a great music, the interpretations are incredible. The violence is presented around the whole family, as if it a curse. This movie had a lot of good remembers, because is different story, a story of love, revenge, thrills and surprises. "The godfather" is interesting because in each take, in each second it takes you to the drama of this family, and you suffer as them. Definitively, this it is a movie that has certain touch, because the story makes you give curiosity, because we don't know to where arrived this family with this risky business. *sorry, for bad words. well, if there any.
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