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Lands and Legendsについて

Lands and Legends is a free on-line strategy/simulation game, where you play as Lord of your own country!

Game Summary

  • Lands and Legends is a game where players take the role of the Lord of a country, cooperating and battling with other Lords while attempting to further develop his or her own nation and strive for World Domination.
  • In this game, regardless of whether you are actively and regularly playing or not, time passes just the same as it does in the real world. For example, if you issue a command to have a facility built which takes a total of 15 minutes to build, from the moment that you issue the command until the moment that construction is completed, time will continue to pass within the game world and your building will be completed after a total of 15 real world minutes have passed. This will occur whether you are actively playing the game or not, even if the power is turned off on your computer.
  • As you progress in the game, facilities which require more than 10 hours to complete will become available. Once you decide to send out the command to start building, whether you spend the next 10 hours at work, school, sleeping peacefully in bed, or even playing an entirely different game, both the game and time will press on, and after 10 hours have passed the construction of your facility will be completed.
  • The game can be enjoyed to its fullest even by squeezing in a bit of time in here and there during those brief free moments in your day just to confirm the results of your commands and carry out your next orders.


The objective in this game is [World Domination]. If you reach the end of the game having conquered each of the 7 castles listed below you will have achieved [World Domination].

Castle NameCoordinates
Castle of Africa(-132, 0)
Castle of Australia(132, 0)
Castle of S. America(66, 66)
Castle of Asia(-66, 66)
Castle of N. America(66, -66)
Castle of Europe(-66, -66)
Castle of Antartica(0, 0)
  • *If any of these castles are conquered, they will become the possession of the leader of the alliance affiliated with the Lord responsible for successfully conquering the castle(s). Should that leader be defeated by another alliance, the rights of possession will be transferred over to the leader of the victorious alliance.










  • 建築ツリー?
  • 研究?
  • 必要経験値?
  • Castle
  • Village
  • Fort


  • Forest
    • Sawmill
  • Clay Pit
    • Clayworks
  • Iron Mine
    • Ironworks
  • Cropland
    • Cropfield


  • Warehouse
  • Research Center
  • War Academy
  • Spear Barracks
  • Archer Barracks
  • Stables
  • Weapons Factory
  • Tournament Square
  • Quarter
  • Market
  • Stone of Destiny
  • Watermill
  • Foundry
  • Blacksmith
  • Armory


  • Fame?
  • 兵士一覧?
  • NPC空き地?


Hero Lottery
  • カード合成?


  • 攻略メモ?
  • 裏技・小技?