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Genres Comedy; abstract Pati Patni Aur Woh is a movie starring Kartik Aaryan, Bhumi Pednekar, and Ananya Panday. Chintu Tyagi is an ordinary, middle class man who finds himself torn between his wife and another woman; directors Mudassar Aziz; Year 2019; 126min; Jasmeet K. Reen. This movie, literally, made me look like dumb as cattle. I wasn't even interested to watch it after seeing its cringy title. However, I went on forcing by my friend and it was sheer disappointment to waste the money on buying tickets. Movie has no plot, no sensible storyline. As a matter of fact, I didn't get any chance to watch its trailer. I would've avoided it otherwise. For one moment, it's comedy going on and immediately, it's sad and sorrow scenes the very next moment. This movie is only liked by the people who are dumb enough to love watching romantic movies after sending requests to random girls on Facebook. And people who went to watched it even after watching its trailer, hats off to them.
Free stream pati patni aur woh 2020. At least they made a remake of American song rather than Indian origin. what a relief. Wait. now are they starting to make remakes of foreign songs. In a minute I understand the line chada kho gaya in the place of chain tha kho gaya. Free stream pati patni aur woh full movie online.
DHEEME DHEEME, AKHIYON SE GOLI MARE, NOPE. ARJIT TU HI YAR MERA YES. Ty SO much guys I have never got that much likess. Free Stream Pati Patni Aur wow gold.

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Bhumi ne gaane ki gaand mardi Buddhi sali. Free stream pati patni aur woh full movie download. Plz make season 4 as soon as possible. Really love this series ?. Free Stream Pati Patni Aur woo themes.
???Ayushman. Free stream pati patni aur woh full movie. Free Stream Pati Patni Aur wohl. Pati Patni Aur Woh Reviews Movie Reviews By Reviewer Type All Critics Top Critics All Audience January 8, 2020 The new Pati, Patni Aur Woh updates the story with neoteric ideas on masculinity and relationships in addition to good humour, suspense and star power. December 10, 2019 Just your garden-variety misogyny wrapped in a blanket of comedy... What could have been funny falls flat. Writer-director Mudassar Aziz attempts to deliver a remake that is lively, funny and at least superficially, progressive - he doesn't always succeed but there is fun to be had here. Mudassar Aziz has tried to replicate the formula and has been more or less successful. He's taken the basic premise of the 1978 film and has woven a modern take on it, set in Kanpur. December 9, 2019 If only this new triangle had made more of Vedika's spunk, and Tapasya's spirit, it would have been a much more interesting take on contemporary marriages and more... In 2019, the men as seen in this movie, are still taking women for granted, and the women, who maybe independent-spirited, are still responsible for forgiving and forgetting. The whole premise that a guy can so easily fool his wife and the woman he loves outside his marriage is so troubling. The stage-setting takes far too long, and the 128-minute movie gets going only after Chintu's balancing act becomes precarious... If you are looking for some good entertainment this weekend, this one could be a delightful watch. Director Mudassar Aziz has put together a comedy that's perfect for a one-time-watch. It isn't life-altering, but makes for a pleasant watch. The film's dull, repetitive theatrics are derived only from the director playing up stereotypes.
I love my wife. Panipat is better than this nonsense. Pati patni aur woh stream free. Free Stream Pati Patni Aur wohnen. Hissa hai Tu Ab To Mere Dil ke Jazbaton ka Tu Lafz hai Thehra hua bas Meri baaton ka Aankhe Ye kehti hai tu saamne mere rhna Ek Tu hi yaar mera mujko kya duniya se Lena ?????. Free Stream Pati Patni Aur woh. Free stream pati patni aur woh full movie 123movies.
Kapil sharma comedy is better than u... ??. Pagal hindi picture he English bolti he. Free stream pati patni aur woh box office. Bechara robot bhi mar gaya ye gana sun kar Hit like for robot 1 like = 1 prayer ????. Pati Patni Aur Woh is a Bollywood romance-drama, helmed by Mudassar Aziz. The movie stars Kartik Aaryan and Ananya Pandey in the lead roles. The movie revolved around a married couple (played by Sanjeev and Vidya) and how things take a hilarious turn when the husband falls for his secretary. Pati Patni Aur Woh is slated to hit the theatrical screens on December 6 this year. Story In Detail: As soon as Abhinav aka Chintu Tyagi (Kartik Aaryan) tops the public service exams, his parents decide to get him hitched. Their search for a prospective bride ends with Vedhika Tripathi (Bhumi Pednekar), a fiesty girl. In their first meeting itself, Vedhika confides in Chintu that she isn't a virgin, enjoys sex and is emotionally high-maintenance. Impressed by her progressive...
Free stream pati patni aur woh rajpal yadav. Free stream pati patni aur woh full movie watch. Nice moovi. Free Stream Pati Patni Aur. Free stream pati patni aur woh movie. DILBARA LYRICS PATI PATNI AUR WOH IN ENGLISH Oh! Oh! Dilbara Ve Teriyan Dilbariyan, Hoya Door Meri Jaan Te Baneya, Dilbaraa Ve Teriyan Dilbariyaan, Hoya Door Meri Jaan Te Baneya, Gal Teri Meri Si, Bas Reh Gayi Teri Ve, Maaf Karde Mainu, Meharbaani Teri Ve, Gall Teri Meri Si, Bas Reh Gayi Teri Ve, Maaf Karde Mainu, Meharbani Teri Ve, Hun Hath Main Jorhaan, Tu Gussa Chhad De, Sab Man Jaawa Marzi Jo Teri Ve, Mera Chann Taan Kho Gaya, Mere Kol Te Reh Gaye Ne, Ambar De Taare Ne, Dilbara Ve Teriyan Dilbariyan, Hoya Door Meri Jaan Te Baneya (X2). Oh! Oh! Jaan Banake Jaan Hi Kadd Layi Jaan Wale Ne, Tere Bin Main Kis Kaam Da, Socheya Nai Marjaane Ne, Jaan Banaake Jaan Hi Kadd Layi Jaan Wale Ne, Tere Bin Main Kis Kaam Da, Socheya Nai Marjaane Ne, Mera Chann Tan Kho Gaya, Mere Kol Te Reh Gaye Ne, Ambar De Taare Ne, Dilbaraa Ve Teriyan Dilbariyaan, Hoya Door Meri Jaan Te Baneya (X2). Tere Bin Meri Jaan Galdi, Yaara Tainu Samajh Na Aawe, Oh Judayi Teri, Zehar De Wargi, Meri Rooh Vi Mardi Jaawe. (Hoya Door Meri Jaan Te Baneya) DILBARA LYRICS IN HINDI ?, ?, ?????? ?? ??????? ?????????, ???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?????, ?????? ?? ??????? ?????????, ???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?????, ???? ????-???? ??, ?? ?? ??? ???? ??, ??? ???? ????, ???????? ???? ??, ???? ????-???? ??, ? ?? ?? ??? ???? ??, ??? ???? ????, ???????? ???? ??, ??? ???? ??? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ??, ?? ?? ????? ????? ?? ???? ??, ???? ???? ??? ?? ???, ???? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??, ????? ?? ???? ??, ?????? ?? ??????? ?????????, ???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ????? (x2), ??? ????? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??, ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??, ?????? ??? ?????? ??, ??? ????? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??, ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??, ?????? ??? ?????? ??, ???? ???? ??? ?? ???, ???? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??, ????? ?? ???? ??, ?????? ?? ??????? ?????????, ???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ????? (x2), ???? ??? ???? ??? ????, ???? ???? ??? ?? ???, ? ????? ???? ??? ?? ????, ???? ??? ?? ???? ????, (???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?????).
Arjun Kapoor is Not perfect for this Movie. King Should be Like A king ??. Kon Kon ye song bar bar sunta hai Like thoko. Free Stream Pati Patni Aur wow power. Kartik always nice acting... ??film ta hit hobe inshallah. These 5 stars are for Aparshakti Khurana otherwise the storyline is so weak. The ending is sheer disappointment. Worst movie I watched in theater. Free Stream Pati Patni Aur world. Free stream pati patni aur woh 2019 full movie. This comedy of errors has Abhinav Tyagi a civil engineer at PWD Kanpur, who lives a mundane life with his wife Vedika. His boring life suddenly fills up with joy and excitement when a budding entrepreneur Tapasya Singh arrives from Delhi at his office. Tapasya has come to Kanpur in concern with business that involves Abhinav’s office & he helps her in her endeavor. He starts to enjoy her company and the attention he gets from her. Soon his excitement fades away when she learns about him being married. To retain her budding interest in him, Abhinav cooks up an imaginary tale describing a very unhappy married life... This lie helps him to gain her sympathy and affection but little does he know that one day his lie will become the cause of making his life a living hell.
The trailer ended in 3 mins, and the discussion lasted for another 10 odd minutes. ? No, NO. NOOO. Watch it. Giggle and move on with life. Buwaahahahehehoho ? Regards Joy. Free stream pati patni aur woh full movie watch online. Pati Patni Aur Woh ( transl. ?The husband, the wife and the mistress) is a 1978 Hindi movie produced and directed by B.?R.?Chopra. The film stars Sanjeev?Kumar, Vidya?Sinha, Ranjeeta?Kaur, and in guest appearances Rishi?Kapoor, Neetu?Singh and Parveen?Babi. The remake of the film is under production. It is produced by Bhushan?Kumar, Juno Chopra and Abhay Chopra with Kartik?Aaryan, Bhumi?Pednekar and Ananya?Pandey as star cast. The film is directed by Mudassar?Aziz and the filming began in February 2019. [1] Plot The film starts off indicating the parallels of the story with that of Adam & Eve. Here, Adam is Ranjeet, Eve is Sharda while the apple is Nirmala. Ranjeet is newly employed in a company, whose pay scales can be gauged from the fact that he goes to work on a bicycle. However, this bicycle itself brings him face-to-face with Sharda, when he bumps into her by accident. Sharda's bicycle gets badly damaged & Ranjeet drops her off. The same evening, Ranjeet goes to the wedding of his friend Abdul Karim Durrani ( Asrani), a co-worker & a poet. Sharda is also present at the ceremony. Sharda & Ranjeet's love blossoms from there & soon they get married. In the course of a few years, Ranjeet is Sales Manager of the company and father of a son. Sharda & Ranjeet are still living in marital bliss. That is, until Nirmala, Ranjeet's new secretary, shows up. Ranjeet is inexplicably attracted to Nirmala. She is an honest girl who is trying to make two ends meet. She is much more beautiful compared to Sharda. But most of all, she knows nothing about Ranjeet's true intentions & his married life. Ranjeet is initially upset with his thoughts about her, but finally gives in. He carefully plans his further steps. He pretends to be the helpless grieving husband of a cancer stricken wife, who won't live much longer. Nirmala feels sorry for him, thus making it easier for him to get close to her. Nobody, not Sharda, not even his closest friend, suspects a thing. One day, Ranjeet bluffs to Sharda that he will be late coming home as he has a meeting. He takes Nirmala out to dinner. Next day, Sharda finds Nirmala's handkerchief, with lipstick marks on it, in Ranjeet's pocket. She immediately confronts Ranjeet, who makes up a story about a co-worker whose handkerchief he may have accidentally taken. Sharda reluctantly believes him. Ranjeet decides to take his next steps more carefully. Sharda too starts thinking that her fears were unfounded. Ranjeet makes even more interesting back up plans: He prepares two books of poetry, professing his love. The poems are the same in both, only one book contains Nirmala's name, and the other contains Sharda's. Ranjeet courts Nirmala without Sharda's knowledge. The turning point comes when Sharda sees him in a hotel with Nirmala. She later asks him about his meeting, about which the clueless Ranjeet lies. Sharda's fears are confirmed. She starts spying on him & Nirmala, taking incriminating pictures. After sufficient evidence is obtained, she secretly meets Nirmala, posing as a journalist. Nirmala, who hasn't seen Ranjeet's "ailing wife" yet, thinks Sharda intends to blackmail her. But Sharda reassures her that she won't. Nirmala spills all the beans, upon which Sharda reveals her true identity. Meanwhile, Ranjeet gets another promotion & rushes home happily to tell his wife about it. Sharda catches him unawares and lets him know that he is busted. Ranjeet does not know what has hit him. He turns round, only to see Nirmala behind him. Sharda tells him that she is leaving him & the divorce papers will be soon sent to him. Sharda & Nirmala console each other. Ranjeet calls upon his friend & lies that Nirmala has said some malicious lies to Sharda about him. Ranjeet's friend sides with him & lies about Nirmala's character. Sharda exposes Ranjeet in front of him as well, with help of the evidence she has collected. Sharda tells Ranjeet to choose either her or Nirmala. Ranjeet quietly gives Nirmala some money & lies to her, in a last-ditch attempt at damage control. But honest Nirmala returns the money to Sharda, making things even worse for Ranjeet. Sharda prepares to walk out on Ranjeet, while Nirmala resigns and leaves Ranjeet as well. Sharda comes to visit Ranjeet one last time, when their innocent son asks what is happening. Sharda decides to give Ranjeet another chance, if only for their son and soon life comes back on track. But soon another secretary( Parveen?Babi) joins the office & Ranjeet tries to resort to his antics once more. Just by coincidence, Ranjeet's friend suddenly walks in & Ranjeet backs off, taking this as a warning. Cast Sanjeev?Kumar as Ranjeet Chhadha Vidya?Sinha as Sharda Chhadha Ranjeeta?Kaur as Nirmala Deshpande Asrani as Abdul Karim Durrani Parveen?Babi as Neeta (Guest appearance) Nana?Palsikar as Nirmala's Nanaji Om?Shivpuri as Sharda's Father Rishi?Kapoor as Singer (Cameo of song "Tere Naam Tere Naam") Neetu?Singh as Singer (Cameo of song "Tere Naam Tere Naam") Soundtrack All lyrics are written by Anand?Bakshi; all music is composed by Ravindra?Jain. Songs No. Title Playback Length 1. "Ladki Cycle Wali" Mahendra?Kapoor, Asha?Bhosle 2. "Na Aaj Tha Na Kal Tha" Kishore?Kumar 3. "Tere Naam Tere Naam" Mahendra Kapoor 4. "Thande Thande Paani Se Nahana" Mahendra Kapoor, Asha Bhosle, Poornima Awards and nominations Remake The remake?of?the?film is under production. [1] The film is scheduled for release on 6 December 2019. [3] References External links Pati?Patni?Aur?Woh on IMDb This page was last edited on 24 November 2019, at 02:50.
Free stream pati patni aur woh. Seriously? This Karthik guy very openly claimed he could have done better acting in Andha Dhun than Ayushman, what a joke! This rabbit face gives same expressions in every movie, regardless of his role and I unfortunately have seen his 3 movies so far. Forget about the movie of this story, we all know it was predictable but what made it worst was his pathetic acting ? cringe worthy for sure. Please don't waste your time.
Ananya is looking so great Kartik was good in every scene. Bhumi just as patni. Please upload choti si baat full movie. Where can I find this song named “Dosti” you guys had around 7th minute. ?. Kaun kaun gane ka fan Ho Gaya ? ? Hit like. Free stream pati patni aur woh rating. ??????? ??? ?????????? ???? ?? ?? ?????? ??????? ?? ???? ????? ??? ???? ????? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?????. Please download jabariya jodi full movie. Just a waste of time. Bhumi Pednekar is a misfit. Avoid it at all cost.
Free stream pati patni aur woh full movie watch online free. Free Stream Pati Patni Aur wohnungen. Dheeme Dheeme - Pati Patni Aur Woh, Kartik A, Bhumi, Ananya P, Tony K, Neha K, Tanishk lyrics 2019. Doesn't worth it so Don't waste your time and money. Kartik aryaan fan's like below.









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